Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My first 'proper' YT vid

I finally decided to do a proper YouTube video because I did my first 'makeup collection' one ages ago and then I kind of chickened out and didn't post anymore.  I guess I just find it a little bit daunting to put myself out there on YT.  BUT I have been getting a few emails asking me to post videos so I thought I would oblige. 

I will never get over how weird it is to see myself on camera, how different my voice sounds once recorded OR how my face looks weird when I talk.  Any of you who do YT videos will know what I'm talking about! Its very strange watching yourself but I guess that's because you never really get to see yourself the way other people see you...if that makes sense?!  Hopefully I will get used to it. 

I'm sorry about the poor sound quality...I will get that sorted out for my next video so just bear with me! I am planning on doing alot more videos featuring reviews, cosmetic and clothing hauls, tags and just general ramblings about my life.  I hope you guys enjoy it! (They really do focus on the worst stills for the vids don't they...)


  1. I can't rate or anything coz I'm not signed up to YT anymore but it's a great vid! xx

  2. great video! looovee yur accent, its so cute =). XX

  3. What is your youtube username so we can sub? :) My wedding is six months away so I cant wait to see ANYTHING wedding related! :)

  4. @Glitterati89 - It's Liparazzi1 so subscribe to me on there and I will try and put up as much wedding stuff as I can

  5. Aahhaha I love this video!!!!! This is going to make me sound like a spaz, but I just never imagined you with a Scottish accent. OBVIOUSLY I knew you did, I am not THAT silly :D But still. ahaha it;s so cute I love it! It deifnitely isn't massively strong. I love that necklace you're wearing too.
    yay on the 2lbs :D It's good you're not just doing it for the wedding, my old boss did that, and yeah, she looked amazing on her wedding day.. but she pout it all back on and then some.
    I absolutely love what you said about body shape and how you can only be what your body natually wants to be. I totally agree and I went through the same thing. People look at me and automatically think "skinny", but I have curvy hips and middle and I know I would never be fitting into little tiny skinny minnie jeans and feeling comfortable. I can't wait for more videos!

  6. Awwwww you are adorable on video!!! You're right, your accent isn't very strong at all! But it's really nice!

    I've loved your blog posts running up to the wedding and honeymoon... I can tell you're really excited!

  7. Yaaaay! More more!! I love your sounds so posh compared to my half-hick American accent LOL You are super pretty in live action as well. xoxox


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