Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Wedding Hair

I still haven't fully decided what to do with my hair on the big day (it's not really that long now...1st August!) but I have been collating images of hairstyles I like for some inspiration...
As you can see the theme of my hair inspiration is a kind of 'undone boho chic' and I don't want anything that looks too fussy or slicked back. I'm thinking classic and chic.
So have any of you guys got any tips on hair products that last the distance/create great volume that I could look into?
Although, just to COMPLETELY contradict myself...another part of me really wants the 1940's/50's glamourous 'Rita Hayworth-esque' starlet hair like this (minus the red lipstick!)...
I need opinions!


  1. I think it's a lot easier to have an up-do at the wedding so curls don't drop or go frizzy and it looks good in pics all day long, I like the first pic and the third one the best personally x

  2. I love the second photo so much! xo

  3. 2nd photo!
    i loove soft waves.. its so femenine!!

    I have sticky out ears so an updo isnt even an option for me! I also find updos can emphasise a strong jawline in an unflattering way! I have a huuuge chin!!

    You must be so excited!! And ofcourse you will be updating us and showing us photos ya??xx

  4. i think the black & white one is timeless! & classy but with your shade of blond don't know how well it would work as i've only ever seen it on brunettes!!

  5. Love these pictures. It depends on how your hair normally behavs. If curls drop easily, then you might do better having it styled and pinned. Can you have a trail with a hairdresser? Also depends on the dress as well.

    Are you going to do your own make-up?
    Emma :)

  6. Wow, how exciting!
    I like number 1 the best, I think an up do is the way to go as they will look good all day! Sometimes when my hair is down the ends get tangled and frizzy, it never looks as perfect as Gwyneth's!!


  7. I really like the second. I've done many, many soft side buns for weddings recently! I like to use any combination of Aquage Freezing, finishing or transforming spray depending on the hair type! I think an updo would be the best way to go since it looks good ALL DAY! Especially if you will be dancing or under hot lights, where your hair can droop!

  8. I love number 4 the curls are beautiful :) xx

  9. I am liking #2 as well - but it depends on your dress I think. Definitely have a trial or two with a hairdresser first, as you may completely change your mind.

  10. i would totally go for the eve mendes hair.its GORGEOUS :) x

    i do think the hairstyle in the 5th photo would be really beautiful on you! let us know what you decide!x

  11. LOVE the 2nd on on michelle williams!

  12. They all look lovely, but I think the first picture, with Eva Mendes looks the best. I'm sure you'll look beautiful whichever one you decide on though! Xxx

  13. I totally love the wavy hair look!
    ...and I tagged you <3 cause I love your Blog !!

  14. its the year of our weddings! YEEEEE! how exciting that last year, we were talking about makeup and hair for our bigs days and now they will soon become reality! can't wait to see pics! you on 08/01 and me on 09/04! your my wedding buddy :)

  15. I really like Michelle Williams's low hung bun with the whisps of hair fallign from either side and swooping side parting - it's simply divine!
    For long lasting hold and shine I'd recommend you try Session Spray by Kevin.Murphy!!

  16. Gorgeous inspirational photos!! My favorite is Michelle's updo (# 2).
    You're getting married one week before I am so it will be exciting to see how things will come around with the dress, hair, makeup, invites and all that. Keep posting everything about it! ;)

  17. Since you guys all took the time to comment, I will take the time to reply to you:

    Sarah - I think you could be right about the up do looking good for longer...I don't want limp hair!

    Jennie - That photo caught my eye straight away coz I love the relaxed feel to it!

    Tali - Up do's tend to look ok on me, although I do prefer my hair down, it just makes my face look slimmer. I am mega excited about everything to do with the wedding!I will of course be updating you guys on everything!

    Nicola - I love that hairstyle, I'm sure it would work just as well on a blonde

    Computergirl - I have quite fine hair so it tends to drop quite easily so I'm swaying towards an up do at the mo. My dress is strapless so it would look really nice to have a delicate undone style. I am indeed doing my own makeup!Exciting!

    Laura - I know what you mean about tangles and frizz, it would be ok if I had thick lustrous hair but I don't (I have considered clip in hair extensions!). I may still buy extensions even if I have an up do so the hairdresser has more to play with!

    Lisa Kate - I really like the side bun style, it's so chic!

    Fern - I do love Gwynnies hair there...but I'm not convinced mine would stay like that!

    Small Town Gal - My regular hairdresser will be travelling down to do everyone's hair, I'm so glad coz she knows my hair so well. I can trust her with it!

    Shakespeareandstilletos - I do love Eva's hair there, it just look like she hasn't tried too hard (in a good way though!). I am in love with the retro glam style of Siennas hair in the last photo though...makes me think of old movies!

    maccosmetics09 - Glad you like the pic choice!That one seems to be the fave!

    Sophie-Rose - Thank you so much for the compliment, it's great to get everyone's opinions too!

    Hollywood - I loooove wavy hair, but sometimes I can't be bothered to spend the time!ha ha. Thank you so much for the tag, I'm so happy you like my blog, the feelings mutual!

    Killacam - Hey wedding buddy! So exciting that we're both getting married this year, eeeeeee!Look forward to seeing your posts about your wedding :)

    The Shabby and The Chic - Her hairstyle is spot on isn't it!Thanks for the product recommendation too!Always looking for products to boost my tresses x

    Michelle - Glad you like the photo choices, they're all very similar really. Great to hear you're getting married too!I love sharing all the details with you guys, I have chosen and bough the dress already so I can't wait to get it in March/April time!

  18. i love the michelle williams hair. it reminds me of katherine heigl's hair in "27 dresses" at the end, when she gets married. soooo classically beautiful. except katherine has a flower in her bun.

  19. The last one, I think you should look perfectly polished on the big day!

  20. Love them all ..except Sienna's do.

  21. Michelle Williams looks stunning in that pic and the hair is gorgeous! Also loving Gwyneth's


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