Wednesday, 31 March 2010

J'adore Dior!

I have been a very, very bad girl! After reading Tali's posts recently on the Dior Ultra Shimmering All Over Face Powder in Amber Diamond here, I just HAD to buy it! I am a certified highlighter addict and I thought it looked so tempting! The product looked amazing on Tali and her friends and I wanted a piece of that action! But along the way, I managed to slip another item in my online basket...the Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine Bronzer in Honey Matte. The Dior packaging always makes my mouth water, it's luxurious looking, sturdy and always looks gorgeous. I also love the felt pouches they provide to stop your compacts getting all grubby. These products are NOT cheap but I think they are well worth it when you consider the high quality they provide and how good you feel when you're wearing them.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I opened the Amber Diamond compact, it's sooooo pretty and shimmery and gorgeous! I love the Dior logo set into the powder and also the different panels of colour...
This highlighter is perfect for creating a really lovely glow on the cheeks that is in no way glittery or overly shimmery. The powder itself is buttery smooth and the shades varying from opalescent white to golden peach to golden amber are just divine. This is actually a challenger for being crowned my favourite highlighter (previous title holder being Nars Albatross!). If you love Albatross then you will love this, it's warmer in shade but equally as amazing. Here's how it looks on the skin...
The bronzer in Honey Matte is a product I wanted to get because often, I don't like to use bronzers in the daytime that have shimmer in them, they're fine for night time use but for the day, you want to have a natural looking glow and fool people into thinking you have the perfect complexion! I always laugh when people tell me I have a lovely skintone because more often than not, it's all down to fake tan or bronzer (I WISH I was that colour naturally but alas it's not to be!). I had never tried a Dior bronzer before so I was interested to see how this one would compare to other matte bronzers I own such as Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte. This is what the product looks like in the pan....
Once again, a delicious design that just makes this bronzer so desirable! The Honey Matte shade is super natural and just adds the right amount of colour to my complexion. It's really smooth to apply, non streaky and long lasting. It's a cinch to blend in and doesn't look at all powdery on the skin. I must admit that I almost didn't want to ruin the design in the pan though!
Here are the swatches....
I am soooo glad I got both of these products, they were expensive but so worth it. I love how luxurious they feel to use, I love how they look on my skin and I love the packaging. So that's another couple of things crossed off my lust list. I really want to try the Dior Maximiser Gloss so that may be my next Dior purchase!
This will be my last post until next week was my last day at my current workplace and I have to admit that there was a chorus of "HALLELUJAH!" ringing in my head as I walked out of the door at 5pm. I feel liberated and I'm really excited about the future. I am heading off to my fiance's homeland of Ireland tomorrow to visit his parents and I will be away until Tuesday so I will catch you guys when I get back!
Be good girlies!


  1. Have to admit Tali is also responsible for my Amber Diamond craving... have resistd so far!

  2. Loving your purchases!
    Have you tried MAC Harmony? It's really nice for contouring and subtle daytime bronzing
    Have a nice Easter!

  3. That bronzer looks beautiful! Will have to try it! :-)

  4. Muahahahha...(thats my evil laugh) soon you will all be converted to the Dior SHimmer side! :))
    Im just hoping they release a limited edition one like they did a few years back. It was called copper diamond.. STUNNING!!!!!!! xx

  5. @Computergirl - My craving got the better of me and I couldn't resist buying it! eek!

    @Laura - Haven't tried MAC Harmony no, will have to check that out!Thanks!

    @LipGlossGossip - The bronzer is gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous!he he

    @Tali - Ah...the initiator of my Dior cravings!ha ha.Ooooh a limited edition compact you say...I feel another craving coming on!

  6. I have the shimmer star as well, and oh my gosh its the best highlighter ever! I love my dior blushes as well, best investments ever!

  7. That Tali is so evil, with her lustful makeup posts! These are *gorgeous* and look so good on you I am so happy I don't have a dior counter close by I have been wanting a lot of things from them...

  8. I've been planning on getting the Dior Amber Shimmer Powder because of Tali's post and now I want it even more! will definitely pick it up tmrw =P.

  9. Wonderful purchases! I love Dior makeup products!

  10. Love Dior! I just got one of the matte bronzers too. LOVE it. You should check out the Sculpting Powder -- you will like it too. :-)


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