Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My Favourite Concealers

Hi guys, I hope you had an amazing bank holiday weekend! I certainly did and I also managed to get loads of wedding stuff done like the table plan, food menu and music.  There's only about 12 and a half weeks to go! We have finally managed to get our honeymoon booked too.  We are going to Kuala Lumpur for 3 days, then Borneo for 4 days, then Hong Kong for 3 days.  I CAN'T wait! Check out the hotel we will be staying in when we get to Borneo here .  And you know what this means...I have to buy lots of honeymoon outfits!ha ha.

Right onto today's post which will be a collection of my favourite concealers for various different reasons.  I would definitely say that concealer is a must have in my makeup collection.  I have really bad undereye circles, redness around my nose and I get the occasional blemish so there's no way I would go a day without my trusted concealers.  I really rely on this stuff to get that polished look to my makeup.
I always like to use different consistencies for different uses simply because you need a lighter formulation for the delicate under eye area whereas thicker concealers generally work best on the rest of the face.  I use Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector or Benefit Erase Paste as a base concealer (applied lightly) and then either Estee Lauder Maximum Cover in Light/Medium or Mac Moisturecover concealer to set the base.  Because the BB Colour Corrector and Benefit Erase Paste can set quite tacky, I always like to add a more fluid formula over the top to set them, stop them from settling in fine lines and ultimately to make it last all day.  I have to say that Estee Lauder Maximum Cover deserves a HUGE mention because it has become an every day staple in my routine.  I remember ages ago that Holly over at The Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog advised that it could be used as an amazing concealer and boy was she spot on about that.  The thing that makes it so amazing as a concealer is the fact that the formula is so so light and easy to blend.  Also, you only need the tiniest amount to cover even the darkest of circles which means it's fantastic value for money.  This product definitely has HG status for me, it covers problem areas but it never ever looks heavy or obvious.  Overall, they are all great concealers but I have found that the best combination for a flawless, bright eye is Benefit Erase Paste with Estee Lauder Maximum Cover over the top to set.  Once you have swept some Benefit Powderflage over that, your eyes will look perfect.  I think of them as my holy trinity of concealing!
The concealers that work brilliantly for blemishes or any discolouration on my face are creamier, thicker formula's like that of Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer, MUFE's Full Cover or Mac Studio Finish.  Although Estee Lauder's Double Wear concealer is more fluid, it still works amazingly well on blemishes.  These all cover effectively but my favourite hands down is MUFE's Full Cover.  This stuff is waterproof and doesn't budge on my skin at all.  It covers blemishes with ease and makes my complexion look perfect.  I can't rave enough about this and I know that loads of other bloggers really rate this product.

A good concealer is something every girl needs and I would highly recommend any of these products if you're looking for a reliable go-to concealer.  What concealers do you rate as holy grail?


  1. I used to use the the bobbi brown blemish cover stick but they don't sell it any more. So I might try one of your favourites and hope that one will be my favourite as well :D

  2. Totally awesome post!!! I only own Erase Paste, Select MoistureCover and MAC SF

    I must try Estee Lauder's concealer though!!

  3. @Tugba - I hate it when they discontinue things when you rely on them. Hope you find a great concealer :)

    @J-ezzy - Thanks! The Estee Lauder one is actually a full cover foundation but I prefer it as a concealer.

  4. I LOVE EL's Max Cover! One of m HG's too.
    The hotel looks amazing.. and it has a spa!!

  5. Thank you so much for pointing that out, I'd have looked like an idiot asking for a concealer at the counter, LOL - You're the best!!!

  6. I agree on most of the concealers...I think I've got to write this sort of post too!
    well done ;)

  7. I like the MAC SF & The MUFE Full Cover.


  8. If I could live with just one make up item then it has to be a concealer! I tried Boi-ing at the Benefit counter but it didn't do much for me. Can you suggest a thicker concealer that can offer more coverage x

  9. @Jo - Estee Lauder are my saviour when it comes to foundation and concealer!I have been dreaming of the hotel recently, about having breakfast looking out on the white sands...sigh!

    @J-ezzy - no problem, I'm glad I could help you out :)

    @Olivia - I would love to read your post when it's up :)

    @MakeupbyKimPorter - They are both great products!

    @me :) - The only downside to Boi-ing for me is the lack of shades for different skintones but I have got no.1 and no.2 shades so I just blend them to create my perfect shade. As for a thicker concealer that offers more coverage...I would recommedn MakeUpForever's Full Cover. You can get it from www.makeup-provisions.com

  10. thank you for sharing information. i love concelear post. :)


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