Tuesday, 18 May 2010

My Favourite Lipsticks!

Its another 'Favourites' post! I always find it helpful to see other people's favourite lippies, it's good to see how different shades compare against eachother and that makes it easier to choose the right colour for your skintone.  I am not THAT adventurous when it comes to vibrant hues because, well to be frank, bright lippies don't suit me and tend to make me look like a fool.

I love the fact that Mac lipsticks are available in such a great range of colours but the formulas aren't always the best.  However, these are the ones I reach for most in my collection and Hue is hands down my must have lipstick for something that you can just slap on without a mirror...
Angel is a great way to wear a stronger pink without looking too obvious.
Shy Girl is a dark peach toned lippy that looks great with a sunkissed tan.
Pretty Please is a gorgeous sheer wash of pale pink loveliness.
Creme De Nude is a classic neutral that suits most skintones.
I love YSL lipsticks and I tend to find that they always have loads of shades that flatter my skintone.  I am a sucker for peaches, pinks and nudes! Frozen Mango (no.32) has to be my absolute favourite.  It's so easy to wear, has a great sheen to it and looks really pretty.  Note - the other shades have photographed slightly darker than they are in real life.
My ultimate lipsticks out of everything I own are my Rouge Voluptes.  You know, you've heard about them so many times.  But they are so creamy, smooth to apply, moisturising and I adore the heavy luxurious packaging that makes me want to keep taking it out of my bag all the time!  They are everything you could possibly want from a lipstick and I love the two shades I own.  The only small downside is that you have to make sure you have smooth lips before you apply the lippy, they don't apply well to flaky lips (but what lipstick does?)
Lastly, here are my last three fave lippies...Estee Lauder Pure Colour in Vanilla Truffle (it holds a special place in my heart...my favourite nude lipstick and I would choose this ahead of Mac Creme De Nude because the consistency is alot creamier).  My newest edition, Clarins Joli Rouge in Pink Blossom, is a lovely wearable pink nude.  Definitely the prettiest peach lipstick I own is Jemma Kidd's Duo Lipstick in Wendy which also has a lip balm/lip primer on the other end (you can't argue with that!). 
I just wanted to do a quick update at the end of this post on what's happening with me at the moment.  My hen weekend in Edinburgh is at the end of the month and I have been looking at what I am going to wear.  I still have no idea what the girls have planned for me...I'm getting slightly worried! I really don't want a stripper because:
a) The idea of a sweaty, sylvester Stallone lookalike dripping in baby oil gyrating in my face ain't my idea of fun! (why are strippers NEVER hot??!)
b) I would be generally mortified if my mum had to watch me spraying whipped cream on a semi naked man!
I'm cringing just thinking about it! ahhhhh! It's the stuff of nightmares!

There's a really good group of girls going so it's going to be a hoot! I have already decided that I am going to wear my Monsoon Fusion mini dress for one of the nights (I figured all out glamour is required for my hen weekend!):
Now I just need to find shoes to go with the dress....


  1. That dress is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing for your fave lipsticks... I think I need Angel in my life!


  2. That dress is gorgeousss! I'm excited for you, i'm sure you will look beautiful! The weather in Edinburgh is gooorgeous at the moment! ..almost too nice! Sweaty heat haha..I hope it stays nice for you as I know Aberdeen sun doesn't quite compare to the rest of the country :) xx

  3. Great list and great dress!
    You need to check out the Chanel Rouge Coco's. I'm sure you'd find a colour or two that are right up your alley. I love them more than the YSL Rouge Voluptes!

  4. Aw god I don't blame you for not wanting a stripper...SO embarrassing! I love Hue lipstick, such a pretty nude!

  5. You look so good in nude and pale pink lippies, I love them all really.
    Oh god.. I may just be in love with that dress? It's amazing. I totally agree with you about a stripper haha, ew! I'd like to just have a weekend away with my friends and mum, aunt, cousins etc. Something a bit like I did this weekend in York for my friend's 40th.

  6. Amazing post, I now have a massive wishlist! xx


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