Sunday, 1 May 2011

Small Clothes Haul, Nails And Summer Hair

I'm sitting here typing this with only partial sensation in my arms.  What the hell happened to my arms? Well, Tone It Up happened to my arms.  I did one of their routines which features a 'woodchopper' move where you swing a weighted (or exercise) ball from above your head, diagonally across your body, whilst twisting your waist and keeping your feet stationary.  It works your arms, chest, abs and obliques and I can honestly say that no other exercise has floored me like this one does.  I did 3 sets of 15 on each side and you really can feel it working your whole body!

So what was I up to this weekend? Why, basking in the glorious sunshine of course! I hope everyone has also had amazing weather.  I had a few business appointments yesterday but luckily I managed to shoe-horn some shopping on the way.  I am a true multi-tasker!

I picked up this gorgeous butterfly scarf from a shop in Aberdeen called Attic.  The scarf is by a company called Cheeky Budha which I had never heard of before.  Although the scarf itself is almost sheer, it's quite substantial in size which makes it look and feel more expensive.  For the bargainous price of £10.00 I could hardly pass it by.  It just screams summer to me and it's just so pretty!

I was in the mood for metallic on Friday so I grabbed my Nars Full Metal Jacket polish and whacked it on my nails.  I feel like my nails are the perfect length at the moment and I managed to salvage them from the state they were in last week.  Basically I didn't wear latex gloves to apply my John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray to my roots and the hydrogen peroxide in it ruined my nails and split them!  So from now on, I will DEFINITELY be wearing gloves before I even touch the stuff.

I also picked up an amazing Jarlo coral floral summer dress from a shop in Aberdeen called Concept.  I fell in love with the colour as soon as I spotted it!  The special thing about this dress is that the hem gradually darkens to a beautiful red shade...

The bust on the dress is really well structured so it feels very secure when you're wearing it (it also makes my boobs look fake in this pic!ha ha).  On me, it falls just above the knee (I am 5ft7) .  The thing I love about this shade of coral is that it instantly makes me look more tanned and I feel like it looks really nice with blonde hair.

I will probably wear this dress to death during summer because it would be appropriate for both day or night and I could accessorise it with loads of different things to create different looks.  I need to do a little more work on my upper body before summer comes though because I still have a bit of chunk to lose!ha ha.  You know the extra bits you get under your arms where they meet your body? Very annoying but a couple more weeks at the gym and they will be banished!

After featuring this polish on my most lusted after item of the week, I found it on Amazon here for just £7.75!  I absolutely adore this OPI Cajun Shrimp nail polish because it's the PERFECT summer coral shade.  It's not too red or orange or pink.  It's just tropical, juicy and vibrant.  It really compliments medium skintones and brings out a tan beautifully.  I can tell that I will be wearing this non-stop in the summer and just to sweeten the deal, it's a brilliant polish in the respect that it dries quickly and lasts a good few days on your nails.  I highly recommend this!

This is definitely my perfect summer hair look which I created by using Pantene Colour Protect & Smooth Instant Nourishing Spray, Tresemme 24 Hour Volume Root Boost Spray, my Babyliss Conical Wand and Aussie Volume and Gloss Hairspray.  I love the relaxed curls look and it really makes the most of my fine hair that would usually fall pretty flat naturally.  I know I have mentioned it so many times on my blog but I really do think everyone needs a Babyliss Conical Wand because it's so cheap, easy to use and takes no time at all.  You can get one here from Amazon for only £20.53.  I tell everyone I know about it because I really struggled to curl my hair before I got mine.  I kept looking longingly at other girl's bouncy, voluminous hair and wished I could create the same effect on my own.

It takes a while to get used to using the wand but once you get the hang of it, it's easy peasy!  You have to remember to always curl hair AWAY from your face.  That's what will create that flicked back look like I have in the pics above.  It took me a while to work that out!

It's the perfect hair tool to create gorgeous summer hair!

