Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Colour of 2011 And Some Makeup Crushes

Every year, the colour company Pantone announce the colour trend and for 2011 that trend is Honeysuckle, a vibrant orangey, sometimes reddish pink.  The colour has already been seen all over the catwalks and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  It's the perfect shade to help shake off the winter blues and get you in the mood for summer!

I mean, look how incredible it looked in Christian Dior's S/S 2011 show...

And there are more tailored ways to rock Honeysuckle...

Colour trends inevitably filter through to the highstreet and I have seen quite a few pieces that I have found myself lusting over.  The Honeysuckle colour has infiltrated everything from dresses to shoes to accessories so whether you want to wear it head to toe or just as an accent colour in your outfit, there's something for everyone.

I love the simplicity of this dress teamed with tan coloured accessories.  There's something very sleek about this dress which could be left in all it's basic glory or accessorised with a long pendant and/or belt to change the silhouette.

This top would look amazing as a formal work blouse or alternatively as a casual top with summer short and wedges.  The sleeves would be very flattering and the flowy fabric just screams summer!

How cute is this bag?! What an amazing way to add a pop of colour to your outfit, together with texture.  The more I see the colour, the more I fall for it.

I need these shoes in my life! They tick every box for me.  Vibrant colour? Check! Heel? Check! Platform? Check! I adore any shoes that look like they were inspired by the 1940's/1950's platform style.  They are always so comfortable to wear because of the supportive ankle strap.  I HAVE to have these!

A great dress which many options with regards to accessorising.  I love the girly, playful feel to it and the fact that it is structured.  It would give a great shape to the body. 

What do you think of the Honeysuckle colour trend? Have you seen any must have pieces?

I was having a look at the Lisa Eldridge Make Up website today and I was blown away by some of the makeup looks in the gallery.  I really love her work and her YouTube vids are always really informative and helpful.  Here's some of my favourite looks she has created for Glamour Magazine:

Glamour UK (David oldham) 2010

Glamour UK (Robert Erdmann) 2010

Glamour UK (David Oldham) 2011

I was watching The Model Agency again on Channel 4 this week and I just can't get over how stunning 18 year old model, Leomie Anderson is.  She has the most memorising eyes...

When you see her, it's like you're looking at a thoroughbred racehorse because she's incredibly tall (5ft10) but she still wears sky high heels which must take her to about 6ft3.

She was told in the last episode that she was one of only 4 break-out black models in the main catwalk shows.  It's a shame we can't just describe her as one of the break out models though without having to pigeon hole people by race! 

That aside, I just think she has the most achingly beautiful face that just draws you in and she seems like she has her head screwed on because she is determined to finish her education so she has something to fall back on after her modelling career.

Just look at her legs...they go on FOREVER!


  1. Wow the french connection top is pretty awesome! I remember Tali getting some stuff from the summe collection and she didnt like them at all ..i may skip :P

  2. I really love this colour too, the FC blouse is gorgeous! I really need to start thinking about my summer wardrobe!

    Loveaudrey xxx

  3. I've just bought a sheer shirt-dress in that shade, & I'm all over the make up. It's such a lovely colour & very flattering with a tan!

    & I love Leomie! Although I think I'm about as tall as her legs.. (In the context, I don't there's anything wrong with describing her as one of the four black break-out models of the year.)

  4. @Ellysmakeupbag - Yeah I remember that post from Tali too. It's disappointing when some pieces don't live up to your expectations. But don't let that put you off the whole range. I've seen a few of the things in store and they look really nice.

    @loveaudrey - I've been thinking about my summer wardrobe since about Nov last year.ha ha.

    @25FLONDON - All the coral/peachy makeup around at the mo is gorgeous too. loved your recent post on it! That comment about Leomie's legs and your height madxe me laugh!
    As for the comment on black break out models...I just find it weird that people feel the need to specify that. I mean you never hear them saying "these 4 girls are the break-out white girls of the season". They are just described as models.

  5. Love that FC top - so cute and summery!

    Leomie is beauuuuuuutiful!!! Wish my legs were that long and gorgeous!

  6. I love that colous, especially as a matte lipstick shade.You'd really suit a dress in that colour.


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