Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ebay just got even better!

I just read something on the Marie Claire website that I felt compelled to share with you guys since it's an exciting revelation regarding buying clothes (I know you all LOVE shopping too!). I don't know about you guys but I think Ebay is always fantastic for picking up clothes for next to nothing (and makeup).  You can pick up current items that are in stores for a fraction of the shop price.

I just read now that Ebay have created a new section to their website called 'Fashion Outlet' that is available now.  They have teamed up with high street stores like Office, Kookai, Dune, House of Fraser, Schuh and Ted Baker to offer their latest trends at discounted prices! They have also released a statetment that they have other brands that are interested in joing this Fashion Outlet so the brands list will keep growing!  The high street brands will be sold via the Ebay site at up to 70% off.

Since I adore Dune shoes, I will definitely be taking a look at this site for future purchases!


  1. Just checked out :D but think its cheaper to bid...

  2. You might be right but I thought it would be great if there's something in particular that you wanted from a store but couldn't get your size in store

  3. YAY!!!! Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes a good ebay session is the best way to get rid of some grumpiness lol I always have a eureka moment when i get a good deal! xx

  4. This is fabulous!!! I absolutely love ebay and I've bought so much clothing, shoes, handbags and more from there!!! Thank you for the awesome post :)


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