Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

My mum announced to me yesterday that she got us both THE wedding planner's bag and then proceeded to tell me that this would be our signature bag.  I wasn't sure what she mean by this until I saw the bag itself.

On first sight, this bag is BIG! It's 46.6cm x 30.5cm and my one is purple croc effect with gold effect hardware (my mum's is black).  

The surprise is inside the bag though, because it houses all of the following extras:

1) Removable Laptop Case
2) Detachable Key Fob
3) Power Cord Case
4) Mobile Phone Case
5) Built In Organiser
6) Cosmetic Case
7) Toiletries Case/iPad Case (just so happens it fits an iPad!)
8) Wallet

This bag has EVERYTHING! Even sections to keep documents filed away and prevent them from getting all mashed up.  If you are an organised freak like myself then this bag is perfect...especially given my job as a Wedding Planner.  I can carry around everything I need in the one bag instead of having a laptop carry case AND handbag AND ring binders.

It will even double as an overnight bag or in-flight bag when I go on my travels.

But the best thing about this bag? It only cost £37.92!


  1. That bag is such good value, your mum did well! x

  2. Ah wow that looks like something I could do with. I'd stack it so full tough and probably end up with a pulled muscle or two. Fantastic for business people. I just had a look and its a shame they only come in croc skin style as I think I'd want a different look. Great value though. Does it zip up along the top? xx

  3. I saw that bag and straight a way I thought QVC - It looks a really good bag for getting organised :) good luck with the new venture

  4. wow, i'm a teacher and this bag would be perfect for me as well!!!

  5. Shut up!! All that for less than 40quid? You whaaaaat? <3 it!!

  6. wow! thanks so much for sharing!

  7. What an excellent idea! I'm an organisation freak!x

  8. Where did you get that bag???!!!

  9. Who is the designer of this bag? Where can we find this?


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