Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I Have A New Makeup Crush...

and that's South African born, achingly beautiful,Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel.  She reminds me alot of a younger Cameron Diaz and has alot of similar facial features.  Candice is my current favourite because she just has something extra about her...call it the X factor if you like.  She has amazing icy blue eyes, incredible skin and VERY enviable hair.  Her make up is  always glamorous but with a very natural edge...
I love her skin tone as it's the perfect shade of golden loveliness (whether it be natural or not).  I also love the colour of her hair, a very natural light honeyed blonde.  I like the fact that her hair never looks too styled or fussy, just like her makeup.
I really like the fact that 9 times out of ten she has the natural lip shade going on, a very subtle pink or peachy colour.  This to me is makeup perfection because every feature is being enhanced without going over the top.
As with most beauty bloggers, I love the Victoria's Secret models and I love their sexy, smouldering makeup looks even more.  They always look bronzed, glowing and polished but the makeup always looks so wearable because they generally stick to browns and bronzey shades for the eyes.  There's always alot of subtle contouring and the prettiest highlights to the face.  Here's a video featuring Candice that shows how easy it is to create the amazing smouldering eye...

Yes I too muttered to myself..."damn it, she looks amazing without any make up! She must be a (beautiful) freak of nature!" ha ha.

I'm thinking my new Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Ore would be perfect for creating that stretched out golden bronze V on the eye.  The Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether could be build up in intensity to create the brighter, highlighted section of the eyelid.  I'm also thinking of including the amazing Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighter in Sea of Showers as a base under my foundation and possibly Dior Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond or Nars Albatross maybe....ooooh decisions!  Right! I'm all excited and inspired now I've thought of that so I'm going to try that out tomorrow and see if I can post some pics of that look.  

What celebrity/model has inspired you to try something a bit different lately? Who's your favourite VS model?


  1. Bl...y hell she is soooo gorgeous :)

  2. Woah she is absolutely beautiful! Grr some people are so lucky!

  3. I've been eyeing her for awhile in the catalogs, she is perfect isn't she?? It sucks I can't ever get that honey colored blonde..I've come to conclusion that you have to naturally have warm brown hair because Denise Richards and Jen Aniston have that same color!

  4. @Tugba - yep she is superhuman kinda gorgeous.lol.

    @Louise - Some people are very lucky but I bet, even despite her perfectness, she has insecurities too

    @Aleksis - You could be right but you're hair always looks amazing anyway so you've got nothing to worry about :)

  5. candice is gorgeous! i love charlotte tilbury :)

  6. woooow i love the video, does anyone know what brown eyeshadow that makeup artist used on her?? i loove how it looks on her. or maybe anyone has an idea what eyeshadow to use similar to that?
    i also love the shimmery one close to lashline..
    thank you liparazzi for this post :D


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