Friday, 2 July 2010

Good Times/Bad Times


1) I have another wedding dress fitting today...any excuse to put that gorgeous dress on! There had been a big complication with this as I originally asked for the dress to have a lace up, corseted design at the back.  But the company who were making it phoned to say that the style of the dress would fall better if the back was a zip and button design.  So I bowed to their expertise and agree to go with that.  However, the corseted designs are ordered a size smaller as they cinch you in.  Guess what...the shop forgot to change the measurements so I ended up with a dress that was slightly too small for me.  It zipped up to the bottom of my shoulder blades but struggled to get it any further.  SO as you can imagine, I was close to tears at this point.  That was in March so although I didn't want the added pressure of having to slim into a dress, I knew I had to step up my efforts at the gym to reduce the size of my back.  The last fitting I had was 3 weeks ago and the dress zipped up but it was a bit tight and felt a little restrictive.  In the last 3 weeks I have lost 6lbs so I'm confident today that the dress will fit really well.  What's a wedding without some kind of drama!ha ha.

2) I rediscovered the joy of rocking up to a book shop, getting a coffee and sitting around for a couple of hours reading random books.  I used to love doing that but I never seemed to have time.  I love dipping into different types of books in the store, you find yourself getting totally sucked into it and become oblivious to the fact that you're on a bean bag in a book shop.

3) Even though I'm being careful about what I eat, I still allow myself a small treat every day.  We all need a little bit of sweetness in our day!  My current choice is a treat size Crunchie bar, straight from the can't beat it!

4) It's my hen night this weekend so I'm excited about that! I have been lucky enough to have two, a weekend in Edinburgh and now a night out in Aberdeen.  I will get a post up about that next week to let you all know how we get on!
5) I was in town with my mum yesterday with the intention of only havng a browse around the sales.  My mum, however, was in a spending mood! I'm very lucky that my mum has great taste in clothes and accessories so often I get to borrow things from her.  She bought an absolutely gorgeous bag from Warehouse yesterday for £28 and said that we could share it! So it's mine for this weekend...yippee! I love everything about this bag, from the rattan effect exterior to the gold coloured almost looks designer! It is big enough to hold all of my crap in the daytime but not too big to carry around on a night out.  It also has a chain that sits inside so you can use it as a clutch or pull the chain out and use it as a shoulder bag.  I am in love with it!


1) My dad phoned to tell me yesterday that his best friend, George, had been at his leaving party for work and he was enjoying a couple of drinks in town.  I've known George ever since I was a little kid.  He didn't want to drink too much so he only had a couple then left the bar to get the train home.  Somewhere between the bar and the train station, George fell really badly and hit his head.  Luckily someone saw him fall and called an ambulance.  He fractured his skull and there was bleeding on his brain so they induced a coma with sedatives to keep him calm and as still as possible.  We are still waiting on more news about his condition but we are all thinking of him and praying that he makes a speedy and full recovery.  It's hard to believe that something like that can happen so easily.  It's things like that that make you realise how precious life is and how we all need to live for today and tell the people we love how much we care about them.


  1. I'm really soory about ur dad. Hope he will get better soon.

    I love the bag :) Have loads of fun at ur hen night!

  2. @Tugba - It's actually my dad's best friend that's in a coma but thanks for your kind words :) x

  3. The dress is going to fit gorgeous, I guaruntee it :D you've done fantastic at keeping yourself in shape and I know it'll fit just fine.
    I LOVE doing that in bookshops too! But like you, I never seem to have the time :( I even love doing it at home.. I was made at myself because on my trip to laknheath I left a book I was enjoying on the train in my hurry :(
    You are so lucky your mum loves shopping... my mum hates it :( theres only me and my cousion as the girls in the family who're into shopping in a BIG way. It's so funny, we constantly turn up to family do's in the same things! That bag is stunning though, and a great price considering.

    I am so sorry about the family friend. It's so shocking when something like that happens to somebody you know. I really hope he's okay, keep us updated.

  4. I hope your dress fitting went/goes well! Congrats on the weight loss too! You are so inspiring. The bag is gorgeous I love it so unusual. I hope your friend will be okay, keep us updated! xx

  5. Thoughts and prayers to George .. Xx

    Good luck with your dress fitting! I had drama with my wedding dress too!!

  6. i had my dress fitting couple weeks ago. i'm feeling a battle too. gotta lose a little more lbs so i can sit comfortably. i'm getting a french bustle, are you getting a bustle?

    and i'm very sorry to hear about your dad's friend. hope he'll recover quick.


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