Friday, 11 June 2010

My Summer Wishlist

Now that the wedding isn't too far away, my thoughts have turned to the honeymoon and the fact that I really need to stock up on my summer clothes! The shop I usually turn to for colourful summery clothes is Monsoon, I love the middle eastern feel to the embellishments and colours.  Since I will be spending most of my time next to the beach and chilling out on the honeymoon, light cotton sun dresses are probably my best bet and this one from Monsoon caught my eye! I love the fresh colours...

I also spotted these gorgeous pewter sandals that will go with just about anything...
I have been reading all the travel info for Malaysia and even though it says not to wear bright colours as it attracts Mosquitos...I just can't resist a splash of colour for my holiday.  I will just have to rely on my jungle insect repellent! I love this beach dress from Accessorize, it would be perfect to throw on over a bikini...

I also had a wardrobe clearout recently and found two pairs of jeans (one cream and one dark denim) that are too big for me since I lost weight.  The waist is 'comfortable' rather than too big but the thighs on them were massive so I cut them with scissors to make cute little shorts.  I also tied a colourful silk scarf to the belt loop of one of them just to give it a nice edge.  I love it when you can make use of old clothing that you never wear anymore.

I love big beach bags that you can just throw everything into so this one from Gap is perfect, plus it will go with pretty much any outfit since it's a neutral cream. I love the cute little bow on the front...
I have to say that I never buy expensive sunglasses because I'm too clumsy and I think I would cry if I sat on a pair of Guccis or Ray Bans! So I generally just buy cheap ones every year from places like H & M or Oasis.  I tend to favour Aviators because they suit my face shape and I think they look pretty cool (I think it's because it's reminiscent of Top Gun...yeah I know...I'm a geek!).

I went to see the nurse yesterday at my local medical centre to chat about which vaccination I will need before going on honeymoon.  She told me I would need a Tetanus booster and I can still remember how much that injection hurt and it was about 15 years ago! It left a huge lump on my upper arm so hopefully this one won't do the same.  There were a few others she mentioned and I have to go back and get them all in one go...ouch! I am not afraid of needles per se but it's not my idea of fun to become a human pin cushion.  I was moaning about it on Facebook and one of my friends reminded me that's it's really not the worst problem to have...he suggested that sipping cocktails on an exotic beach would ease the memory of the pain!ha ha.

I will be having a busy weekend so this is the last you will hear from me until next week...I have a review of the new mascara by Lancome 'Hypnose Precious Cells' so stay tuned for that.  Have a brilliant weekend everyone!


  1. I'm going on holiday mid july and I'm stressed out too :D Will be going shopping end of this month :D

  2. I was in Monsoon yesterday and I thought of you!! Am I creepy? Yes, I do beleive so.
    I love those sandals you posted.. and I agree, mosquitoes mosqshmitoes, you have to have lovely bright things on your jollies!
    Nice work on fixing the old jeans to new shorts, I do that all the time. The hardest thing when I lost weird, other than losing weight, was replenishing my wardrobe! I'd never been itno fashion at all when I was bigger, and so I had no idea what to buy and for a while had to keep adjusting my old stuff!
    I agree on cheapy sunglasses too.. honestly I am so bad, just chuck them in my bag even when I have a case in there for them. Ste has a pair of Ray Bans I see him wincing with sheer fear whenever I;m in their proximity.. I once handed them to him and placed 1/2 my thumb over the lens and have been banned from even breathing on them ever since.
    I have so say, your honeymoon sounds like it's going to be completly fabulous... but I can't say I envy you having to get the yucky jabs :( I can't get any form of injection done at ALL, i just cant! I had to be sat on last time to get a blood sample!

  3. 一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼..................................................

  4. Hello friend! I am so excited that your wedding is coming up soon!!!

    Great list - I've been reading your posts but haven't had a chance to comment.


  5. Hi gorgeous!
    It's me Hafiza, the one who bought the Guerlain foundation from you. I live in Singapore just next to Malaysia and go there for short trips often. Feel free to ask me for travelling tips if you wanna ;)

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