Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Good Times/Bad Times

1) Myself and Chris are planning to go on a long weekend, European city break in March and we are still deciding where to go.  We have both been to Paris, Barcelona and Rome before so they are out.  I have been to Venice and I don't think it's our kind of place really. 

I did think that Berlin might be a cool place to go though and there's apparently loads to do.  I have a few friends that have raved about it after visiting recently.  I really like German culture and I still remember alot of the language from school.  We both like to be active and aren't interested in sitting around all day.  Does anyone have any suggestions of great places to visit?

2) As you will know from my recent posts, I have FINALLY mastered false lashes.  It took me ages to work out that I just can't wear full lashes.  My eyes are much more suited to individual, half or corner lashes because anything near the inner corner of my eyes just impedes my vision, feels uncomfortable and irritates my eyes.  I much prefer the more natural length falsies because they just add the right amount of volume and length without looking too heavy.  I want my eyes to look fresh and wide awake and I feel that the really heavy false lashes just make you look tired.

3) I have been putting off tidying up my wardrobe for absolutely ages in the vain hope that I would open it one day and the fairies had sorted it all for me.  That never happened.  So I got some bin liners and sorted through everything in there.  I had to be quite ruthless about the whole thing and although I had old favourites in there, I had to accept that some of them were well past their best.  Some clothing just has sentimental value to it so it makes it hard to throw it away!  BUT after a couple of hours of being knee-deep in clothes, shoes and bags, I finally finished. 

Chris is going to build me proper wardrobe storage so I am really excited about that!  I'm hoping to get multi-box style shoe storage like the pic above....heaven!  Stay tuned for before and after pics! 

1) Chris has been offshore for the past 14 days and he won't be back until Friday.  He was supposed to come home sooner but the bad weather offshore has meant that all helicopter flights have been put on hold.  It can be really hard being apart for so long because he's my best friend.  I always miss the little things like having our little chat about the day before we go to sleep at night or sitting having dinner together and chatting about what's on TV.  I know that Chris hates being away but at least it's not forever...just until the end of May.

2) I was really saddened to find out that The Gloss Goss blog is no more.  Tali decided to delete her beauty blog and also her fashion blog, Glossy's Wardrobe.  I think there will be ALOT of people who will really miss her posts and hearing about her life in general.  Her blog was my favourite to read because we like alot of the same things and I discovered alot of my favourite products through reading her blog.  I really hope Tali starts up her blog again because it won't be the same without her! 


  1. I love Berlin! One of my best friends from school lived there for a while, so I have been a few times. I think I have done most of the main tourist things. There is a section of the wall you can walk beside, called the east side gallery, the memorial to the murdered jews of europe is very moving and interesting, the dome of the reichstag is fun to climb, and there is loads more to do! If you need any info, give me a shout!

    Anna x

  2. Love this type of posts from you, fell like I know you a bit more :) Me and my bf are apart at the moment too, V-Day was really hard. Hope Chris will be home soon for you. Hugs. Oh and I didn't know about Tali's blog being closed down. Sad!

  3. I love the shoe storage pic, I really need to get my wardrobe sorted x

  4. I live in Hamburg but I've been in Berlin many times. Besides Hamburg, Berlin is the coolest city in Germany because it is very varied, you can go shopping and the people are interesting.
    You have to visit the "Kuhdamm" (popular shopping street), the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charly (, the "Reichstag" etc. and you have to visit one of a large number of cocktail bars.
    Berlin would be definitely a good choice :)
    Nice regards!

  5. I like both - Berlin and Hamburg. Been to both cities quite a few times and there's just so much to do and see. People are friendly and the weather should be nice in March :)
    In fact, I'd live in either Hamburg or Berlin if I could! (and I've been to most countries in Europe :))

  6. Milan is absolutely gorgeous if you go in mild weather (loads of mosquitoes from July-August!) and it's a half hour train drive to Lake Como - which is stunning and you might bump into George Clooney...and amazing food.
    Oh no, The Gloss Goss is gone?! That along with Liparazzi was my bible! Plus it was such a good blog. What a shame x

  7. I agree, Milan is great. I wish Tali comes back, she is one of the reasons why i started blogging and our tastes are similar. Without her and lollipop26 it feels weird.

