Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Essential Mistake

I always make the same mistake.  I buy micro trend items that are flashy and embellished and generally things that have to be carefully styled and put together.  The only problem with doing that is that I forget to get the vital essentials required for a well balanced wardrobe.  In my mind, these are:

A well structured black blazer
A good pair of flattering jeans
A comfy pair of stylish boots
Endless white, black and grey jersey t-shirts
A white blouse/shirt

These staples pretty much form the basis of any good outfit when you think about it.  I basically found myself with a wardrobe full of statement pieces and a lack of garments to form a foundation.

I am currently trying to remedy this annoying habit I have of not buying the plainer and invariably more wearable pieces.  So I thought I would start with a good pair of skinny black jeans for £30 from ASOS, which just arrived today:

Nothing ground-breaking I know, but I know I will wear these to death, no doubt spurring me to buy a back-up pair.  These super-soft skinny jeans are so comfy because they are a mix of cotton, polyester and elastane.  I now have my eye on the bright purple pair of skinny jeans on ASOS:

Dammit! See, you turned your head for one minute and I reverted back to an off-topic item and one which certainly won't be as classical as my black skinnies.  I am beyond help! (I will have them though).

I am on the look out for really soft, good quality jersey v-neck t-shirts but I'm finding it unexpectedly difficult to find any! I thought it would be easy to find such plain, unassuming garments but alas, I am yet to find what I want.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a brand that makes really great quality jersey tops??? If you do, hit me up and let me know!

My thoughts of boring standard, everyday wear drifted to makeup and I found myself casting an eye over my most used eyeshadows in my makeup bag.  We are talking about the kind of shadows that you swiftly sweep over your lids, day after day, and they just work.  Essential make up items are sometimes THE most boring ones to talk about.  My most used eyeshadows and the ones I always come back to are...

I know, I know...EVERYONE has these and there is nothing remarkable about them, except the fact that they can always be relied on to create a natural, subtly polished look.  I use MAC Vanilla e/s on my brow bone every single day and MAC Naked Lunch is the perfect base for pretty much any MAC brown-toned shadow over the top.  Today I wore Naked Lunch all over my lid and Woodwinked in the crease.  I fell in love with Woodwinked all over again.  So when someone asked me about my favourite eyeshadows, sometimes my everyday heros don't get a mention, often being trumped for the more flashy dudes.  But it's about time I started giving them the praise they deserve for being consistently great.  Ok that's enough, before I get emotional about inanimate objects... 

So, in other breaking news, I just ordered my new toy last night...

Is it wrong that I squealed when I clicked the 'Complete Order' button? Yeah? Ok.

I am beyond excited about getting this bad boy! Cue MUCH better pics on my blog, getting click happy taking piccies for my business and generally faffing around taking pics of my mates and annoying them.  It has frustrated and annoyed me for ages that my photos on here usually turn out kinda fuzzy and just pants really.  I can feel a photography obsession coming on....

Oh, and before I forget...whilst in Glasgow, I took a look around Urban Outfitters and spied these two little ditties that I now regret not buying at the time...

I remember turning to my friend at the time and saying "Is it wrong to wear crosses if you aren't religious".ha ha.  

I have made 3 orders at ASOS in the past 8 days...why didn't I order them all at the same time? Well the simple answer is that sometimes I'm a chump!  I blame blogging for my super spending of late...too much inspiration is what I say.  I also may have kinda, sorta placed a Reiss order too...

Righty-oh my lovely readers, I'm off for some much needed R&R after a long day of sourcing decor for our upcoming wedding shows (expect digusting amounts of canon 550D-fuelled updates and snappies!).

Over and out :)


  1. I've always thought your picture quality was pretty good. I am now lusting after these 2 pieces of jewellery, so nice. Hope the new business is going well x

  2. The sideways cross bracelet is lovely. I have to say I need wardrobe basics too- just clearing out some weird purchases and looking for staples x

  3. @stylestyle2010 - I do the best with the camera I have but when I see SLR pics, the quality is so superior.The business is going fantastically well thanks!I'm loving every second of it :D x

    @Computergirl - I need to stock up and quickly...I feel like my whole wardrobe needs a clear out.

  4. I need a new camera myself- mine just bit the dust! It's def okay to wear the cross without being religious- you're just enjoying your right to accessorize, and crosses are beautiful! Love your blog as always

  5. Too funny, I am the exact opposite of you when it comes to clothes...I have SO many basics and just recently this past year and a half have I purchased trendier out-of-the-box pieces. Those jeans look great on you and I think you should def. get the purple ones too. Alexander Wang and Kane make the best basic tees, but if you want something a little cheaper the Triblend tees from American Apparel are fantastic. I must say I am green with envy about your camera! I want a nice camera soooo bad..I'll live vicariously through you until I get one =)

  6. I've been looking at these ASOS jeans too in my search for the perfect black skinnies but have been too scared to buy due to the "supersoft"! I hate it when you buy stretchy jeans and they are baggy around the knees and bum after one wear. Love your blog, looking forward to hearing about all your recent purchases :) x
    ps. american apparel do great jersey tshirts, if slightly over priced...

  7. On this note... i need a blazer. I have none. Your fault therefor if I buy one!

    I love the look of the jeans. You can never have enough basics because lets face it.. basics can be day or night.. dressed down with converse or up with heels and accessories. Other clothing tends to belong to a trend and have a shelf life!!

  8. I love the jewellery, love basics, can't go wrong with some great skinny jeans and a blazer. Have you tried Gap jegging jeans?? the best!! xx

  9. T by Alexander Wang jersey tees are amaaazing and last forever. They're available on net-a-porter :) i have like 7, and 3 of them are 2 years old!!

  10. @Jenn - A friend of mine has it and I have been eyeing it up ever since. Her photos always look amazing so I can't wait to get it now!!!

    @JennySue - Thanks! :) And I'm glad you agree that it's ok to wear crosses...I sometimes feel a bit self conscious when I know someone is religious and I'm sitting there adorned in crosses.ha ha.

    @Alpha Blonde - I agree that I must have the purple ones!They are calling to me!ha ha.What is the sizing like in the American Apparel tees? x

    @Laura - I don't like it when jeans go baggy at the knee/backside either but these are actually fitted enough not to do that. I would say the sizing is pretty spot on.I got a size12 and they fit like a glove (I'm normally a size 12).

    @Tali - I think we are both enablers!ha ha.It's great that we can put the blame on eachother though!

    @Holly - I haven't had a look at the Gap ones but I'm off to just now! Thanks for the heads up :) x

    @Georgie - Had a look on net-a-porter but couldn't see any A Wang tees...have to keep checking. What is the sizing like? x

  11. Where did you get your blue shoes? :) I love them :D I'm the same never having some staple things in my wardrobe! I could in fact be one of the worst offenders :P haha

  12. If you want plain but classic and stylish tees I'd really recommend UniQlo, American Apparel or Hanes. Good quality, basic, but you just can't go wrong! I had this problem too, I try to go plain and classic but then meet up with a fashion clad friend and once again I feel the need to shop for all the latest things!! It's a visious circle!

  13. @Makeup is a girl's best friend - They are from a brand called Rebel Heart. I got them from a store called AB10 in Aberdeen. Not sure if they are available anymore but you could check online?

    @Emily x - Thanks for the recommendations :) x

  14. Ahhh Greece. It's definitely on my "to-travel" list! The view looks beautiful!
    - K



  15. The american apparel tees fit a bit oversized for that 'comfy' look, they come in packs too which is nice!

  16. You can turn the purple ones into classic buy wearing them with plain tops or white shirts :-)


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