Sunday, 16 January 2011

Liparazzi's Favourites: Estee Lauder

Once again, I wanted to share with you, my thoughts on what is really worth buying from a particular brand.  This week it's Estee Lauder.

I've made no secret of the fact that I am a big fan of alot of Estee Lauder products.  I know that EL isn't the hippest or coolest makeup brand and their ad campaigns are generally designed to appeal to the more mature woman.  However, do not let this put you off trying their products because, believe me, I use a number of their products EVERY single day and there's a couple that are 100% holy grail.  

My absolute favourite foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear.  I depend on this foundation so much and it is yet to let me down.  I always apply it with my fingers, using very small amounts because I have noticed that it can look too heavy when you use a foundation brush.  I wore this foundation on my wedding day because it's the only product I could rely on to last all day and keep my skin looking flawless.  Alot of people complain that this foundation can pale out your complexion in photographs but that doesn't seem to happen to me.  You have seen my wedding pics so you can judge for yourself how it photographs.  It could be to do with the fact that I only apply a very thin layer with my fingertips.  Maybe when you apply it with a foundation brush, it layers the product too thick and then the SPF ingredient causes the problem?

 I highly recommend this foundation for anyone who wants medium to full coverage, without the heavy look on their skin.  I didn't use photosop whatsoever in the pic above and in fact, I never use it to alter my photos because that would defeat the purpose of what I'm trying to do, which is to give a true representation of how the product looks on the skin.  I always get asked what foundation I wear so check this one out!

I honestly couldn't live without EL Maximum Cover Camouflage is a life saver!  This stuff is amazing and I rave about it to anyone who asks my opinion on concealers.  Although it's actually a foundation, it is hands down THE best concealer I have ever used.  This stuff covers anything and everything so it's a real desert island product.  It has been designed to camouflage acne and extreme discolouration so it's extremely pigmented.  I have had awful spots appearing on days when I REALLY didn't want to have to deal with a massive zit.  Fortunately this stuff covers it beautifully so it's like confidence in a little tube.  The Double Wear concealer is fantastic for sealing colour correctors under the eyes and giving just that bit extra coverage to diminish dark circles.  It really does last all day long too.  The Disappear concealer is also great under the eyes but works really well on blemishes too.

EL Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer gives you a super natural, sunkissed glow and because it's a matte formula, it's perfect for daytime.  I only use shimmery bronzers at night time when the light is more forgiving!  You get loads of product for your money and the brush you get with it is actually something you can use, unlike most free applicators.  This bronzer has good longevity and it's very easy to blend into the skin.  The thing I like most about the Soft Matte Bronzer is that it never looks cakey, muddy or orange.  It has a slight mauve undertone so you can be safe in the knowledge that it will never look anything but great on your skin.

I use these two brushes every single day in my makeup routine.  The Powder brush is brilliant for bronzer because it picks up JUST the right amount of product.  The bristles are soft and it cleans well without shedding.  My pet hate is getting makeup brush hairs all over my face! Argh! The Blending brush is absolutely perfect for applying Benfit Powderflage under the eye to set your concealer in place.  It's super duper soft and never feels scratchy on the delicate skin around the eye area. 

I like my liquid eyeliners to last all day long so I always look for really good formulas.  The Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliners are fantastic and they just don't move once applied.  I have the Black, Brown and Bronze shades and I love all three of them.  The eyeliners dry with a sheen to them so they won't be for you if you prefer the matte liquid liners.  They have felt tip style applicators which I prefer because brushes can splay out and cause mess and it's easier to make mistakes.

I also love the Double Wear pencil eyeliners, especially in Onyx, Bronze and Black Plum...gorgeous!  Onyx is the most intense black eyeliner I have ever used so it's perfect for creating more dramatic eye looks.  The smudgers on the end of the pencils are great for blending the liner out or just tidying it up.  Once applied, these pencil liners really stay put and I never feel like I have to re-apply them during the day.  Black Plum is the most amazing metallic purple's very unique! 

