Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Eyebrows...How Much Time Do You Invest?

After watching a vid by nurberxo on YouTube, it left me questioning how much time everyone actually puts into their eyebrows. Do you tweeze them? Wax them? Trim them?

Apart from being beautiful, Nur undoubtedly has enviable eyebrows, I mean they're perfect! You all know I have a problem with my brows in that they are very faint at the outer corners and taper off to nothingness.  This can be a problem as I have to use an eyebrow pencil to go over them, which on some days can be quite a challenge when I'm doing it at 7am and my hands aren't as steady as they should be!  Because my eyebrows are so fair, they don't really need alot of trimming, waxing or tweezing but I do think I could benefit from possibly using the eyebrow stencils that were mentioned in the vid.  I especially like the fact that there's so much variety on the website ( and you can choose from a huge list of celebrity eyebrow shapes to get something that's suitable for you.  There's pretty much everything you need to know about eyebrow grooming on this site.

I will be honest, eyebrow stencils do KINDA scare me because I'm worried they will look false but now that I've seen a few girls who use them and how great their eyebrows look, I want to look into it more!

Have any of you guys used eyebrow stencils before? If so, which ones did you use?


  1. Firstly congrats on becoming a Mrs. Thanks for sharing your wedding and honeymoon with us. Glad the planning paid off!

    I tweeze my brows, and get them threaded from time to time when hey grow out. Great to get a sharting shape as they are easier to maintain. I have dark brows, so I can get away with not filling thm in. but sometimes I do. I should do a post on my routine sometime. Have just done a love post for my Dior lip glow (again). So much to post on, so little time!!
    Emma x

  2. i have very, very fair eyebrows. i rarely fill them, as i think the jump is too noticeable, but i really think if i learnt to draw a great shape they would frame my face so much better! i eveb have a lovely laura mercier pencil thats just the right shade, but i only do it, if i have time on my hands really xxx

    (see the pictures on my blog for a good lol!)

  3. Because I have dark hair, the hair on my eyebrows is black and strong and I have never needed to fill them in..however if I leave them, they resemble 2 furry caterpillars, so every 2 weeks I get them threaded! Its so much better than waxing because you can get a more precise shape. I pluck them every other day just to keep on top of it too.

  4. I tweeze mine daily and try to keep on top of their shape every couple of weeks using these rules:
    I just pencil mine lightly with a MAC pencil to define the inner bits and the arch.

  5. I VERY recently started to wax mine! My brows are like yours... they just refuse to grow at the ends and taper off into oblivion. Or my temples. However I'm not fair, and because of this when the buggers DO grow back underneath they need sorting, and I always get dark and fair stragglers above, below, in between, and in the ends at the wrong places amnd am aware of them in close up pics. I VERY recently started using eyebrow waxing strips that I bought from Superdrug that I like, and these work well along with tweezing. I just wish I didn't have to draw the buggers on!

  6. I have to fill mine in, they are the bain of my life!

    They are so faint in the middle and taper out to nothingness, hate them!

    I have used rimmel's hazel brow pencil for years and its always worked fine.

  7. I think that her eyebrows are too straight! And stencils are likely to be a bad idea - you should go with your natural shape as that's what suits you, someone else's eyebrow shape may look nice on them but not on you.


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