Thursday, 4 November 2010

Could This Be The Answer To Voluminous Hair???

Because I have very fine hair, I'm always on the look out for products or appliances that can offer a helping hand to make my hair look full and lustrous.  I spotted an advert for the first time on TV today for the Babyliss Root's an ingenious device that crimps your hair JUST at the roots to create all the volume of back-combing without the frizz or tangled hair!  How amazing does that sound!? I would never have thought of crimping my roots to create volume but it sounds like the perfect way to boost your hair in a quick and easy manner.  I'm not sure how long this product has been around for but I've certainly never seen it before.

Apparently the Root Boost has three heat settings depending on the thickness of your hair, it heats up to 200oC and has the all important auto shut off.  I think we have all experienced the panicky feeling when we head out..."did I switch off my hair straighteners????".  The Babyliss Root Boost is priced at around £29.99 which I think is a decent amount of money if it can live up to it's claims.

On checking reviews, it seems to have had a great write up with girls saying that you can straighten your hair to create super smoothness and shine, then use the Root Boost to create the volume you need to stop your hair falling flat...sounds pretty darn perfecto to me!

I am really tempted to go out and get me some va-va-volume but I thought I would check on here first to see if anyone had tried it out already? If so, gimme all the deets! I am dying to know if it works because it could be the answer to my hair prayers!


  1. Hi there hun! Newbie blogger, 1st time commenting! Love your blog hun! :) ooo I saw the ad for this tonight too! I like yourself am always looking for a quick, easy way to get lovely volumized hair. I have a pair of tresseme tongs that have a crimping attachment as well. The 1st time I used it my hair almost doubled in volume & the finished result was great & really soft too. But then I crimped all of my hairs ;) But watching the ad has deffo made me wanna grab those crimpers again & give it ago! Will hopefully post about it when I do!!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  2. like you ive been tempted to get these! but have to wait to pay day =[ xxx

  3. I bought it off amazon a few weeks ago, it's ok but don't expect tooooo much!
    You will need to hairspray the hair before crimping, otherwise it wont hold too well, in my opinion, its not really worth it but it could be my hair type i guess! xx

  4. Yes I have it and it is good for a bit of oomph but its hard to get the crimps to stop poking out from underneath if you have thinner hair!! not a good loook! xx

  5. I suppose it's a good idea in theory, but I wouldn't like the idea of concentrating any heat on the roots of my hair, surely the healthiest part!

  6. @Aysh - thanks very much!Glad to have you on board :) I'm tempted to have a go with this applicance but thought I would get some thoughts on it first!

    @Sammiebbz* - Let me know if you get one!

    @Tabitha Sheridan - Awww that's a bit disappointing...that's what I was worried about because nothing stays put in my hair :(

    @Holly - Yeah I was thinking that you would have to be very careful about the top layers of the hair to stop it showing through.

    @Andrea - I would only be using it on my hair every so often, not every day so I think as long as you really look after your hair, then it would be fine. I try not to use heated appliances on my hair very often to avoid damage. You're right though, some things are good in theory but don't work in practice so i will gather some more opinions/reviews, then decide whether to get it

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  8. I've had my eye on this for the last couple of weeks after buying the Babyliss Big Hair (LOVE!!!!). I did a post on this the other day here:
    I really want to try the root boost! It seems like it will WORK.

    Bryden x

  9. @Miss Bryden - I checked out your post...LOVE the look of the Babyliss Big Hair. I'm always looking for things that will give my hair volume so this could be really helpful! Thanks! x

  10. Ooh love the look of this...I get my hair chemically straightened which makes the lengths lovely & smooth but the roots a bit flat. This might be a fab way to inject some selective volume back in!!! (As you can tell I'm never content with my hair!!)

  11. Hi Can you plz tell me that it would also straight my hairs???? It would work as straightener as well? I have this with me now but want to know because i want to use it as straightener . Can I


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