Sunday, 28 August 2011

Greece Holiday Picaroos

The weather here in Aberdeen couldn't be more removed from that of Zakynthos but alas I promised some Greece photos and so here they are.  I will put aside my post holiday blues in the name of blogging! 

Our aparthotel (Xenos Kamara Beach) in Argassi had a nice pool that looked out on the beach... 

Since the weather was so hot, I'm very shiny in most of the pics! I battled with it and then gave up because temperatures of 35oC pretty much dictate these things!  We found a great little beachside bar called Fuego Del Mar and it had the same feel as Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza...

We went to a club near Argassi called Barrage and we were assured that's where all the locals go.  This place was amazing! It was mostly an open-air garden type affair with sweeping white sashes draped over our heads with white round lanterns, japanese style garden bridges and white sofas everywhere.

This is my rather attractive dancing face...yes, nothing much more to say about that! Chris wins the face pulling competition though!

We went to Target Bar where they have traditional Greek dancing that you are encouraged forced to join in with.  I got dragged up a couple of times but after jumping around in the heat of the evening, I spent the rest of the night sitting next to the nearest window in the event that I might be forced to dance again and have to jump out of it!

The guys went up for an all male dance (not as weird as it sounds!).  Basically one person kneels down (stick with me here) and then the other guy has to throw his leg over the person's head repeatedly in a circular motion.  Don't know if that makes sense but let me say this...I was REALLY worried one of them was going to get a kick in the face! Not the safest acticity after sampling copious amounts of local homemade wine!

Nathan looked like the karate kid!

We tried to do a few cultural things while we were there and one such day trip was to the mainland to visit Olympia - the birthplace of the Olympics.

The museum there was interesting with loads of statues and monuments restored after been recovered from the temples at Olympia.

A statue of Hermes, the god of travel and boundaries...

Some of the group decided to have a race in the ancient Olympic stadium.  To be honest, I flat out refused to take part because it was a sweltering 37oC that day and there ain't no way I'm running in those temperatures!

We spent a couple of days just chilling out on the beach, flying kites, playing frisbee in the water, sunbathing and generally flinching every time we felt something touching our bodies in the water! I think we spent most of the time trying to freak each other out by pretending there were all kinds of creatures in the sea! 

I'm surprised Chris hasn't formed gills by now because he spent 90% of his time swimming in the sea!  I did go in the water quite a bit but I still suffer from the irrational fear of being swept out to sea!

I didn't want to put too many holidays pics up because it's never as much fun looking at someone else's holiday photographs!


  1. Look like you had fun :) Would love to go to Greece sometime myself :) Dublin (where I went away to) doesn't seem quite as exotic as Greece but maybe next year ;)

  2. Ahh these photos look so nice! I would love to go to greece, it's somewhere i have never been! xxx

  3. So glad you had fun! You look great for it being so hot there!


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