Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Look, Accessorize & Summer Braided Hair

Remember I said I was lusting after these Topshop coral suede shoes?...

Well, after Sophie Rosalind left me a comment and kindly informed me that they rip your feet apart after one single wear, I decided that I treasure my toes too much to slice them to pieces.  However...fear not my little chicklings because I did indeed find a gorgeous pair of coral court shoes today in New Look using a voucher I found in an old bag that I didn't even know I had! (don't you LOVE it when that happens!):

These shoes are actually surprisingly comfortable, they are REAL suede and they are only £29.99! I think that's an amazing price for real suede shoes.  I also used a coupon that I got in the New Look magazine so they ended up only being £23.00. 

If your discount detectors are tingling then you can claim your New Look 20% discount here or if you have the New Look Magazine delivered to you, it's on page 26. You can just fill out your details and take it to one of their stores.

The shoes are actually slightly brighter than they appear in the pics.  I think I actually prefer these to the TopShop ones now because they are open court shoes so they have a real lengthening effect on your legs.  I will be wearing these beauties tonight and probably dancing the night away so I will report back as to whether they are kind to my tootsies!

I also picked up a gorgeous necklace from Accessorize that will be perfect for summer with a floaty blouse.  I always find it diffucult to walk past that store without having a look inside and I saw about 10 things that I now want!  They are like the perfect summer jewellery store!

Braided hair seems to be making an appearance both on celebs and on the catwalks.  I love the idea of it for summer because it's a more interesting way to keep your hair out of your face when you're at the beach or just trying to keep cool.  There's nothing worse than your hair getting all sweaty and stuck to your forehead!

I think waterfall braiding is particularly pretty so I'm going to give it a go at some point this week and let you guys know how I get on!  I'm not great at doing anything vaguely complicated with my hair so it should be interesting.  So if I manage to do it then that will prove anyone can!

Image courtesy of

I think this hairstyle is so gorgeous and beachy and it would work on wavy or straight hair. I found this tutorial on YouTube which is pretty easy to follow:

I love music from the 60's and early 70's so when I heard The Pierces on Lorraine the other morning, it was right up my street!  They sound (and look) like they should be performing at Woodstock!  I thought their performance on this show was fantastic and I love their melodies.  I know they have had a couple of albums that were released in their native US but I've never heard of them before until now so I will definitely be checking out their other work.


  1. Wow that waterfall braid is so pretty. I just tried it but got in a right muddle. I'd really like to see how you get on :) xo

  2. I love the Waterfall braid...I have been obsessed with side braids and any other type of braids since last summer!! Can't wait to attempt it later :) xoxo

  3. I love braids so much but despite practising and seeing youtube tutorials i cannot make the french braid at all :( The shoes are gorgeous.

  4. gorgeous shoes! wise decision, i may have to get myself a similar pair so I can still wear coral shoes this summer! the topshop ones are looking very decorative in my bedroom, but that's where they'll stay! xxx

  5. i love them both!x coral is definitely my favoutite colour this spring/summer!
    please take a look at my beauty blog, it would mean so much, i havent got any subscribers!x

  6. Lovely shoes!
    I like your blog, I follow you :D

  7. How is it that I am just NOW finding your blog?! I love it!!

    I also love wearing different braids, especially in the summer. I recently found a girl on youtube that does some great tutorials on different kinds of braiding (her youtube name is bebexo if you are interested!).

    Great blog, I'm following =)


  8. I love braids for the summer, I always end up french brading my fringe as its at that annoying stage of being too long to style. Love the shoes, I am also going through a coral phase atm. x

  9. Hi
    I'm a new follower and love your blog!

    I just bought those same coral shoes and can't wait for them to arrive :)



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