Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Update & Some Current Favourite Products

This is my life at the moment.  I have been pinching myself...loving your job this much shouldn't be allowed!  My coffee table is under there somewhere although it has temporarily been obscured by the millions of wedding magazines and books! 

Now that the business website and blog have been launched, I can concentrate on gathering all the necessary suppliers for every aspect of a wedding.  Sorry if I haven't been as present on here, I have just been so busy with work.  But I will try to keep updating my blog as I go.  I don't intend on giving up this blog any time soon!  

Oh and if you haven't liked our Facebook Page and followed us on Twitter, I would love it if you could.  All these things really help the traffic through our website and blog so it would be a massive help if you could take two seconds to do that.

Our business cards and flyers arrived yesterday...

Receiving things like this in the post just makes it all feel more real.  Our aim is to become the most innovative, unique and creative wedding planner in the North East of Scotland.  It feels really nice to be building a future for myself and having so much control about what direction it takes.

So, on to other matters.  My favourite necklace over the past couple of weeks has been this one I got in Oasis when I was in Cork recently.  It's so summery and I'm just in love with the colour!  

My favourite product of the past couple of weeks has been the Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate.  It's described as "Invigorates the body and mind. A rich yet lightweight foam which cleanses gently while helping to tone, firm and energise".

"Aromatic essential oils (Rosewood, Geranium, Mint, Rosemary): fragrance, tone and promote a feeling of well-being.  Cleansing base of plant origin (Coconut): cleanses skin, provides comfort. Extracts of Juniper, Balm, Pine, St. John's Wort, Arnica, Gentian and Witch Hazel: firm and stimulate skin exchanges.Natural water-softening agent".

I have been using this every day for the past two weeks and you can see how little has gone from the 200ml bottle (£17).  You only need a tiny amount of this on a shower puff to get loads of foam.  The fragrance is invigorating and is almost menthol-like (I assume that's the mint) so if you aren't a fan of that type of thing then give this a miss.  I personally love it because it wakes me up in the morning and best of all, the essential oils make my skin feel and look amazing! It cleared up a couple of dry patches I had on my elbows and legs and has made my body beach ready!  Love this stuff and it's well worth every penny.  I will be taking on holiday to Greece to make sure my skin stays hydrated and smooth after days in the blazing sun.

Another miracle product is the Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask which has single handedly blitzed my puffy morning eyes (due to all the late night working).  It's great if you have partied too hard or just had a late night and need to perk up your peepers.  It soothes the whole eye area and the skin is left feeling silky smooth.  It has Rosewater and Apricot extracts hydrate and soften and Rice Starch to tighten and smooth. It's the first thing I reach for when my eyes have that stingy, tired feeling.  It costs £17.95 here for a 30ml tube.

As you know, I like to have a golden tan and I prefer to use self tanning products that are specifically designed for the skin on my face.  The body versions always seem to block my pores and be that teensy bit too dark for that area.  I'm currently loving the lightweight gel formula of the Lancome Flash Bronzer Self Tanner For Face.  I only use 2 pumps for my whole face and neck area because a little goes a long way.  It's one of those tanning products that is so easy to use, you can just slap it on really quickly and not have to worry about being too exact.  It absorbs really quickly leaving no greasy or oily residue on your face.  It turns my face and neck a lovely, subtle golden hue that lasts for 3-4 days.  Highly recommended if you like fuss-free self tanners for your face.  It's £24 for 50ml here.

I will be heading to Loch Lomond for my 1 year wedding anniversary on Friday morning...I can't believe it's been a year since I got married!

Where does the time go??? Anyway, I'll be back on Tuesday so expect a post then about the weekend.

Also, in my usual randomness, I'm loving this song at the moment (it's a great summer tune for loungey weekends)...


  1. Hi Laura,
    Your new cards look gorgeous :)
    My best friend Hannah lives on the Isle of Mull, she's an amazing photographer *google Hannah Morris* Just thought i'd name drop incase you could help each other out?


  2. Congrats on your anniversary AND the new business!! Everything looks amazing so far. Makes me want to get married again! :)
    Love the blue necklace - it's gorgy!

  3. Thanks for the reviews, they are interesting products. I want to try the eye mask and the tanner. How often do you fake tan? Thank you.

  4. yay yay for you Laura!! Super congrats on wedding anniversary and business :) xxx

  5. how long are you in loch lomond for? I'm heading there tomorrow :) happy anniversary! x

  6. WOOW Laura... Really love your blog! It is so versatile! You are very fashionable and stylish!!! I am your new follower. Please check out my blog as well .. Hope you like it :)))


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