Friday, 19 March 2010

Urban Decay Eyeshadows

I hope you guys have lovely things planned for the weekend. I will probably spend most of the weekend stressing about my other half. He is in Liverpool with 19 of his friends on his stag weekend! They have got all kinds of things planned for him but I just hope they don't end up hurting him! He thinks it's really unfair that his stag do includes being stripped naked and humiliated while my hen weekend will be full of pampering, fine dining and cocktails.ha ha. Us girls are much more civilised! ha ha.

I can remember the first time I ever bought an Urban Decay eyeshadow back in the days when I only ever wore one shade over over my lid. I wore this eyeshadow religiously and the shade in question was Midnight Cowboy...a gorgeous neutral pink toned beige with glitter. Yes, that's right...I risked fallout to rock this lovely eyeshadow. At least now I know to apply it with a guard under my eye! I find that fixes the problem but I must admit that I would only wear this eyeshadow at night now...when tiny glitter particles can't be seen quite so easily!
Maui Wowie is the perfect dense gold shade for my colouring and I just love pairing it with brown shades like MAC's Woodwinked or Satin Taupe to add a bit of depth and definition. It looks fantastic with flicked cat eye liner.
Goddess is a really pretty petrol blue with shimmer. It looks amazing as a crease colour with Urban Decay Strip, a lilac based silver. I especially like this eyeshadow because it is buttery smooth and has no glitter particles so it's easier to apply.
Here are the swatches...
I really need to do a FOTD to show you how these eyeshadows look when applied! Maui Wowie is just divine as you can see from the swatch above!

What are your favourite Urban Decay eyeshadows? Do you have any tricks to avoid fallout?


  1. I love UD eyeshadows but I hate Midnight cowboy...because of the glitters!

  2. I know alot of people feel that way but Midnigh Cowboy is like a toxic boyfriend for me...I know it's not good for me but I just keep going back for more!ha ha

  3. I love UD shadows & I love shimmer, glitter & pigment. To avoid fall out tap or blow your brush prior to applying. :)

  4. I've actually never tried UD shadows, but those do look like pretty colours, especially Maui Wowie!

  5. my favourite is YDK such a pretty bronze / gold

  6. I use Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy with Urban Decay glittery shadows... And no fallout. Seriously. I tap my brush to avoid fallout out of habit, but other than that, no tricks.

    I can't recommed this product highly enough...

    Fyrinnae have free intl shipping for orders over $20, I don't know how you'll feel about their loose shadows (a lot of nude fans recommend Polar Bear) but some of their sheerer, nuder lip lustres would be enjoyable for you probably. Shipping isn't that expensive, even if you don't order something else. Their prices have changed recently so I'm not sure how much Pixie Epoxy is but so, so worth it.

  7. Maui Wowie looks gorgeous! I have UD Sellout which is supposed to be the same as Midnight Cowboy but without the glitter so I can wear it in the daytime, it's so nice!
    I live about 20 mins away from Liverpool, your fiance will have a fab time there!

  8. my fave shades from UD are Mushroom, Sellout and Misdemeanor - all from the BOS II palette. Homegrown it's making its way to my faves too (spring color!)

    Maui Wowie looks gorgeous, by the way!

  9. Heehee @ "back in the days when I only ever wore one shade over my lid". I recently bought the shade "Underground" from the Urban Decay Deluxe eyeshadow line and I really love it.

  10. wow they all look so shimmery and stunning! I've gota try all these colors for sure :)

  11. They're all so pretty!!! I do love my Alice in Wonderland UD set, I just wished some of the glitters weren't so big :(


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