Monday, 17 May 2010

Wedding Hair Inspiration!

So you guys know that I decided I am going to wear my hair down on my wedding day and that I bought real hair extensions to create more volume.  Well, I found the perfect picture of the supermodel, Petra Nemcova, to show my hairdresser what I want on my wedding day.  These pictures demonstrate what kind of curl/wave I want in my hair on the big day (although I would have a side parting rather than have it swept back). 
It looks like she has had it styled with rollers which gives a less contrived and more natural, laid back curl to the hair.  I don't want anything that looks stiff or overly styled.  With my new hair extensions in, they will give my fine hair slightly more length and loads more volume! I will just be back-combing the crown slightly so that my comb and veil can sit comfortable there.  I can't wait for my next hair trial!!!


  1. Amazing pictures, her hair is divine. xx

  2. gorgeous :) i wanted my hair as well like that on my wedding but it was too hot as the wedding was in turkey so i had to put them up

  3. wow thats gorgeous!! :-)
    romantic curls & waves I love it :)

  4. I looove Petra Nemcova! Her hair looks great here and is def. good inspiration. I cannot wait to see pics of your hair makeup etc =)

  5. Great hair inspiration!! :)
    I decided to go with my hair down too. I wish I didn't cut my hair though :/ I would have wanted it to be a little longer. Oh well! I'm going with the Victoria Secret waves! ;) lol

  6. I love brides with their hair down. It is so diferrent than what everyone else are doing. Way to go girl.


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