Thursday, 30 September 2010

Here's To....

Here's lovely, handsome husband who always makes me laugh and never fails to make me smile when I have a bad day...

Here's to...Wolverine and his many failed attempts to escape from his cage this week, you have to admire his persistence...

Here's to...a yummy body lotion, Philosophy's Wild Blackberry Blossom, that makes your mouth water when you apply it and is seriously addictive...
Here's old favourites.  I started using my Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner again and I had forgotten how much I love this combo for making my hair incredibly volumised, manageable and shiny...

Cue happy hair pic....

Here's to...slowly making my Jem fancy dress costume from scratch (photos of finished outfit to be posted once completed!)...

Here's to...lusting after dream storage products from Howards Storage World.  I really want this jewellery tidy...

AND this bag tidy for my closet...

AND this bigger hanging jewellery tidy...I want! I want!

Here's to...a song that reminds you to forget the people who have royally hacked you off and get on with your fabulous life...Tali, this one's in support for you...please don't give up blogging!  We love you girl!

Feel free to do one of these posts yourself...I would love to see what other people are loving this week!


  1. aww what a niice post! love it :) xxx

  2. I love this post! I'm going to do one myself tomorrow definitely or now even. I'll send you a link when i'm done :)

    I actually love blog posts like this because you get to see the person behind the blog, and get to know more than their favourite lipstick of the week etc. x

  3. Ooo love the hair pic and those storage ideas look pretty perfect! X

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh look at how cute (and a bit fat) wolverine is!!!!! :))))))) so cute!!! xx

  5. i have listened to this song a ton today! lol i'm glad u sent it to tali.. she needed it!

  6. You're going to be Jem for Halloween! Fab! That was my favorite cartoon ever. :)

  7. Sammiebbz* - Glad you enjoyed the post x

    neekeexoxo - Looking forward to reading your post! x

    Muhsine - Thanks, I was rather pleased with my hair that day!ha ha.The storage stuff is fantastic, I can't wait to buy it all up!

    Tali - He is very cute but he's ona diet at the moment...maybe the reason he is trying to escape is to get his paws on more food!

    JamieRebecca - It's a great song and really catchy! Great for when you're p*ssed off at someone!ha ha.

    dontcallmejessie - Yeah I can't wait! All the pink and glittery stuff will be fun to wear!

  8. That jewellery storage/display box from Howards Storage World is just what I need for when I go show my jewellery to shops and galleries. Thank you for that.



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