Thursday, 17 February 2011

Review of Rodial Crash Diet Kit

So I have finally finished the Rodial Crash Diet Kit and, as promised, here are my thoughts on it. As I said in my previous post, this product’s name is misleading as there is no dieting required. The premise behind this kit is to speed up your metabolism, burn fat faster and eliminate any water retention making you feel bloated. This is by NO means a long term solution to feeling and looking slim. However, this kit is especially handy if you have a big event coming up…say a wedding or a prom or even if you just want to look great on the beach on holiday.

Rodial say “Overindulged this holiday season? Need to shift some weight in a hurry? Desperate to squeeze into a dress for that special occasion? Rodial is pleased to introduce the revolutionary crash diet™ KIT: three slimming products in a convenient boxed set to help you achieve your weight-loss goals!”. I do think that Rodial need to rethink the name of the product though as it sends out the wrong message.

I have been taking these supplements for 2 weeks now which consisted of a protein shake, a fat burning drink and a topical body gel. The plan instructs you to take/apply each part of the kit every day for the 2 weeks.

So the burning question is…did it work?...Well, to show whether it DID work, I’ll give you a breakdown of my stats at the start and finish of the weightloss experiment:


Size: 12
Height: 5’7 (obviously this won’t change! I just wanted to give you an idea versus my weight)
Weight: 11st 1lbs
Measurements: 34-31-38
Fat Percentage: 27.9% (normal female range is 21-33%)
Water Percentage: 51.0%


Size: 12
Weight: 10st 10lbs
Measurements: 34-30-37
Fat Percentage: 26.8% (normal female range is 21-33%)
Water Percentage: 49.2%


• No change in dress size
• Loss of 5lbs
• Loss of 1 inch on hips
• Loss of 1 inch on waist
• Fat Percentage dropped by 1.1%
• Water Percentage dropped by 1.8%
Now all that is very well and good but you have to remember that I go to the gym 5 times a week so I would most likely have continued to lose weight regardless. I didn’t drop any dress sizes as claimed in the product blurb. However, my fat percentage did drop a lot quicker than it normally does (I measure it with body fat scales every week). My water percentage also decreased significantly whereas it had always been around the 50-51% mark previously.
So we can deduce from these results that the energy/fat burning drink contained in the kit obviously DID help to achieve the desired result. I applied the body gel every night which claims to help aid drainage of water from the body. I am not totally convinced by this gel, it has to be said. Whether the protein shake worked, well I can’t say. My muscle percentage has increased but I have been doing weights at the gym so that may happen naturally anyway. So that aspect of the kit is inconclusive in my little test.
So what is my final conclusion on the Rodial Crash Diet Kit?
Well, in my opinion, the most useful part of the kit was the fat burning energy drink you take before your gym work out. It gave me LOADS of energy and helped me do that bit extra in my workout. It quite obviously helped me to lose more fat than I normally would in a 2 week period and I felt really slim with no sign of water retention or that bloated feeling. That makes a huge difference to how you feel in general. So I would recommend this part of the kit which you can buy separately if you wish. The Rodial website says you can take 2 a day for a week for ‘express’ results.
However, I do think the whole kit is a hefty price to pay unless you have something REALLY special coming up. For example, I totally would have invested in this kit to take just before my wedding but it’s not something I would just buy on a whim for no reason.  The only part of the kit I could whole heartedly recommend are the energy drink sachets.
If you want long term weight-loss results then the best thing I can advise is a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise. Boring, I know but it’s the most full proof plan of all!


  1. It doesnt sound like its worth it because you lost water weight

  2. I think that's the whole point of the kit though. It's not designed so much to make you lose weight, but to drain excess water from your body. It's like getting one of those spa body wraps where it makes you lose inches for a day or two. It's not permanent but it helps you feel and look better in say, a tight fitting dress.

  3. hmm seems like an awesome quick fix! Would like to try before a special occasion :)

  4. I think your loss was from all your hard work and discipline, not the kit. I think that the kit just helped flush you out so to speak haha!

    Good job on getting healthy, and keep up the good work! I'm rooting for you :-)

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  7. Great review! I've been wondering whether these Crash Diet sticks are all they are cracked up to be. I have the Rodial Skinny Beach sticks and will be trialling them this summer before bikini D-day! Will check out the rest of your blog, it looks lovely!


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  9. Hi Laura, I really enjoyed reading your review! Did you manage to keep the inches off, or did they bounce back as soon as you stopped using crash diet products?

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