Thursday, 15 April 2010


Yes I did it again...I can't help myself! I hauled in some more MAC goodies. I'm very proud of myself because I managed to complete my neutrals palette... I added 3 new additions with my latest haul, seen on the far right hand side of the palette above. The new shades are Ricepaper (soft peachy gold with shimmer frost), Retrospeck (beached blonde lustre) and Jest (soft muted peach with icy shimmer frost). I love all three of them which is weird because they aren't ground breaking or vibrant, they're just fantastic bases for just about any look. They are the type of eyeshadows that I will use each and every day and because of that, they are essential to my collection. I particularly love Retrospeck which is the kind of colour that would totally work on it's own as a single wash on the lid and it would definitely look amazing with a tan! It's just a beautiful colour.
I finally gave in after lusting over this product following every blog post on it's the Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl. I am not that impressed by the packaging, I don't mind the design really but I think it looks and feels kind of cheap but I'll forgive that misdemeanor simply for the fact that the product inside is beyond gorgeous. It's a pale peach with gold pearl and I have noticed it's just sold out on the MAC website so if you want one, you may have to check out a MAC store instead.
I also picked up Gingerly blush (capri bronze sheertone) which could also work as a contour colour when I'm tanned. Lastly I got a Paint Pot in Indianwood (metallic antique bronze frost) which I intend to use on it's own for convenience but also as a base to give more depth to my bronzey looks. It's such a rich, luscious colour and perfect for summer!
The Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl gives such a lovely glow to my cheeks but it also adds a slight peach tone so really it's like two products in one! I love it as much as I thought I would so I'm glad I managed to nab one before it sold out online.
This was a particularly good haul because everything has lived up to my expectations (or maybe I should consider it a bad haul because it's just encouraged me to get more!).
What have you bought from MAC lately?


  1. indianwood looks gorgeous, fab haul x

  2. oh Gingerly looks amazing, i must have it and Jest!!Good hauling!xx

  3. @Nooberella - Indianwood is such a gorgeous colour and so pigmented. You could easily wear it alone and smudge it for a really nice effect!

    @Holly - Gingerly would really suit your skintone as well I think. The fact that it's a capri bronze would make it gorgeous for contouring when you have a tan!Jest is a lovely colour too...I highly recommend it if you like peachy tones!

  4. Wow at indianwood!! I regret not buying the shell
    beautyy powder! Looks stunning! I recently
    bought mac peachstock ,mac ever hip and mac frankly fresh lipglass from the liberty of London collection.. I love them all! And I love your mac eyeshadows..
    I want to start buying them but I just don't know
    where to start ??

  5. I have the Shell pearl powder, and I bought summer rose too (did a post on them very recently if you want to look at my blog). I really like them, though not the prices!


  6. Gingerly and shell pearl are so pretty...i wonder these would look good on NC44 skin...any suggestion?

  7. @Chibu74 - I am actually going to post a FOTD using these products later today so you can maybe try and judge from that how they might look on your skin. I am an NW20 in Mac foundations so it might just provide a reference for you. I do think that the Shell Pearl powder would look good on all skintones though

  8. I love seeing Mac hauls! Always gives me ideas on what to buy next. Ricepaper is definitely on my list. I almost bought the Shell Pearl, I shouldve bought it, sooo pretty!

  9. Great haul, I love all 3 of the MAC shadows you bought, and I'm wondering why I don't own them myself, think I might have to start a new palette. It's so satisfying when you finally complete a palette! xXx


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