Tuesday, 8 March 2011

H&M Lust List

The H&M Spring Accessories catalogue dropped through my door yesterday and brought with it a whole new micro list of lust haves!

I quickly noted the 25% discount advertised on the front of the booklet and for all you H&M fans out there, the code is 9052 and available until 20th March 2011.

I have my beady little ey on the following pieces from the Spring collection...

I love the colour of this dress and one shoulder numbers always flatter my broad shoulder and larger bust by cutting the top half of my body in two.  It's a great length and the layered detail is great for skimming over any less than toned parts of my figure!

I love the simplicity of this dress! I could team it with black tights for a daytime look or glam it up with a skinny sparkly belt and platform heels for night time.

I have been looking for some chunky platforms for the summer and these pale khaki ones could the perfect match for all the floral tea dresses I got recently.

I love delicate little scarves casually knotted around the neck...so Parisian! This scarf called out to me with it's delicate bird print.

I am not usually a massive fan of animal print but this floaty scarf could add a really nice accent to an outfit and at a totally baraginous price too!

I have always been obsessed with turquoise jewellery and it looks especially beautiful against white summery clothing.  So this chunky ring is well and truly in my sights!

I love how delicate the chains are on this nautical-inspired necklace.  The cute charms on it are tiny!

Another statement ring but this time in a pale coral shade...it must be mine!

What has caught your eye in H&M lately?

And my workout song of the week? Well lately I have been busting my ass on the cross trainer to Breakage 'Fighting Fire'.  His real name is James Boyle and he is drum & bass/dubstep producer from London.

What songs have been on repeat on your gym playlist lately?


  1. I love the second dress its gorgeous xxx


  2. my eyes were also caught by that stunning turquoise ring :3

  3. The blue scarf and blue dress are what i want for summer haha. Songs on repeat, or should i say artist is Robyn.

  4. haha i live in germany and i got it today! seems like they send it out the same day ;)

  5. I love their clothes like crazy. I don't dislike anything from them to be honest lol.

  6. LOVE that turquoise ring! But whenever I go into H&M I never find any nice jewellery, I just find tacky junk! Is there some special shelf I am missing?! That khaki dress is quite nice aswell, would be lovely for summer. xx

  7. I love it all - especially the scarves and jewelry! Haven't been to H&M since around Christmas, I should really check it out soon :)

  8. Gorguz picks hun! Am seriously impressed with H&M's collection, so many lovely things that I want! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  9. I received it too last week :D I had quick glance but chucked it away so I'm not tempted to order :D Have bought enough this month. No penny left :(


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