When I want to wear a bold lipstick, these EL Double Wear lipliners are the best base for a vivid hue.  They are really easy to use, creamy and extremely well pigmented.  The best thing is that they really do what they say...stay put all night.  Even when my lipstick starts to wear off, the lipliner underneath ensures that my lip colour doesn't look patchy.  The little lip brush at the other end of the pencil is very handy when you are on the go because you can pop the lip pencil and liptsick in your bag and you can have perfect lips all day and night.  My favourite shades are Tea Rose and Pink.

You will have heard me raving about EL Pure Colour Lipstick in Vanilla Truffle because it is the perfect nude shade.  The formulation is fantastic, creamy and it doesn't dry out your lips.  I also love the Pure Crystal lipstick in Crystal Baby, a slightly darker, shinier nude shade.  If you like your nude lipsticks, then you HAVE to check these out!

The Daywear Plus Sheer Tint Release Formula is a brilliant product for those days when you wake and realise there is no colour in your face whatsoever and you just look drained and ill.  This moisturiser has a genius formula that starts off as a pale green, thick cream and once it is blended into the skin, it transforms into the PERFECT brightening shade for your complexion.  It adds just the right amount of colour to your face so you look natural, healthy and well rested.  This product is basically a tinted moisturiser that is great to take with you on holiday for those days when you feel like foundation would be too heavy.  It also has an SPF of 15.  I adore the normal Daywear moisturiser but this product takes it a step further.

I used the EL Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector on my wedding day to give my skin a natural radiance and ensure my complexion was even.  This is a brilliant primer for your foundation, it sinks into the skin without leaving any residue so it won't interfere with the blending of your foundation either.  The thing I really like about this illuminator is that it shows through your foundation without making your skin look shimmery or glittery.  It just translates as a beautiful glow in your complexion.  You only need a very small amount so it also lasts for ages.

I can't get enough of the EL Bronze Goddess Self Tanning products at the moment.  They give the perfect kind of colour for this time of year.  I often feel that St Tropez and Xen Tan, which I normally use, can make me go too dark.  In Spring, you want a golden glow but not a full on dark tan because that can actually look heavy and ageing on the skin.  I don't like it when girl's go so dark that you can't see the texture of the skin anymore.  These self tanning products ensure that you look slightly sunkissed but with a freshness.  I love the summery fragrance these self tanners have and I don't notice the biscuit smell you can sometimes get.  The self tanner for the face is great because it's light, easily absorbed and it never breaks me out.  The self tanning milk for the body gets an A+ from me because it dries so one wants to hang around waiting for fake tan to finally absorb!  I just love the way it makes my skin look...golden, glowy and even.  This stuff never streaks or goes patchy.  It fades in a very even way which is a must when I'm buying fake tan.

I heard a mix of two different songs this weekend...probably the most unlikely comination EVER.  It's Swedish House Mafia vs. Marvin Gaye!  I love both of these songs individually and I would have never thought to mix them together.  I like it when different genres of music are thrown together...and it's a rockin song to get you in the mood for partying!


  1. Estee Lauder is over-looked sometimes because of it's 'old' image which is a shame. Those eye pencils look great. My fave product of theirs is the Advanced Night Repair, it is amazing!

  2. We love a lot of the same EL products it seems. I purchased the doublewear foundation after seeing it on your wedding make-up post and I LOVE it, I will def be wearing it on my wedding day. I know it wasn't an EL product but I remember you wore some kind or primer also, maybe Clarins? Would you rec this too? i have a few visible pores on my cheeks and I wondered if a promer would help but I've never really experimented in this area.


  3. EL has to be my most loved brand, their products are amazing snd i reach for them withpput question every day!! i must get the disappear smoothing one next xx

  4. Great post, i love Estee Lauder makeup, it's my favorite! :-)

  5. LOVE this post. I always wanted vanilla truffle but they dont stock by name but my number and the EL assistants at my local are too thick & lazy to actually look at the names to make the sale. I am a huge fan of the daywear moisturisers! Tinted and normal. Hate the smell but love the look!!!! xx

  6. I LOVE Estee Lauder!
    I use Double Wear and Ive just used up a bottle, maybe the first makeup Ive ever used up, apart from a few mascaras and lipbalm!
    That Black Plum pencil looks absolutely gorgeous I have to go check that out!

