Thursday, 16 September 2010

80's Fancy Dress Ideas?

Hey everyone,

I've just been invited to an 80's themed fancy dress party for my lovely friend, Nassim's 30th birthday.  I was so excited when I heard the theme because there's endless possibilities of who I could go as.  At first I thought I would just go with the ra-ra skirt, neon highlights in my (crimped) hair, fishnet gloves and stockings, crazy makeup, etc, etc.  But, I kinda want to be a bit more original than that.  Here's a few ideas I've had...

SHE-RA (80's cartoon, female version of He-Man)

JEM (80's cartoon..she's the one with the pink hair!)

Madonna in the 80's

Robert Palmer 'Addicted To Love' Girl

Debbie Harry (Blondie)

Help me out here girls...who should I go as??? I could have some proper fun with some of those make up looks (that's the part I'm most excited about..I know...I'm a big geek!).  There's a few there that I would definitely need a wig for as well!


  1. Think you could totally rock the Blondie look. I freaking loved Jem! xx

  2. madonna madonna madonna madonna!! that picture is awesome! definitely something i'd love to dress up like too :P xx

  3. I'd go with Jem! But am I crazy or didn't one of the girls have a blue star around her eye? That'd be fun.

  4. How about Adam Ant (I know he's a guy, but his outfits and make up were pretty cool!)
    I was going to say Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, until I spotted your pic of her haha!
    And I love Jem!! She-ra is a pretty cool idea too!

  5. go with blondie! :)
    Olivia x

  6. Cyndi Lauper is always a classic ;]

  7. Jem and the Holograms- definitely. She was the ultimate rock-cartoon chic! Sooo 80's in my opinion- and calls for a rad wig, which is so much fun to wear. Have fun.

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  9. id forgot about JEM! Thanks for bring back some childhood memories

    Caz x

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  11. Madonna seems to be the real trend for fancy dress in women atm, maybe its just me noticing I think you can pull it off :)

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