Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Frontcover palette & more Reiss!

As much as I am fond of my neutrals, I always get the urge to wear brighter colours in the summer. They translate so much better when you have a slight tan and the sun is shining!

Front Cover are releasing a new eyeshadow called Mermaid Dreams and it will be available in Boots stores from 19th May and will be priced at £15 (if you want to see more of what the brand have to offer then you can go here). This palette concentrates on shades inspired by a seascape so there is everything from bronzes, greens, aquas and dark blues. Although I don't think that Frontcover are in the same arena as the mid to higher end brands like MAC, they are a really strong contender on the high street. This set is really good value for £15 and I love the concept they have built of a magazine cover with makeup guides inside. The Shadowline inside the palette also gives the colours the versatility to be iridescent or more vivid. There are some beautiful shades in this palette that really remind me of the looks that Gucci have recently sent down the runway (strong turqouise/aqua eyes).
I like that there are neutrals and bronzes in this palette to act as a basis for your look. If, like me, you are a little scared to go al out with a strong aqua eye then you can just add a wash of the neutral shades and then add a splash of colour with an aqua eyeliner created with the Shadowline. It's an easy way to make the look more summery and experiment with something different.
I have taken swatches of all the shades in the same order as they are found in the palette. I found that the baked eyeshadows all had good pigmentation and were more shimmery than glittery i.e. there aren't any big particles of glitter in them so no chance of the dreaded fallout.

I really love the dark navy shades on the bottom row. They would be perfect to create a nice alternative smokey eye! I also wanted to show the effect that can be achieved with the Shadowline. It just creates a more vivid version of the colours and allows you to use the baked eyeshadows as eyeliners.
As you know, I have been going Reiss crazy recently and I got a couple more items from their online sale. I couldn't resist this layered candy pink skirt for work (can't wait to pair it with a fresh white shirt and long pendant!)
I also couldn't resist this studded pale gold summery dress. It will be perfect with sandals in I just need the weather to heat up a bit so I can wear it!
Here's a closer look at the detail...


  1. good call on the eyeshadow palette! saw these on another blog, but it was priced around the £26 mark. glad good old Boots will be stocking it!

  2. Ahh, if Boots are going to sell it for £15 that makes far more sense. Definitely worth it at that price.

  3. I really love these frontcover palettes. I remember one that had lipsticks and neutral shadows that you showed us, and it's too bad they don't sell it anymore!
    Actually, it's too bad they don't sell outside the uk!

  4. I was going to buy the Rainbow Eyes palette but didn't see the point in the end as I wouldn't have used half of it. I may well buy this new one as it's all colours I'll wear! Love that dress as well x


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