Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines & a Long-Wear Lip Product

Hello my lovelies...I hope you all have a lovely, romantic Valentine's night planned.  Unfortunately I will be spending mine alone because my hubby is working offshore until Wednesday (awwwww...*get the violins out*...poor me!).  I kinda feel like Valentines Day has become way too commercial and all about who gets the best/biggest bunch of flowers.  I also don't like the way single people are made to feel so I say make Valentines Day whatever YOU want it to be.  If you and your friends are single...go out or stay in and have a girly night.  If you can't be with your partner, then today just serves as a reminder of how much you love them.

I did tell Chris not to get me anything since I don't need flowers or a card on a specific day of the year to know that he loves me (he did put a ring on it afterall!).  BUT I came home today to find a vase of flowers that had been delivered and left outside my front door....

That's typical of Chris though, he's a big softie at heart and he likes me to know I'm appreciated.  At least we can go out for a romantic meal when he gets back on Wednesday.  The weather offshore hasn't been great so there's talk of flights being delayed.  I have my fingers crossed that he doesn't have to stay longer than planned!

I also wanted to mention a product that really impressed me at the weekend.  I was heading out for a meal with two of my best friends so I wanted to make sure my lipstick stayed put throughout the munching.  I had tried a couple of long-wear lip colours in the past but they always seemed to dry my lips out.  This time, I decided to give Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Lip Duo in Perfect Peach a go...

On the Estee Lauder website, they claim it "wears up to 12 hours—lasts comfortably through meals, drinks, busy days.  Luscious shades won’t kiss off, rub off or fade out.  Apply base shade for long-wearing colour. Wait approximately 2 minutes for colour to set.  Apply glossy topcoat for moisture and shine. Additional topcoat can be applied whenever you want extra shine".

First off, I love the peach shade.  It looked more pink in the tube but when it is applied, the peach colour shows through more as you can see in the following pics...

Just to ensure a smooth application and good finish, I used a wet muslin cloth to exfoliate my lips lightly whilst in the shower.  This just gets rid of any flaky areas on your lips and ensures a smooth base for the long-wear lip colour.  I also applied my Korres Lip Butter while I did my makeup to make sure my lips were well moisturised.  The Double Wear Lip Duo REALLY impressed me with it's lasting power.  It was still very much present after a three course meal and 2 wine spritzers.  When it did come off, that was only because I removed it with my cleanser.  The colour is beautiful because it has a real brightening effect on my complexion and it's a nice way to wear colour without it being too 'in your face'.  I really want to try the Coral shade now!

Finally, since quite a few of you had been asking after the infamous Wolverine, here's a pic of who he will be spending Valentine's night with...

It'll never work out but I don't have the heart to tell him!


  1. I never new EL made such glosses, now i really need to get that one. I am not a fan of glosses, but this colour looks so pretty.

  2. Very cute the pet!!!

    And I love your blog. It is an inspiration for my blog.
    You could visit my blog

  3. I'm in love with Wolverine :)
    And those flowers are so beautiful!

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  5. You look beautiful and glowy in this peach shade.
    And Wolverine is just too much adorable! :D

  6. Aww the flowers are so beautiful! If Chris could kindly have a word with my boyfriend and tell him this is how to behave, that would be great! Lol!

    Wolverine is too cute! More pictures are needed! I loved hearing about when he escaped from his cage. xo

  7. cute post and your hamster:) the lipstick is gorgeous..natural yet sth different

  8. i LOVE that color on you! really... a subtle pop so pretty!


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