Thursday, 13 May 2010

Wedding Hair Update

You know I did my posts about how I was going to have my hair up for the wedding?...well, I kinda, sorta changed my mind!  I originally wanted my hair up because:

a) The ladies in the bridal store kept saying how I just HAD to have my hair up if I was wearing a strapless dress.  It would apparently 'elongate my neck and make me look more graceful'.
b) Every bride I saw had her hair up so I just kind of fell into the thinking that I should do that too.

My doubts began when I went to visit the photographer a while ago.  He said "I hope you don't mind me asking, but how are you wearing your hair for the wedding?"...I of course replied "oh I'm having it wavy but up in a loose chignon".  He paused for a while and then said "This is just my opinion, please don't be offended, but I think you would suit your hair better wavy/curly and down because it would suit your face shape better and also suit the relaxed feeling of the wedding".  I sat there and I will admit that I was a bit taken aback that he was so honest about it but then he continued..."Do you wear your hair up alot?" to which I thought, well no I don't because I prefer it down and I feel more comfortable with it down.  Then it dawned on me...why the hell am I wearing my hair up just because other people expect me to? I need to do what I am happy with and I am happiest with my hair down.

SO, the decision has now been made (thanks to my wedding photographer).  I am alot happier now I know I will have long flowing locks on my wedding day.  I want to look like me (but maybe a bit better than normal!ha ha).  I have now set out on a quest to find the best real hair clip in extensions to add more volume to my hair.  Don't worry, I'm not after ridiculously long locks, I am going to cut the extensions so they blend with my hair (this is more about volume, not length).  I do want to add just a couple of inches to my hair length so that when it is curled and it bounces up, it will still be a decent length.

So ladies, any recommendations for really good hair extensions would be appreciated! In the meantime, I did have a look at the extensions available on a fellow bloggers, Imogen's, website  I ordered the delux real hair clip-in extensions in Honey Blonde (160grams) and I thought they were pretty cheap at £72.00.  The colour I chose looks like this (pic courtesy of
I like that the extensions aren't one solid colour, they have highlights through them just like my hair.  I will let you all know how I get on with them once they are delivered.   I will be taking them to my hairdresser to be cut (and possibly dyed to match my hair colour exactly) and blended into my own hair to make sure it all looks as natural as possible.  I think half the battle is trying to get a good colour match so I'm hoping the Honey Blonde ones do the job.

I actually really like the FoxyLocksExtensions website because it includes a guide to clipping in the extensions with Pics, Video Tutorials, Customer Reviews, Order Tracking and a Celebrity Hairstyles section where it shows you a step-by-step guide to achieve a particular look.  Imogen does a really good video on how she clips in her extensions, now it may seem simple to do, but I've never done it before so it helps to get it right.

How gorgeous is Imogen!
Have you tried any real hair extensions? What did you think of them?


  1. Never tried them, but sure they will look fab on you. I had my hair up on my wedding day, and really wish I hadnt, it just didnt look like me in the photos! xx

  2. Yeah the photgrapher said that so many brides say that and thats why he wanted me to think carefully about what I wanted to look like. I'm not into the REALLY long extensions so I will definitely be getting them cut to suit the length of my hair. I can't wait to get them now!

  3. You're going to love Foxylocks!!I've ordered them about a month ago (got the 160 gr in 1B), never thought about getting hair extensions before, let alone clip-ins, but I have gradually changed my mind because it's so hard to grow hair that long while keeping them healthy...
    The quality is amazing, I wear them almost everyday and I've already washed them about 5 times and dyed them have to care for them (condition-heat protection when using hot tools) but seriously they are amazing, thick and shiny as my natural ones...I'm sure you'll be tempted to wear them in many other occasions, I've gotten so many compliments :D

    ahahah omg it seems like I've written an infomercial for Imogen, but you'll see for yourself how good they are...and most importantly, if you put them on properly the clips won't bother you, you won't realize that you've got them on, I mean you'll have so many other things to worry about on your wedding without hair getting in the way!




  4. Definitely go with what you feel comfortable with! I don't really like my hair up at all and never have done, so i know for a fact if i had it up in my wedding photos i would hate it! I think having it down would be a lovely change from the typical up do!

    Maybe make it a little more special by adding a pretty clip or flower or somethin! xx

  5. Your like me, I NEVER wear my hair up. I think it's weird that you have to have certain "style" of hair for weddings. Go with whats natural for you :)

    You must post on your extensions! I've been looking at foxylocks for awhile and they always seem to be sold out of my color (which is very close to yours) So I decided to go with

  6. Also very ironic, my profile picture is from a wedding I was in and I'm wearing an up do"! lol

  7. @themakeuparmy - that all sounds great!I can't wait for mine to be delivered!!!I have been so excited about having twice the amount of hair...I always see girls in the street and think "I wish I had their hair!".

    @Kerry - I am so much happier now I have decided to wear my hair down...I feel so much more attractive when it's down and wavy.I think you have to be 110% comfortable on your wedding day. I just know I would have regretted putting it uo.

    @Mary - I almost gave into the pressure but finally listened to my instincts. The FoxyLocksExtensions look amazing so I have high hopes. I am going to post an indepth review of them with pics etc so you will see exactly what they look like. From your pic, you have a beautiful face so I think you could get away with just about any style!

  8. For my wedding, I wore a strapless dress and my hair wavy down. ;)

  9. Try American Dream Extensions! They're VERY reasonably priced and Lollipop26 did a great review on them( They've been on my "to get" list for a while now. Here's the Website:

    Hope this helps =)

  10. You definitely have to wear your hair down if thats how you feel your best. Did you ever have a hair trial with it up? Are you wearing a veil? You'll look gorgeous however you wear your hair though and the extenstions look great. I always wear my hair down but did have an up do for my wedding day. Only because I wanted something different though and liked the idea of it staying in a style all day. Definitely follow your gut instinct though! Really love weddingy talk :-) x

  11. nice info

  12. My big regret from my wedding day look was that I listened to everyone who told me to wear my hair up when I really wanted to have it down. Do what you want and go with what your gut tells you..You will look beautiful :-)

  13. I went to a school friend's wedding and truly did not recognise her when she walked down the aisle. She always wore her hair down and dead straight, but she had this weird up-do with ringlets and all girly-girl which wasn't like her at all! Your wedding should be you, but slightly better. You have to be comfortable and hopefully recognise yourself when you look at the photo's :-)

  14. I forgot to mention that she also had oil and mud all over her wedding dress where she fell out the car, but that was so typically her that I was almost relieved! At least there was still something left of her real self underneath all that ridiculous frippery!

  15. This post excited me for several reasons:
    1) wedding post.
    2) I totally agree that you should have your hair how you feel the most comfortable on the day. It is so important for you to feel beautiful on your wedding day and wear what suits you. not what you "should" wear according to others. I also think it;s silly when brides-to-be go and completely change everything for their wedding and go for a hair colour and style that their husband to be has never seen or is used to seeing them with? He is marrying you, he should be marrying the woman he knows and loves, love some pranced up version who looks nothing like the woman he wakes up to everyday!
    3) hair extensions!!! I bought my frist set of extensions last July and I LOVE THEM. They have such bad connotations as being tack and for Chavs or WAGs, but if worn right and bought right, they can be great, I like mine for thickness more than length. I bought my first set for £30 from Leeds Market of all places, my second set was one long weft that I had to cut and add clips to myself, and that was £15 from Ebay, and I also bought a longer pre-clipped small half head set on Ebay for £10. Please around with them, work out where they need clipping for you (mind go on my crown underneath my shorter layers, and then others about halfway) so its good to just play around.
    Good luck!! x


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