Monday, 31 May 2010

My Hen Weekend

OMG...what an amazing, crazy, fun, silly weekend I had in Edinburgh with all my lovely friends and my mum!Unfortunately Chris' mum couldn't make it over from Ireland because there was a death in the family. I was really gutted about that because I love Chris' mum, Madeleine, but we toasted her many times over the course of the weekend.  I wanted to post some pics to give you an insight into what we got up to, but obviously I didn't want to put any pics up of all my friends as they might not want them to be posted online! So, I stuck to pics of me, my mum and random people we met along the way.  These are by no means very flattering as I'm generally pulling stupid faces but hey, a hen weekend is no place to be taking yourself too seriously!
First off, I will let you know the itinerary for the weekend:

Friday: Lots of Champagne, Comedy Club, Bar, GHQ
Saturday: Exploring Edinburgh, Group Makeup consultation with MUA, Meal at an Italian restaurant, Party bus around the city
Sunday: Hangovers

The Highlight Comedy Club - this place was 90% stag parties so when we walked in, we got a standing applause from the first table of guys! That was fantastic because we were all tiddly on champagne and felt like we were the bee's knees! I just remember thinking "don't fall over laura, don't fall over!" The first comedian wasn't great but the next two made up for it.  One of them had a guitar and since we were sitting right in front of the stage, he took it upon himself to pick on me and my friend, Nassim.  He ind of reminded me of Jack Black, not by the way he looked but just his style of comedy.  We both had embarassing songs made up about us, complete with suggestive innuendo...I think my face was bright red at that point!ha ha.
GHQ - We headed to a bar where the girls surprised me with a mystery cocktail that tasted a bit dodgy...they eventually told me it was a rather interesting mix of Vodka, Whisky, Peach Schnapps, Grenadine and Lemonade.  Then we headed to GHQ, which stands for Gay Head Quarters and we had such a great laugh there.  The music was brilliant, I loved the style of the club and we danced until our feet were red and swollen!

Group Makeup Consultation - I arrived back from having a wander around Edinburgh to find that one of the apartments we were staying in had been set up for a consultation with Judith Campbell of Feel Brand New and she does:
  • Colour Consultations
  • Style Consultations 
  • Seasonal Fashion Update
  • Wardrobe Weeding
  • Personal Shopping
I thought Judith was really fantastic at going through all the basics when it comes to makeup.  She said she fet a bit nervous as the girls had all told her about my blog but I reassured her that I'm by no means an expert! There are always things you can learn from other people and I was excited to be able to play with makeup for the afternoon! Judith is such a lovely, warm person and she made the whole afternoon really enjoyable.  All the girls enjoyed looking through all the makeup and trying different looks.

Meal - During the meal, I was given a pink sash with flashing lights on it saying 'Bride To Be', a flashing L plate, a necklace with the cutest picture of Chris, aged 10, dressed as Superman and a tiara/veil.  I was quite happy to wear all of that stuff since I got to wear my own clothes underneath.  The girls also presented me with a Photobox album called 'Guide To The Bride'.  This was a collection of photos of me growing up, complete with witty captions, then pics of Chris growing up, and then finally pictures of us as a couple.  It actually brought me to tears as I turned each page and I thought it was such an amazing, fun and imaginative gift that we can keep forever and show our kids in the future.  Even though some of the pics of me as a teenager were soooo embarassing! Cringe! That wasn't all though, they also conducted a 'Mr & Mrs' quiz where I had to answer questions about Chris (his first pet's name, his dream car, what he would have for his last meal etc) and I'm proud to say that I got almost all of them right.  Everyone was surprised that I knew so much about Chris and I guess that maybe shows that we spend WAY too much time together!ha ha.
Party bus - This was hands down the best part about the whole weekend and all the girls agreed.  Basically, it's just a double decker bus that plays very loud party music, drives you to each bar and there are other stag and hen parties on there.  As you can see from the pics, we were on the bottom floor of the bus with a stag party consisting of PE teachers from Glasgow! They were all dressed as superheroes and luckily for us they were genuinely nice guys who were fun but never crossed the line with us.  You are allowed to drink on the bus which made things a bit messy (sorry about the diet coke spillage mum!) and as it was so busy, it's not easy to hold a drink, dance and hold on to the safety bar in the aisle at the same time but somehow we managed it!  I'm not sure about the safety aspect of all of that but hey, we survived!  The other good thing about this was that we didn't have to walk anywhere in our skyscraper heels.  We ended up at a club at the end of the night and danced until we couldn't stand anymore!

I really couldn't have wished for a better weekend for my hen party.  It was definitely my wonderful friends and my mum that made it so special for me.  We laughed so much and I know we will remember that weekend forever.

I still have my hen night in Aberdeen in July so I'm really looking forward to that too!


  1. looks like you had a great time, cheeky girl =D xx

  2. Looks fabulous! Glad you had a good time.

    And your mummy is super gorgeous :-)


  3. Love these photos! Thanks for sharing with us. Looks like it was a blast.

    I love that you call it a Hen weekend on that side of the pond -- here we call it a stagette which I'm not too fond of. LOL.


  4. Amazing! Everyone looks as if they're having great fun in the pics! xx

  5. Love the pictures!!! looks like you had so much fun !!

  6. Looks like a great weekend, thanks for sharing. x

  7. haha looks fabulous! xxx

  8. LOL, looks like you had an amazing crazy fun weekend!! :) You look gorgeous!

  9. Really happy to hear you had a good one. xx

  10. omg it looks like an amazing and fun filled night! A good sign.. im guessing your marriage will be equally as great! :) xxxx

  11. Wow, it looks like you guys had a blast!

    By the way, I've given you a blog award. ♥

  12. wow sounds like soooo much fun!!!

  13. Wow looks like you had a great time! How fun! :)

  14. Dammit I was waiting for the post and it appeared in my absent days! I've not had chance to properly go through people;s blogs this week, or reply to your email! Grrr.

    I LOVE the little snippet pics haha. Love the one in the right corner in the first set, your expression is making me laugh! The party bus just sounds quite seriously AMAZING. It's good when you run into other stag dos too and they're just nice and friendly :) It sounds like a brilliant weekend. It's a shame about Chris' mum though :-(

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