Thursday, 13 January 2011

Review of New CID Cosmetics Palette

I'm a chirpy cheep cheep today because I weighed myself this morning and realised I have lost 2lbs in the last week.  I should think so too!  I have been hard at work at the gym and have been watching what I am eating.  I still have 14lbs to go before I reach my goal but I'm working my way there slowly and steadily.  I have come across a supplement plan from a big brand which may help me burn the fat a little faster and increase my metabolism but more about that in a future post! 

I was also proud of myself tonight for trying a new recipe, Chicken, King Prawn and Chorizo paella with tomato, basil, peppers, onion and paprika.  It tasted SO yummy and it's reasonably low in fat if you keep the portion size sensible (I used a side plate for my dinner tonight).  As long as you keep the chorizo to a minimum, it's a really great meal.

I love eyeshadow palettes because they are so handy for taking with you when you're on your travels.  And the most useful kind? Why a neutral palette of course! This i-shadow quad in 'Laguna' from New CID Cosmetics comes in the most flattering and wearable shades I've seen in a collection of quad palettes.  Every shade, in every quad is something I would wear on a daily basis.  I had never owned any eyeshadows from the brand before so I wasn't sure what the quality would be like.

As you can see, the packaging is clean and quite sleek, although it does feel slightly plasticky so if you're a fan of heavier palettes, then you may be disappointed.  However, since I love to pop these kinds of palettes in a makeup bag when I'm on my travels, it suits me that it's lightweight.  It has a mirror and two small, double-ended applicator, cleverly including a smudger and an angled brush.

The cool-toned 'Laguna' quad is just gorgeous and I was instantly attracted to the combination of pale pink and varying shades of taupe.  The pink, light taupe and medium taupe have the most silver reflects and have a beautiful metallic sheen to them, whilst the darkest taupe is very slightly more matte with a lot less shimmer.  Feast your eyes on these colours...

This is definitely my favourite product I have tried from New CID Cosmetics because it's something I can use everyday.  The three lightest shades are buttery smooth and creamy, whilst the darker one takes a bit more work to build up the colour (as with many other slightly more matte shadows).  I think that's because it's designed to be a flatter colour to apply along the lashline.  Metallic shades don't define the eyes quite as well as more matte colours.  That's my take on it anyway.

I wore all four shades today to create a really lovely neutral eye with a pale pink base.  The shadows are all easy to blend and I love the way they look when the light catches the silver reflects!  The three lighter shades are the most pigmented and the darker taupe shade works better when you wet and angle brush and apply it to the lashline that way.  This palette is priced at £21.50 on the New CID Cosmetics website, but you can get it on feelunique for £18.90 (including delivery) and they deliver free worldwide too!

After posting the pics of Italian model, Bianca Balti in my last 70's trend post, I have developed a massive girl crush on her! I never realised how many ad campaigns she had fronted and I was shocked to read that in her early modelling career, she was initially rejected from a few agencies for being too "plain looking".  What???! I know she doesn't have that unique look that alot of supermodels have nowadays but she has an amazing face and incredibly piercing eyes.  Some women just make you stop and go "wow!" and she is one of them!

This is my favourite pic...

Have you tried any of the products from New CID Cosmetics?  What faces make you stop and say "wow!"?


  1. Wow that palette seems so gorgeous...i love the colours. I think Mila Kunis is stunning, Emma watson too...

  2. She is so so stunning.. and the cats eye in the last pic is fierce on her!

    I stop and say wow for Adriana Lima and this Croatian model called Korina Longin. She was in N'Syncs gone video when she was like 15 and once one of the worlds highest paid models.
    Unfortunately she moved to la got married to a rapper, got fake boobs and now doesn't look like she used to. But when I see old pics of her they make me go WOW. I would kill to look like her back then or adriana!

  3. That palette looks divine, I want! And I think I'm developing a girl crush on Bianca too, she's gorgeous and I love her eyes. The other person that I've got a girl/make-up crush on is Amanda Seyfriend and her huge blue eyes.

    PS: Congrats on your weight loss, well done


  4. I've never tried any New CID but that palette looks really pretty. I bet you'll get loads of use out of it.

    I love the last photo of Bianca x

  5. I LOVE the look of this palette!!! And congrats on the 2lbs!!!

  6. She is beautiful...Her eyes are really piercing. Very fierce as they would say on ANTM! I've got a huge crush on Jennifer Lopez, just everything about her..gorgeous!

  7. That model certainly has everything, from full lips to the most amazing eyes! She's stunning! For me Christy Turlington is absolutely wow! She has such a beautiful sculpted face and I love all her campaigns.

    I have a totally random question btw, what eye makeup are you wearing in your picture on top of your website? I love the gold eyeshadow paired with the pink lips!

  8. @Stasja - If you read this post it tells you everything I wore in that makeup look :) x

  9. Bianca Balti - ever since I saw her I fall for her : ) she is one of my favorite models ever , her beauty is almost unbelievable ..lips , eyes , skin , just everything about her ..especially she blowed me away in her Ermanno Scervino campaign ..
    ..and of course I looove Ginta Lapina , she is from my country and it just feel so good to know she is doing so well almost in every designers catwalk , and YSL adverts ..and of course Miu Miu ..


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