Friday, 8 October 2010

Good Times/Bad Times

1) The No.1 spot in this week's update has to go to my wonderful dad, Dave.  He was discharged from hospital yesterday after having two stents inserted into one of the arteries in his heart.  He has been told to rest but my mum will definitely have to keep an eye on him because he finds it difficult to sit still! I'm so relieved that he's over the worst of it, I have been sick with worry over the past week.  We all feel very lucky to have him in our lives.

2) I tried to hide my secret and guilty love of trashy reality shows from Chris for a long time when we first got together.  When he spotted a Sky + series link on The Hills, he would comment "what's that doing on there???"...I would be all like "pfffft, I don't know, it must have been recorded by mistake!".  But finally I had to admit to him that although I know these shows are ridiculously staged and super cheesy...I just can't help but watch them.  It's like car crash tv and I just can't look away.  The new show on my radar is one I've heard about that starts on Sunday night called 'The Only Way is Essex' which is supposed to be like a UK version of The Hills:

By the looks of the show's trailer, I would assume that all the 'characters' in the new show will be stereotypical Essex cliches and not representative of what Essex folk are REALLY like!  BUT they need to create entertainment I guess so the fake tan, bling, drama queens and pretty boys are the order of the day.  I'm looking forward to seeing if this is going to be as annoyingly addictive as the likes of Jersey Shore and The Hills. 

Also, the new series of America's Next Top Model starts on Monday...let the makeovers, bitch fights and catwalk falls commence!

3) I am in LOVE with these sheepskin trim boots from New Look.  They will be perfect to go with skinny jeans and black leggings during the winter! I actually prefer winter fashion because there's more opportunity to layer stuff up and wear more things at once.  They're only £34.99 so I'm gonna pick me up a pair next week.  You gotta love the highstreet!

4) My fourth happy moment this week was seeing this video of Miscka the talking husky...she has a YouTube channel all of her own.  Watching this type of thing just makes me want a dog even more! I guarantee this will make you smile/laugh if you are a dog lover...

1) While everyone is out enjoying themselves tonight, I will be grouting our newly tiled kitchen floor...exciting! It took me 40 mins to do a 2ft squared area, so it could take me all night to finish it! Chris laid all the tiles a couple of days ago but he has developed a bad back (old man jokes weren't taken well) so I stupidly offered to finish the job!  I may regret that act of kindness...

2) You really know you have entered into the Autumn months when you get a horrible cold.  I woke up yesterday and it felt like I had swallowed a dozen razorblades! My throat is all swollen and is generally killing me! I am lemsipping it up at the moment in the hope that the cold will disappear before tomorrow night...the 80's themed fancy dress party! Don't worry, I will post pics of me looking silly in my Jem costume! I can't wait to let my hair down after the stressful week I've had.  We'll be playing musical jems such as the following...


  1. So so glad to hear that your Dad is on the mend. I have had the lergie all week too, not nice but feelin a loot better now, hope you do too. Have a great time at your party. xxx

  2. Hey there, thanks so much for the kind comment, you leave alot of comments for me and I really appreciate the fact that you like my blog :)

  3. YAY for daddy Liparazzi!! :)))))))
    So glad he is getting better. My step dad has 2 stents in his heart and alls going smoothly.. hopefully youll notice him back to normal in no time at all!! :))) xx

  4. @Tali - Yeah I feel like a burden has been lifted now! I think he will recover quite quickly as long as he doesn't try and do too much. he was used to doing sit ups, weights and pull ups every day but he won't be able to do that for a long time!

  5. I am so glad your dad is doing better, I have no idea why but your blog posts weren't showing up on my google reader so I didn't even realise - I am so sorry that happened to him and hope he is back to normal (well you know) soon xxx

  6. Hi - Just came across your blog and it's great! Sorry to hear your dad was unwell, but glad he is doing better. I soooo love those boots from New Look, tho I won't be allowed to wear them as I'll be way taller than my OH! lol... Love the clip of the dog - so cute! I have a puppy - he doesn't quite talk to us like that but he does make funny noises!!

  7. I've just looked at the Guru Gossip site and I'm shocked and disgusted. I didn't realise such a site existed until your post. I can't believe someone set the site up and that people actually waste their time writing on it. All that matters is the people that do you like your blog anyway :) xx


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