Friday, 16 September 2011

My Shoedazzle Experience

As promised, here is an overview of my experience with Shoedazzle.  To read my initial post on the process, click here.

Before I show you what I got from Shoedazzle, I just wanted to make some comments about the pieces available on the Shoedazzle website and the general pros and cons.  I felt like there could have been a lot more choice when it came to viewing my 'showroom' of items that were selected for me based on my answers to various style questions.  It was difficult to get alternative options if you didn't like what came up for you.  They should really make this process easier and more user friendly because most people would tire of searching for how to get alternatives, give up and click the old x at the corner of the screen.

So, in my personal opinion, these are the pros and cons of Shoedazzle:

  • I like the idea of having stylist-chosen pieces on offer
  • The affordable price of everything
  • You can earn Stylepoints by purchasing, inviting friends, etc
  • Your usual style choices are challenged somewhat and open you up to new things
  • The quality and appearance of the item I received was VERY good
  • My bag only took 2 days to be delivered
  • I don't like that you would be automatically charged each month if you forget to skip it
  • The site could be easier to navigate with regards to choosing alternative items in your showroom
  • It was difficult to get an overview of EVERYTHING available on the site
  • A lot of the heels (although I liked them) looked way too high for me :(
  • The site needs to specify heel height/bag size etc and what materials each item is made of to give a true reflection of what the item will look/feel like

So, with all that said...what did I think of the 'Trapani' bag that was delivered yesterday? Well, I can't deny that the bright pink interior of the box very much appealed to me (simple things...).

Shoedazzle also sent a free mock-croc effect bag for all your bits and bobs that often get lost in the bottom of your bigger bags.

I must say that I am really very impressed with the Trapani bag.  I can't find a tag on it anywhere but the upper is definitely made from leather.  The bag is very well constructed and feels sturdy and well made.

I love the bag with it's studded zip tags, knotted straps and metalwork and cross stitch pattern on the sides, which add that extra something.  The bag looks ten times better in real life than it does on the website.

The bag has loads of different compartments and will be perfect for taking along to client/suppler meetings as there more than enough room for my paperwork/iPad/notebooks etc.

So all in all, I'm really happy with what I got and I do think the bag is great quality for £39.95.  I do think there are a few things the brand/website need to improve on to make the whole process easier.  At the moment, I would say that a lot of people wouldn't be comfortable with the automatic payment system.  It would be a better idea to make it a choice as well as the usual payment options.  That way, people would feel more comfortable about shopping on the site without worrying about money being debited from their account and possibly putting them into an overdraft.  I would also like to see the shoes and bags worn on models to gauge the size in relation to a person.

These are the things that would make the shopping experience on Shoedazzle better for me.  Have you tried the site yet? What did you think?


  1. Those are pretty pieces! I keep trying to save but then seeing so many pretty things (doesn't help that I bought most of the latest Chanel Ombre eyeshadows last week)! I'm going to have a look at the site now!

    (P.s. I cant go high high heels very much so tend to go for 1-2") xx

  2. HATE automatic payment systems....they make it out to be like it's going to be super easy to cancel, but then it's terrible..the purse is really cute, it looks like it is good quality!

  3. Bag looks lovely, glad that you're happy with your purchase:)

  4. That bag is gorgeous! I love the little free mock-croc bag too, such a good idea :) xx

  5. Great review and I agree completely. I would have got that bag after your review but I don't want stuff every month and there is no way I would remember to skip it!


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