Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Stylewatch: Paris Fashion Week

I don't know about you guys but whenever Fashion Week rolls around, I always find myself watching to see what everyone attending the shows is wearing, as well as what the designers are sending down the catwalk. 

Alot of the time, these looks are more attainable and easily replicated by stuff available on the high street.  They also have a more casual air which makes them perfect for our every day lives where we can't walk around in 5 inch heels all day!

I love getting fashion inspiration from other people and where better to look for inspiration than Paris Fashion Week?  It doesn't have to be a revolutionary new way to wear something but sometimes these images can show you how to layer clothes in a unique way, accessorise slightly differently or show you how to spice up classical pieces.

Whoever said socks and sandals were a fashion no-no hadn't seen them worn like this...

This is one of my favourite looks damn cool!

I want this blazer!

Where do you take your fashion inspiration from? What do you think of Parisian style?


  1. When I went to Paris, i was so disappointed with how everyone was dressed! Your average girl on the street looked terrible. Me and my friend were always being stared at for the way we were dressed, which never gets a second glance here, and we were stopped twice by people wanting to take our photo!

  2. Wow, that must have made you guys feel great! I suppose it depends which area you are in too, like with London or New York...certain areas are more fashionable/stylish than others. I was 19 when I was in Paris and backpacking too so I looked a god-awful sight trudging around.ha ha. I remember thinking...I have to come back one day when I have my nice clothes with me!

  3. I'm Parisian and I'm always shocked when Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world. Other than the super talented designers/fashion industry french people really can't dress. They have a very neutral 'classic' taste - think polonecks, v-necks, suits and trench coats. However we all know very few people can pull polonecks off etc. Whenever I visit family I'm always stared at because I prefer to dress a little more out there.

  4. I like the French style, ofc it depends where you are in Paris, usually in the more posh streets women dress simple but feminine. And i like that. You rarely see the stereotype of the amazingly well dressed french woman like Carrine Roitfeild tho.

  5. Love these outfits you've posted!! :)

  6. I know what Andrea means about not seeing people fashionably dressed in places that you would expect them. When I was in New York I saw one person who I thought was incredibly well dressed and everyone else there was either normal or really not that great! I love Parisian style, its very effortless and always so well put together. xx

  7. I agree with ur comment hun :D It depends which are you are going. Same in London. In some areas people are dressed horrific :D and in some you cant shut your mouth because they look sooo gorgeous :D I still like the parisian style though :D

    Nevertheless, I think people in Sweden are dressed very fashionable. Just look at the swedish blogs :D


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