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FOTD and a Nars e/s Review

I went to the cinema last night with some friends to see Love And Other Drugs and I must say that it has definitely fuelled my well established crush on Jake Gyllenhaal! The fact that he spends most of the film semi-naked is worth the entry fee alone! ha ha.  I'm generally not a romcom kinda girl because more often than not, they are VERY corny but I made an exception for the delicious Jake.  This is more a drama mixed with romcom anyway as there are more serious points to the film relating to Parkinson's disease.

I wanted to try out a couple of new eyeshadows so I just did a quick neutral eye with a bit more depth to it.  Does anyone else notice when they take pictures of themselves for their blog that the photos seem to show up things you would never notice in the flesh?! For instance, I thought I had completely plucked under my brows, then on closer inspection of the photos I took, I noticed hairs remaining! Very annoying.  Plus the pics always seem to highlight the very slight blonde downy hair I have on my upper lip.  I blame the flash! lol.

Face: The Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer no.2, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Fresco), Bobbi Brown Corrector (Light to Medium Bisque), Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation in Light to Medium (used as a concealer), YSL Poudre Sur Mesure Semi Loose Powder Natural Radiance (Amber), Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder (Sunglow Warm), Nars Deepthroat Blush, Nars Albatross Highlighter.

Eyes: Benefit Creaselss Cream Eyeshadow (Birthday Suit), Nars Nepal e/s (all over lid), Too Faced Honey Pot e/s on inner quarter of eye, Nars Albatross on browbone, Too Faced Cocoa Puff e/s on crease and outer half of eye, Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner in Onyx (along top lashline), Nars Nightclubbing e/s along lashline, Benefit High Brow pencil (along waterline), Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara, Benefit Brows a-go-go Palette. 

Lips: Mac Shy Girl lipstick, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss (Satin Peach)

My eyelashes are mega long at the moment because I have started using Revitalash eyelash growth treatment again after taking a wee break for a month or so.  I have had the same tube for about a year and a half and it's still going! This stuff is amazing and it always makes my lashes grow really long, so much so that alot of people start asking if I'm wearing false lashes! I'm crap at putting false lashes so the next best thing is using this product and then I don't have to contend with lashes peeling off my eye or irritating me.  They just NEVER feel comfortable on my eyes, I'm so aware of them, I just want to rip them off.  Revitalash works great for me and it produces results really quickly when you apply it every night.  I usually notice alot of growth within about 10 days-2 weeks.  The fact that it lasts so long makes it worth the money.  The link above is for a website that is selling it at cut price, I'm assuming this is due to them having to compete with a few cheaper versions hitting the market.  I haven't noticed any weird side effects with this product so I am going to carry on using it.

I wanted to do something slightly different with my hair and I remembered I had my Babyliss braided headband in the drawer so I backcombed the crown slightly, popped the hairband on and pinned it in place with kirby pins.  You have to do that or the headband will keep sliding off...or maybe I just have a funny shaped head!

The new Nars eyeshadows I used were Nepal and Nightclubbing as detailed above.  Nepal is a rose shade with shimmer and Nightclubbing is black with gold pearls and is part of the Nightlife Collection. 

Nepal is a brilliant all over lid colour to act as a starting block for a more intense look or simply as an easy wash on colour for daytime.  It doesn't look spectacular in the pan but it has a lovely sheen to it when applied to the lid.  It's finely milled and looks smooth on the lid.  I wouldn't say it's as buttery as the Sleek eyeshadows but it's not overly powdery and doesn't have any gritty, glittery particles in it.

Nightclubbing is a super pigmented shade and you only need to dab your brush lightly in it to pick up the colour.  It almost has an olive green tone to it...I'm guessing since it has the gold particles in it and we all know that black and yellow mixed together creates olive/khaki tones.  It's an eyeshadow that plays tricks with your eyes and can look different depending on which angle you look at it.  The gold pearl really picks up the light when on your lid and it works really well when applied over eyeliner because it gives it extra dimension.  This would be amazing used as part of a heavier smokey eye because you hardly get any fall out.

I really like both of these eyeshadows and they are both very easy to use, easy to blend and very flattering.  I wore the Nars nail polish in Full Metal Jacket (a gunmetal grey) and I absolutely love this colour!

I'm a sucker for anything metallic and although I'm not normally one to wear anything but pink/natural shades on my nails, this nail polish has a shimmer/shine to it that just makes it look gorgeous.

This shade looks really sophisticated and it's a nice change from the usual shades I wear on a day to day basis.  You need two coats to get the full effect and I was impressed at how quickly the polish dried...I hate waiting around and not being able to touch anything!  Look, the colour even matches my new cushions.ha ha...

This was the first Nars nail polish I have ever tried so I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of performance, but I have to say that I really like it.  I will let you guys know how it does on the longevity stakes in a future post.

Have you tried any of these Nars products?  What were your thoughts? Have you been to see Love And Other Drugs yet?


  1. absolutely love the neutral eye! i only wish they would do these braided headbands in my hair colour :(

  2. Yah! A fellow Aberdonian! Thanks for the could always try buying the blonde one and trying to dye it with a home dye kit? Although the hair is synthetic I think so I'm not sure how well it dyes?

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  4. That nail polish is gorgeous - i've yet to try any of Nars' nail polish but i think i'll have a little look after reading this :)

    Also loving how Nightclubbing look on you but i hvae to be v carrful with anything that has a goldy tone as they can make me look ridiculous! Think i'm jus too pale and too cool toned, shame.


  5. gorgeous eyeshadow, and wow that foundation looks flawless. I need to get it ;) xoxo

  6. you look gorgeous.. i love the makeup look - very fresh and pretty :) xx

  7. Nepal is one of my favourite eyeshadows and I love that nail polish on you! The FOTD is very pretty and luminescent, a great look.

  8. Gorgeous eyeshadows & gorgeous Jake!! I've also just taken some EOTD pics & have the same stray eyebrow issues as well as random freckle on my lower waterline...weeeird!

  9. I have never really bought any Nars products, but your look has made me want those colours. Gorgeous, so glowy and nice. I really want to watch that film, ake Gyllenhaal is so cute :)

  10. love that nail polish! gorgeous neutral look on you!

  11. gorguz make up look hun :) I don't actually own any NARS products, but seeing this has made me wanna try badly! Hehe your a bad influence on me Laura! ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  12. I had completely looked over the Nars polish, but after seeing how gorgy it looks on you, I want to get a bottle for myself!!

  13. I absolutely adore all of the items you purchased :)

  14. That polish SO suits your skin tone! Looks fab on you hun! x

    I totally want to see that film... must find someone to drag along...

    Hope you had a great weekend x

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  15. Wow, you look absolutely stunning! I pushed me to give in and purchase Double Wear! And Nepal's on my wish list now, too. Blast! ;)


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