    Sometimes I feel readers of my blog are sick of me rambling on about Estee Lauder!

  7. @Shameera@MyFrostedWorld - I love the advanced night repair too...I probably should have included it but I ran out last week! Thanks for your comment :) x

    @loveaudrey - Aww, that's so great that you love Dougle Wear foundation. My two favourite primers to reduce the appearance of pores are Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch and Loreal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer. They are both really great products!

    @Holly - It was because of you that I started using the Max Cover foundation as a concealer! So thank you for that amazing tip off! People can be so down on EL but I personally think their products are fantastic.

    @makeupjelena - Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post xx

    @Tali - That's very annoying when you get unhelpful MUA's who make everything seem like such a big effort! I think the no. for the Vanilla Truffle is 1A0 so it would maybe be an idea to jot that down for next time you're there :)

    @Tea - The foundation is just divine, I couldn't be without it to be honest. The Black Plum pencil is really lovely and so flattering too! I ramble about Estee Lauder all the time too but I really think the brand deserves more recognition in the younger beauty market.

  8. I love this post. I adore EL products as well. I think theyre a grown up MAC version. I dont like Crystal baby though, it has no colour payoff. Its like a bad MAC hue.

  9. @EllysMakeupbag - Glad you liked the post :D ...that's a sham you don't like Crystal Baby...different strokes for different folks I guess. I like the fact it's a bit more sheer. Thanks for the comment :) x

  10. I've never tried EL but my bestie swears by the double wear foundation as her skin is sadly always breaking out but this makes it flawless! I love the look of the Daywear Plus Sheer Tint, will deffo be checking that out :) thanks hun!

    Aysh xoxo

  11. I love EL I recently tried Doublewear Foundation and its my favourite foundation, definitely holy grail for me. Do you use the same shade in the Maximum Coverage as you do in the DW foundation? I've never tried any of the lipsticks so I may have to try Vanilla Truffle. Fab post :) xx

  12. thanks for this! i LOVE the double wear foundation. i never had the full size bottle but was given some samples and i've never had so many compliments on my skin. i love that it never looks cakey on my skin and it stays on forever! i'm always looking for a great concealer, i'm going to have to try out that max cover!

  13. I've wanted to try Double Wear for so long but it just doesn't come light enough! I'm NC15 and the lightest one is far too orange on me. Shame. I love their eyeshadow palettes though, Blue Dahlia was my favourite x

  14. Great post, your skin looks flawless, I would love to try that foundation, looks amazing xxx

  15. I love the foundation, the eye pencils, blushers, bronzers and lipstick. I also love the Day Wear range. The mascaras are good. It is one of my favourite brands. I want to try self tanners because my skin is fair.

  16. @Aysh - You have to try some of their products...I rely on so many of them!

    @Dannii - For the Maximum Cover foundation, I use the Light/Medium shade when I'm not wearing fake tan and the Medium shade when I am.

    @angiepizants - Double Wear is sooooo worth won't even look at other foundations in your collection when you have that.

    @Andrea - That's such a shame they don't make a shade light enough and so annoying for you! It must be hard to find foundations.

    @Jo Woods - Thanks should go try a tester of Double Wear!

    @Mar - Daywear products are brilliant, the moisturiser always sorts my skin out in winter because it's so rich and I love the smell of it. The self tanners are great in my opinion, my skin always goes a really nice colour when I use them.

  17. Your skin looks amazing in the first picture - what shade do you use in the Doublewear Foundation?

    Congratulations on the wedding by the way - your pictures were beautiful! x

  18. @Helen - Thanks! I use Fresco :) xxx

  19. ..I used to have EL foundations and
    they was good..but I really LOVE EL face creams ..

