Thursday, 4 August 2011

I'm Back!

Hi everyone!

Profuse apologies for my lack of posting lately...things have just been so busy.  I know I sound like a broken record lately but it's just the way things have been.  Starting a business is no mean feat and it seems to take up a lot of my time.  I was also in Loch Lomond for my one year wedding anniversary and now that I have unpacked and done the obligatory (and dreaded) washing and ironing that follows any trip away, I can finally get back to this blog!

We had a wonderful time in Loch Lomond and the weather was gorgeous! Our only complaint was being bitten alive by midgies (tiny flies) that like to munch on your feet and ankles!

I decided to do a review for my first post back.  I have been trying a really good new self tanning product so I though I may as well offer up a review whilst I'm at it!  It's one of the newest additions to the Xen Tan range, Perfect Blend Custom Self Tan.  Here's the technical blurb:

" an innovative new product in self-application that allows you to choose just the right colour to complement your skin tone and blend flawlessly to create a natural, olive glow. Perfect for fake tan beginners and experienced self-tanners, you can now create your own tan as light or as dark as you like and still have confidence in knowing your colour is customised to match your unique skin tone. Perfect Blend also has a quick dry formulation and contains a deodoriser that locks out self-tan odour, providing a delicious fresh fragrance".


"The secret to this state of the art technology is the dual chamber that holds two separate tan perfecting formulas designed to work together – self-tan on one side and instant bronzer on the other – simply twist the dial to deliver your streak-free instant tan. Now you can achieve the exact shade of tan you require for different occasions, with no more nervousness about whether it might be too dark for you, or not dark enough. The subtle shimmer bronzer also adds depth and long-lasting benefits to the colour and allows you to enhance the contours of your skin, so you can highlight your best features. 

An advanced formula that is easy to apply combined with a luxurious feel on the skin and enriched with a firming complex which leaves skin feeling wonderfully nourished, lifted and firm. We've also included Scent Secure, a breakthrough new ingredient that neutralises any chemical odours and provides a delicious fresh fragrance. Perfect Blend is a multi-tasking product that no beauty bag should be without!"

I have tried this product in every shade along the dial and I have to say that it really impressed me.  By turning the dial to 100% self tan, you can have an opaque white formulation of self tan that won't stain your bed sheets and also absorbs into the skin very quickly.  It developed into a gorgeous golden colour that is slightly lighter than the Xen Tan Deep standard olive toned formulas.  If you are heading out and fancy the immediate effects of a bit of instant bronzer then you can just turn the dial and choose the desired shade.  I also noticed that there wasn't that usual 'biscuity' self-tan odour once it had developed (Perfect Blend includes Xen-Tan's breakthrough product Scent Secure which can be bought separately if desired).

A word of warning when it comes to using the instant tan though.  You must wear a mitt or gloves when applying this as it most definitely stains your hands!  Even the most seasoned self tanners occasionally experience embarrassing incidents through lack of patience or attention (including me, ahem!).  This is a great product to use if you hate faffing around with self tanners.  It's allows speedy application and dries quickly so there's no hanging around.  Within 5 minutes I had donned the old PJ's and headed to bed without any annoying residue or oily feeling on my skin.

The instant tan is also really complimentary rather than being muddy, patchy or just too dark.  It leaves a subtle shimmer on the skin that isn't too glittery or obvious.  When I want to use the tan overnight, obviously I only use the self tan product on it's own though.  I am really happy with the results which have been a very even, natural-looking and glowy tan.  Sometimes using self tanners can give your skin a dull look but not this one.

The coolest thing about this product is that you aren't just getting one product.  You get:

1) A self tanning lotion
2) An instant bronzer
3) Self tan/instant bronzer combo with immediate and lasting results

All in all, a very flexible and convenient product for self tan fans!

You can buy Xen Tan Perfect Blend here for £27.95 with free delivery.

I have a BBQ this Saturday to celebrate my wedding anniversary and the launch of the business so I will be posting on that after the weekend.  I have also made an appointment for next Thursday to get gel nail polish applied for the first time (for my holiday to Greece) so I will be reporting back on that too.

Random song time.  Loving this and the fact the artist is Scottish (we are very proud of our exports!ha ha).


  1. Welcome back :) I look forward to reading your new posts xxx

  2. :) fab post!! you look lovely! I voted for you btw in the Cosmo Blog Awards as you know I LOVE your blog Laura!! xx

  3. I went to Loch Lomond last week, it was so beautiful! Definitely got lucky with the weather :)

  4. @Thanks Amy...feels like I haven't blogged in ages! I need to get back in the saddle and start posting more regularly! It means so much to me that you actually look forward to my posts :) x

    @Holly - Thanks! And thanks so much for voting for me...I didn't even know the Cosmo blog awards had come around again. Appreciate you taking the time to vote :)

    @rachel claire - It was gorgeous wasn't it! The sun was blazing!

  5. You and your honey look gorgeous! My boyfriend and I will be planning a trip to Scotland in a couple of years as we might be moving for work, I'd love to meet up eventually! xo

  6. @Alpha Blonde - Oooh, I don't know if I can wait that long to meet you!ha ha. Would you be moving to Scotland???? Exciting!

  7. Yes, possibly your area, isn't that nuts?! Trust me, I can't wait that long either, I'm getting so stir crazy! lol


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