Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Good Times/Bad Times


1) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - This stuff is just brilliant in my opinion, I have been using this for every night out and special occasion in my calender.  It may not be everyone's cup of tea because it is a medium to full coverage foundation but there IS no better foundation for when I want a flawless look on a night out.  It stays put like no other foundation, no matter the environment, this product will keep your face looking perfect.  The pic below demonstrates it's amazing staying power because I applied the foundation at 8am in the morning and when it came around to getting ready for a special occasion, I realised that I didn't have to re-do my makeup.  This pic was taken at 10pm so that's 14 hours AFTER it was originally applied! All I did was add a light dusting of powder on my T-zone.  In my opinion, that is one good foundation!I know some people think it would feel heavy but to me, it doesn't and I don't think it looks heavy either, in photos OR in 'real life'.
2) Wolverine - I never though a hamster could be so entertaining but he really makes me smile sometimes! He has definitely got bigger in the time we have had him and he is just the most docile hamster ever! He is never aggressive and he doesn't bite and we just love him!

3) Bridesmaids Shoes - I finally managed to find the perfect bridesmaid shoes for the girls.  I had a mental checklist of all the things they had to be...comfortable, not too high, no ankle strap, silver, no bits digging in.  I found the perfect shoes in Next for only £26!!!  They also come in 'Wide Fit' so that gives you another option if someone has slightly wider feet.  The pic below shows you what they look like.  Thankfully all the bridesmaids liked them so that's another thing crossed off the list.  Yah!

4) Slim Fast - I weighed myself yesterday as usual and I lost another 1lb! So that's 6 and a half lbs in just 4 weeks.  Granted it's not the most exciting thing to drink every day but it's definitely worth it when you find you can fit into your 'slim' jeans again!  I changed my gym programme again so that's working really well for me too.  I do have one day a week where I can eat what I want...I find that keeps me sane!

5) Jerseylicious - This is my guilty pleasure at the moment (it's on Sky, channel 253 The Style Network on Saturdays at 9pm).  I always Sky Plus this show, it's a reality show about a hair and beauty salon in Jersey called Gatsby (we all know these shows are usually far from reality though!).  It follows the stylists and beauticians at work and in their daily lives.   I always love the scenes between Tracey (the bitchy one) and Olivia (the underdog).  It's full on, ridiculous drama!he he.  I think Chris despairs about some of my tv viewing but I can't help but watch this show! Expect lots of animal print, fake nails, big hair and BIG attitudes.  Take a look at this clip... 


1) I don't know what's wrong with the skin on my neck at the moment but I started to get small cyst like spots underneath my jawline by my ears.  They almost feel like the bumps you get when you get bitten by insects.  I couldn't work out why I was just getting them there and not on my face (thank god!) and I finally worked out after some detective work that it was because of the moisturiser I use to blend my foundation into my neck.  I promptly dumped that in the bin and started using a tea tree one instead so hopefully that will clear up soon!

2) I desperately need my highlights done at the moment but I was waiting until I had a bit more money.  I just feel manky when my roots are all dark and I hate the way it looks.  I phoned to make an appointment with my usual hairdresser but she is on holiday at the moment.  I really don't like other hairdressers doing my hair because it's hard to get the same result you usually do, I have really built up a good relationship with my hairdresser and she does an excellent job on my hair.  I have the appointment on Thursday at midday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes well!


  1. You look so different on that photo! I think it's because you are smiling. You should do more smiling photos.

    That's pretty impressive that the foundation still looks that good after so many hours wear. Do Estee Lauder do foundation colours light enough for NC15 skin? I find it diffucult to browse for more than a second without some orange woman pouncing on me at my local counter.... x

  2. gorgeous pic, but I hate to say I loved my Estee Lauder foundation too... until i got those horrid bump like spots on my chin & jawline =0/
    I dont know if it was 100% the foundation as i use alot of diff products but it hasnt happened since I stopped wearing it =(


  3. I agree with Andrea! I thought for a second it wasn't even you! Great to see your smile!
    I will have to look into that foundation! I wear med to full coverage as I need it and I really like the staying power!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies! The reason you don't see me smile in photos is because I don't really like my smile. I tend to smile with my mouth closed because I always look goofy when I open it!ha ha

  5. I didn't realise that was you, you look so different! I need to try Double Wear, heard so many great things about it. x

  6. Wolverine is just so cute! Congratulations on your weight loss (i am trying and miserably failing) and i hope the strange skin on your neck clears itself up soon. x

  7. hi laura....this is eimear (live in aberdeen) iv recently gone dark but i always used to get my highlights done in aveda on schoolhill and i was always really happy with the results.....even if i got a different person from usual....they are pricey tho depending what grade stylist u get..... have the exact same cystic spots things under my ear and on side of ear at moment....(attractive!!) so keep us updated how u get on with new regime...

  8. side of neck even.....not side of ear!!

  9. I tried slimfast ages ago and it gave me awful headaches! weird! are you planning your wedding atm? xx


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