  20. I've just actually rediscovered my ELDW today after not wearing it for a while and wondered why I ever stopped! Not only is it perfect for bad skin days which i've had for the past week, it also gives such a lovely natural looking finish. I've decided to go and buy more in the shade up as my one feels a bit light and thought I might pick some other stuff up and you've given me a couple of ideas.

    On the maximum cover camaflauge make up I was just wondering what it's like on oily skin?

    One of the things I like most about ELDW is the fact that I get a really miniscule amount of oil coming through my pores throughout the day and think the maximum cover might be great for me on days when i'm having really bad skin days but i'd be worried about my skin going oily? If you get a chance i'd love to know.

    Thanks xxx

  21. @ellinelle - Yeah I'm a big fan of their Daywear skin just drinks that stuff up!

    @Sara - I'm glad you rediscovered EL Double Wear. I used to wear it at uni then I experimented by wearing Relon Colorstay but I'm so glad I went back to Double's perfect for me!As for the maximum cover foundation, it was designed to be used on acne prone skin and it's full coverage, long-wearing,waterproof, non-transferable and non-acnegenic. I don't have oily skin but I know people who have acne prone/oily skin and they find it amazing. The best thing about the Max Cover foundation is that the consistency is thin so it doesn't feel like you're packing it on. I wore it when I was in Malaysia at night time and although I was sweating loads (gross I know) my foundation looked great. So that's my take on it....hope this was of some help :) xxx

  22. Yep that's perfect thanks so much for letting me know, it definitely sounds like something I want to invest in. It sounds like it would be amazing to cover up any blemishes if I have a bad breakout.

    I think i'm probably best popping in to get a sample though to test it for the oilyness, but it does sound promising.

    Ty for letting me know :) x

  23. oh so many great EL products!!! i need that double wear foundation and also heard great things about the Day Wear Plus! xo

  24. i LOVE reading your blog, can't wait for your new posts :)
    i'm also a fan of EL..but i'm dissapointed with their pencil eyeliners. they're so hard to work with..too hard for my sensitive eyes. anyway..i'm glad you like them :)

  25. You are spot on with Lauder. They do make some amazing products! The Advanced Night Repair serum is amazing and a must have- I originally dismissed it bc of the ugly brown packaging- silly me! I have been searching for Vanilla Truffle lippie since I saw it on your blog awhile back- have to get my hands on it!

  26. Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your recommendation of double wear. I am going to do my own make up for my July wedding which I am really nervous about and reading your blog has been such a massive help and inspiration.
    I had been to bobbi brown and bought a foundation there but it was dreadful! It was too plae and made me look horrible-it really settled into fine lines pores etc. I went and bought double wear in ecru last night and it is really great. I wanted to ask you what you use to remove it? It is so longwearing I am wondering whether it will come off properly with my normal cleanser!
    Also, Im trying to find a great eyeshadow palette to use for my wedding. I love the colours in too faced 'naked' but i went and had a look at it and I dont think it is as high quality/pigmented as mac, dior etc eyeshadows. What do you think? Is there a good palette you would suggest?
    Thank you so much for your help!!! Fingers crossed I will look OK on the day!! You are my hero!!! xoxox

  27. @stylesweetstyle - That's so exciting that you have your wedding coming up! Congratulations! I'm so glad my blog has been of some help...I remember when I was looking for wedding makeup inspiration and it's hard to know where to start!As for how I remove my foundation...well I wash my face with Dove soap and water, I then take off the remainder of my makeup with a gentle cleanser on a cotton pad. I end my cleansing by applying Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and exfoliate that off with a muslin cloth. That makes sure your skin is squeaky clean without aggravating it too much. As for a great wedding/neutral makeup palette, I would highly recommend either Dior 5 eyeshadow palette in Earth Reflections or also, another good palette would be New CID Cosmetics Eyes Lips & Face palette These eye shadows are all really well pigmented and last really well when applied over a primer/base. Hope this helps! xxx


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