Friday, 18 December 2009


It felt like Christmas had come early when these goodies dropped through my letterbox this week! The people at YSL have been very kind and sent me some more products to try (please note that I do not get paid to review any products from any brand). They sent Teint Resist Foundation in no.4, Matt & Radiant Pressed Powder in no.3, Rouge Pur Lipstick in 144 and Gloss Pur in no.2 & no.4.
Just look at the detail on the powder pan below...I LOVE that kind of pretty attention to detail, the only thing is it's so lovely, I didn't want to disturb it! The powder promises a soft matte finish that adds radiance to the skin. I found that this powder works in the same way as MAC MSF Natural in that it adds a natural glow to the skin and is fantastic for setting foundation. It's buttery soft, light as a feather and non-powdery, basically a very high quality powder which you would expect from YSL. It has a very, very slight pale pink tone to it so it really brightens the complexion. The only gripe I have with it is that you get alot more product for your money with MAC MSF Natural.
The foundation has a very light formula and I would say that it offers a medium coverage which is fine for every day use. It blends into the skin seamlessly and lasts all day, whilst being transfer resistant. I like the fact that it has a pump applicator as that keeps messiness to a minimum and you don't end up wasting any product. The finish of the foundation is very natural and there's no sign of cakiness, it's virtually undetectable on the skin. I liked the foundation but, at this time of year, I like a little bit more coverage as the cold weather makes my cheeks and nose go bright red (not a good look!) and this foundation doesn't quite cut it in those conditions. I think I will stick to my MUFE or Revlon Colourstay for now.
The Rouge Pur Lipstick in 144 is a gorgeous peach and I would say it's definitely a true peach, but it's still soft enough to be flattering. I really like the smooth and silky formulation of the Rouge Pur Lipsticks, they glide on and feel so moisturising on the lips. They don't last quite as long as you would like and I think I get through them alot quicker than any other lipsticks (apart from Rouge Voluptes which are the worst offenders but oh so pretty). I always find the packaging for the Rouge Pur Lipsticks to be alot more flimsy and plasticky than the Rouge Voluptes and I wish they would make the Rouge Pur cases a bit more 'heavy' and 'luxe'.
If I'm being totally honest, I prefer the Golden Glosses to the creamy look of the Gloss Pur's. I think that's just because I like a bit of shimmer though...what can I say...I'm a magpie! Saying that, these glosses are lovely to apply, they have a great brush applicator and they are non-sticky and long lasting. I was a little scared by the fuschia colour although it actually applies a bit more sheer on the lips and is surprisingly wearable. My favourite is the Light Peach shade which is so flattering and gorgeous, it's amazing over pink or nude lipsticks! SO my kind of colour.


  1. Im also a rudolph nosed person in cold.. and NO foundation or powder can fully hide it! lol

    Great review.. the powder is something i was eyeing for ages and now you exlained how the pinkiness helps brighten i may have to take a closer look!!!! xxx

  2. God my redness is out of control on really cold blustery days and since we got our first bit of snow today, I need good coverage even more! Did you get your gift from Zuneta? Hope you got something nice

  3. Ok I am going to have to stop reading ur reviews because I want everything and nobody is going to get any xmas presents at this rate with my buying so much for myself lol! Everything looks so gorgeous, although I think I prefer the gold lipgloss from your other post, its a bit more glityzy for this time of year x

  4. Not to sound rude but it's obvious that you email companies to try to get free products. Is that the only reason you have this blog? its VERY SAD! You only get like 2 comments per post so why would YSL and all these high end brands send you stuff if you didnt contact them?

  5. I am not going to dignify that last comment with an answer except to say that if my blog bothers you, then don't read it. Simple as that.

  6. You're so lucky to try this stuff, i couldn't think of anything more exciting than seeing a parcel in the mail full of goodies! I love the look of those glosses, i wish they sold YSL in my town so i could check them out!
    Happy Holidays :)

  7. I like my YSL stuff. Thans for the review. I like to mix up my products ad try to get all sorts of products for all ends. I struggle to spend high amounts on lipglosss though. Eyeshadows/powders are a different matter.

    Happy Christmas!
    Emma :)

  8. You get sent free YSL! omg haha so lucky! :P I love the light peach lipgloss :) Its stunning as. x


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