  8. Oh no, I'm so sad that Tali has deleted her blog! Hope she decides to come back...

    Have you considered a city such as Amsterdam? It's so much more that people give it credit for..beautiful architecture, wonderful museums and yummy frites! LOL I also might recommend Florence, again so lovely...amazing food/gelato, so much to see and do...very romantic. Best, Lisa

  9. @Pink Pom Poms - Thanks so much for the info! Berline is definitely top of the list at the moment.

    @Halifax - Thanks for your comment :) It is hard to be apart but distance just makes the heart grow fonder!

    @Miss LV - I'm hoping that my wardrobe will be alot more organised and make it easier to put outfits together when I can actually see everything!

    @Jule - Thanks so much for all the helpful info! I will look into all of that! xx

    @Miss A - I feel like Germany has had a bad rep for too long and people never think of it as somewhere exciting and cool to go. I have a few friends who loved it though.

    @sophie rosalind - ok I have just added Milan as a possible place to go because it's the only major city in Italy I haven't been to. I would love to visit Lake Como and that could be really romantic too! Thanks :) So sweet that you see my blog as a 'bible', I'm VERY flattered! So sad Tali isn't blogging anymore. I miss her already! xxx

    @Ellysmakeupbag - It does feel weird now they have both gone. Come back!

    @Imc1971 - I have actually been to Amsterdam twice already and Chris has been once. We both love it and you're right, there's so much more to the city than people think! I think we want to go somewhere we have both never been to though. But thanks so much for taking the time to comment :) xxx

  10. Love reading this post. Shocked about Tali, I will really miss both her blogs. Do you know why she decided to stop blogging?


  11. Oh my gosh, Tali is no longer blogging?!?! That's so sad to hear, especially because she (as well as yourself) was one of the amazing bloggers out there who inspired me to start blogging in the 1st place! :( loved her blog!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  12. @loveaudrey - I do know why but I wouldn't like to make it public since I guess she would have posted about it if she wanted everyone to know. Sorry to be cryptic...just trying to respect her privacy :)

    @Aysh - I know, I always read every single post she did so it's rubbish :(

  13. I love Berlin, I've been there a few times now. It's quite cheap for a major european city and there's loads to see and do.

    As well as the usual tourist things (The Reichstag, memorials etc) there's loads of galleries, markets and smaller shops to see. Plus you can get away with having beer and sausages for every meal because it's the German thing to do!


  14. Oh and I was wondering why I have problem logging on theglossgoss, I will miss it a lot

  15. oh i wondered what happened to the gloss goss blog, thats sad.x

  16. Hi Laura, have you thought about going to Krakow? If not, Berlin is a good idea x

  17. @Bryden and Claire - Beer and sausages???Sounds good to me!ha ha

    @Renee - Bring back The Gloss Goss!

    @Sparkle Beauty Blog - I'm living in hope it will be ressurected!

    @Andrea - Hello Andrea :) Yes I have been to Poland before (Warsaw and Krakow) and I really liked it...the people were SO friendly there!

  18. Hi Hun, so good to see such a good blog and from a Scottish girl :) no Mac near by for us, Im Dundee but dads aberdeen :)...I would say Amsterdam, it's another world, somewhere you just have to see! A bit mad but beautiful. Like I said great blog, inspired me to start one :) take care Tasha xxx

  19. Oh oops didn't see about Amsterdam haha, I would say Austria is stunning though, we stayed in a log cabin surrounded by snow, in a hot tub with contest :) xx

  20. Oh my gosh, i say that you should definitely go to Berlin. It's considerably cheaper than other places in germany and it's the capital so there's heaps to do there. The nightlife isn't too shabby either but at the same time it's not busy/dangerous! I say that you should definitely go for it with Berlin, i'm sure you'll fall in love with it just like I did. x

  21. I am so sad about Tali, she was the only blog i checked daily and loved it. I also live in London so would take inspitarion from her about beauty and fitness. Her blog was better than Vogue, HB and Elle put together. I am sure she is a good person and just because she showed that she is fragile it was easy for people to start being nasty to her on some stupid sites. I hope she comes back because I already miss her posts!!!!!!!


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