Thursday, 25 November 2010

Makeup Crush: Christina Aguilera

There was a time when I NEVER thought I would look to Christina Aguilera for makeup inspiration...yes I think we all remember the Dirrrty and leather chap days:

It was all patchy, orange tan and overdone eyes in those years but over time she mended her makeup ways and found her style more in retro, classic looks that mimicked the likes of Marilyn Monroe.

I am absolutely love, love, LOVING this photoshoot from the December 2010 issue of InStyle...from the white blonde braid to the gorgeous brown, exaggerated cat eyes...

Although I would never go platinum, I think she works the look well and the tone of her skin looks great too.  There's something a little bit Bardot about this look but with an avant garde twist to the hair...

It's a sexy look but not so 'in-your-face' as her early years...proof that less really is more!  Christina is a really attractive girl and I prefer it when her features are accentuated by makeup rather than covered up with it.

Wanna see the photoshoot in action? Here's a cool little 'behind-the-scenes' vid....

Also, I just wanted to share with you that I am officially OBSESSED with Strictly Come Dancing this year.  I didn't really watch it much last year but I'm loving Kara Tointon and Scott Maslen as well.  I think I just have this girly desire to wear one of those sparkly dresses, have all the glam makeup and hair and be twirled around the dancefloor by a handsome guy!  I am in awe of how amazing Kara was on Saturday night, she really does lok like a professional and she seems like such a nice girl too...

On yet another note, don't worry, I'm almost finished this post...I love that song, 'Cry Me A River' dramatic and passionate!  I had it playing on my iPod yesterday when I was cleaning the house and I found myself singing along and doing some pretty snazzy moves! Geek? Yes I am, thank you very much :)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who is stuck to the couch every Saturday night to watch the glitter, glam and cheese that is Strictly?


  1. She definitely looks a lot better these days! She really suits retro make up, her features are perfect for it.

    I love Strictly too! Matt and Pamela were my favourites on Saturday. x

  2. I think she's fantastic in everyway. I have big Christina love!

  3. I love Christina too, thanks for sharing these pics! :)

  4. i love christinas makeup style especially in the new cabaret music vid she has done :)

  5. Strictly is amazing! I find myself tussling with quite an enormous crush on Gavin Henson. Amazeballs. xxx

  6. @charmed-chick - oh I haven't seen the cabaret music vid yet!

    @Sarah F - Hmmm, can't say I have a crush on Gavin. I would get annoyed of a guy nicking my fake tan all the x

  7. I've always loved christina but she looks even more amazing in the new photos, gorgeous xxx

  8. This makes me want platinum blonde hair instead of my dark brown locks! Ahh if only! xx


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