And my most played gym tune of the weekend?
 I LOVE this song!


  1. Im rocking a hot coral pink on my nails. Such a summer colout. I think I have seen pieces by cheeky budha. Such pretty floaty scarf :) I like it. Emma x

  2. I love my conical wand too! Super awkward to get the hang of at first, but now its the quickest look I can do!

  3. I love love love your hair like that!! I bought myself a conical wand after you recommended one to me but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I really want to as your hair looks lovely, does yours stay like that all day or do you find it drops?!
    Also I would love to be able to buy that scarf you bought but I can't see it on their website :-( Do you know of any other way to buy it?! :-) x x

  4. I need a conical wand after seeing your pics!

  5. Wow you look great! I love both the nail polishes, and that dress is lovely. I need to tongue my hair more now :P

  6. @Computergirl - Thanks for your comment :) x

    @Victoria - It can be awkward to start with but if you stick with it, you get the hang of it :)

    @Jen - Thanks!It does take a while to master but just keep practising! I am so much better at using it than I used to be!It might help to watch some tutorials on YouTube to see how people hold them etc.? As long as I spray my hair with hairspray, it stays like that all day. It drops a TINY amount but not much. These pics were taken after a day about town so it lasted for a good 10 hours like that. I had a look online for it too to add a link in my post but couldn't find it. I could always see if they have anymore in the shop for you?

    @Victoria - It's a must-have if you like wavy/curly hair! :) x

    @EllysMakeupbag - Thank you :) I'm just in love with the dress! I can't stop looking at it!hee hee.

  7. you've lost soo much weight congratulations, you look amazing i cant praise you enough. The scarf is gorge too, absolutely beautiful. Still very jealous of the look you've got going on :) x

  8. Hi Laura, thanks for the tips, i'll just keep trying to get the hang of it and watch some tutorials on it :-)
    If you could have a look for that scarf for me that would be amazing!! It would be much appreciated as the scarf is gorgeous and i'd love to get one, obviously I would send you payment in advance for your troubles :-)
    x x

  9. great tips and waauu,you look absolutely amazing! And i really love your scarf,it's so pretty! :)


  10. Your hair looks gorgeous! And im in love with your metallic nail polish! :D

  11. You look amazing in that dress! LOVE the color on you. :)

  12. you look so stunning in that dress! It really is unique, and is so flattering on you! I have trouble with my upper arms and body too - larger chested and broader shoulder-ed girl i am!

    What do you think of jumpsuits? I've seen a Topshop one in the current Look magazine and am tempted to try - but just wondered whether you think they suit you? We have similar body types i think : D

  13. @Roxanne - Thanks!It's a slow process but I'm getting there!

    @Jen - I will have a look next time I'm in town :) x

    @Tjasa - Thanks so much...very sweet of you :)

    @r.alsharif - The Full Metal Jacket nail polish is gorgeous...I love it!

    @Anne - Thank you for the lovely comment :)

    @moodeve - Thanks hun :) Well I pretty much have a short/high waist and long legs. I have tried on jumpsuits before and they tend to just make my waist look even shorter. I think it's because, optically, they cut your body off at the top of your legs as opposed to a dress that flows down and creates the illusion of height and better proportion. You could try them on and they may suit you but they definitely dont suit me. Hope this helps :)

  14. Loving all the corals!! I have one of those hair wands in red, got it xmas before last. I also have fine hair. I wondered if you would maybe do us a step by step on how you use yours to get those lovely curls? I just cannot seem to get the hang of it, so it would be much appreicated!!

  15. @Layna - I have actually just posted a blog on that today funnily enough! A few people had asked for that so I'm happy to oblige :) x

  16. Cajun shrimp is my holy grail opi polish in terms of color and longevity!
    Your legs look endless in that pink dress! HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. @Tali - I love how it brings out my tan and although it's a vibrant colour, it actually seems to just go with everything I wear!Thanks for the compliment :D x

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