Friday, 12 November 2010

Makeup Crush: Olivia Wilde

So why do I like this look? Well, that's easy! Because the brown sultry hues make Olivia's eyes look incredible! I love the way that brown shadows make blue eyes look completely piercing and vivid.  You could easily get this effect by using something like Mac Satin Taupe e/s or the Dior 5 Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Reflections that I posted about earlier this week.  I am officially obsessed with that palette and I really need to get a FOTD posted using that.

I love the creamy, glowy skin, the softly sculpted cheeks, the strong brows and the black liner.  I think a teeny bit of black shadow has been used to slightly intensify the outer corners and there's a hint of a highlight in the inner corners.

I know it's ANOTHER smokey eye with a nude lip but I thought this deserved a special mention!  What can I say...I like what I like!

I also wanted to post a quick review on the relatively new blush by Nars called Sex Appeal.  I really like their blush in Deep Throat and I had visions of this blush being a gorgeous soft peach making a perfect partner of golden skin.  My favourite blushes have always been peach toned because I find it's the most flattering shade on my skin tone.

However, I was disappointed to see how pale and powdery it looked in the pan and I could tell right away that it wasn't going to show up on my skin.  I'm not really a fan of completely matte blush because it looks far too flat on my face and doesn't add any dimension.  For reference, I like my skin to look softly matte but with a glow.

The shade of the Sex Appeal blush is so pale that even those with the fairest of skins would struggle to make it visible on their cheeks.  Also, because it is matte and rather powdery, it seems to sit on top of the skin, clinging to and highlighting the fine, downy hair we all have on our faces...not pretty.

I much prefer my Benefit Coralista for a natural look or my Korres blushes for slightly more pigmentation.  I just can't make this work for me and I'm disappointed about that but such is life!

Have you tried this blush? What did you think?


  1. She is soo gorgeous :) Every time I try smokey eye I feel like it does not suit me but when I see pics of others I think WOWWW :)

  2. Maybe you can use this blush as an eyeshadow. So that way it isn't complete waste of money. Other thing you can try to do is brake it into pieces and mix it with clear nailpolish in order to make your own color. Nars things are rather expensive (for me anyway) so I'd try to use it somehow.

  3. @Tugba - It looks amazing on her, but you could try a softer smokey eye and just take the colour underneath a quarter of your lower lid...that way it wouldn't be too dark

    @Laura - yeah it can be gutting when you spend money on a product then realise you aren't that keen on it. Thanks for the great suggestions on how to use it :) xxx

  4. I am liking brown eyemake up at the moment too!
    Thanks for the review of Sex Appeal I was curious about it but now seeing it, it will be too light for my skin tone. Thank you! Gloria x x x

  5. It's too bad about this blush. I find it odd for NARS to come out with this kind of blush that doesn't seem to work for anyone. Usually I've found their blushes to be the best! Hope you are well -- I've been reading but bad at commenting lately!


  6. I actually wore something similar to this today! There was a good Pixiwoo vid on YT that inspired me. Unfortunately my skin is having a total winter melt-down (spots, flakiness, super oily t-zone that's making my foundation slide off by lunchtime etc) at the mo which has left me feeling rubbish despite the pretty eye-shadow!


  7. I would kill to look like her. For some reason I love brown smokey eyes on everyone else bar me, it never looks right. How about using the blush as a highlighter?? Love your blog xxx

  8. beautiful but i looked at it too in the shop to buy and walked away, way too pale!! x


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