Monday, 15 March 2010

LE Sleek Bohemian palette and my new pet!

Sleek sent me their new i-Divine palette to try...I didn't even know they were releasing a new one! Sleek say that the palette is inspired by antique trinkets, vintage finds and Sienna Miller. The exterior packaging looks very tempting... And I was surprised to see that they have broken the trend of black packaging...
I must admit that there are scary colours here that I know I will never use (yellow and green...would NOT look good on me!) but I was very intrigued by the taupe, bronze and cranberry metallic shades on the left hand side...
I've noticed in the past that the lighter metallic shades are always more pigmented than the lighter matte ones. Here's comes the swatch....
This limited edition palette launches on 17th March and willbe priced at the usual £4.99.
AND as promised, here are some pics of my our new hamster...Wolverine! We named him that because his black stripes reminded us of Wolverine from X-Men and his big side burns. hee hee. He is a long haired Syrian and the cutest little guy ever! We got him last Thursday and after I got over the nagging thought that hamsters are only for 11 year olds, I am really enjoying having him around. He is very entertaining!
We had wanted a pet for ages and since our apartment is too small for a cat or a dog, we decided we could get a hamster until we get a bigger place. Chris has totally taken to him and can't help but check in with him every time he passes the cage! I must admit, it's so cute to see him fretting over Wolverine and being so caring towards him.


  1. wolverine is such a cutie!! :) i have 5 dwarf hamsters of my own and they are the cutest hammies ever :) make sure to play with them a lot when they are young so they don't bite you later on :)

  2. These new colours look quite exciting. I was starting to feel like Sleek were recycling colours with their palettes, and weren't really releasing any new colours we hadn't seen before. This one has some quite interesting colours and I love the new white packaging!
    How cute is Wolverine, hehe, love the name, hope he's not a nibbler! xXx

  3. Wolverine is Adorable and the name you gave him is even more adorable! about the palette now I must agree that I don't understand why they put these bright yellow&Green color in that palette! but I must say that the metallic colors are gorgeous!

  4. I know their website launched today, I wept when I read the shipping fee's to the states!

    I love hamsters, soooo cute!!

    I really like the white packaging!!

  5. ooft! wolverine is gorgeous and so cutee =). X

  6. Aww Wolverine is so cute! I definitely definitely have to pick up the Bohemian palette, I love the Sleek palettes and I will definitely use all of the colours.

    I like the new packaging too!

  7. Aww I LOVE rodents! I have a rat, a gerbil and 2 degus at my place.

    Wolverine is a cute name =D

  8. So cute!

    It's nice to see the 'tough' men get all soft and cuddly with little animals. I love how my bf is with our cat! :)


  9. Aww Wolverine is delightful! So cute :) I like some of the colours in the Bohemion palette but i don't think i'm excited enough to buy it.

  10. OOOH i have to try out that palette...and your pet, i wanted it my whole life and my mom never approved, now that i live by myself,my landlord doesnt allow pets aaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Can't wait to try this palette, I'm loving the shadow on the top left! Wolverine looks so cute :) x

  12. Oh I love the packaging! And the colour palette is real cute!

  13. Wolverine is adorable - love the name! I want to have a pet hamster again!


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