Monday, 19 September 2011

Neon Blushes, Zara Blazer & My New Bag

I never thought I would I would say that neon blushes are great but, here goes....neon blushes rock. 

More specifically, these particular two TopShop blushes rock.  On first sight these powder blushes look positively day-glo and plain scary.  How could they possible look even close to natural on your cheeks? Well somehow they achieve not only that but they brighten even the dullest complexion.

Pop is my favourite of the two shades and could only be described as a neon peach/coral shade.  There is nothing else in my makeup collection that comes close to looking like this blusher.  It seems to look best on fair/medium-medium complexions and looks amazing combined with Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer powder!

Powdered is a really vibrant barbie/candy pink that is surprisingly wearable but I would say that both shades have to be applied lightly to get a natural look.  I only tap the pan ONCE with my blush brush to get the right amount.  If you do go a bit overboard in the all the neon excitement then you can always blend over the top with your powder brush to mute the colour slightly.

I think these blushes are amazing value for only £6.00 each!  I love the petite and sleek packaging because they are quite small and fit neatly into my makeup bag.

Even the swatches look gorgeous!

This is how Pop looks once applied... 

And Powdered...

See! Totally wearable, radiance-enducing and surprisingly natural!  I have been switching between the two all week and love them more every day.  I think Powdered will be a great winter shade!

After going into Zara last week 'just for a look' (which for me usually means accumulating a whole new list of lust have items), I gave in and got the grey blazer I had fallen in love with on first sight.  I ordered it online and had it delivered into my nearest store.  This proved to be a dangerous plan of action because my simple visit to pick it up meant that I started noticing all the new stock they had just put out.  Damn you Zara and your lovely clothes!

I excitedly skipped home with my purchase and got a little giddy when I saw the bright pink tissue paper which nestled around my new blazer...yes, I am THAT sad (and easily pleased it seems!).

This blazer is from their TRF range...not too sure what that stands for?...

The zip detailing really caught my eye as a twist on the classic blazer style.  The fit is super flattering and nips in at all the right places. This style is a snug fit so you have to go one size up from what you normally would be.  I love Zara but sometimes their sizing can be a bit off and I often find myself having to go up a size which is never good for the old ego! (personally it makes my day when I have to get a size down! 'Denial' ain't just a river in Egypt!)

This blazer feels SO expensive and luxe and has real weight to it.

It also comes in black but I opted for the grey shade and it came in at a reasonable £49.99.  Surprisingly good value for a garment which feels like it could be a designer piece.  The tailoring oozes style and brings polish to any outfit.  Here's a linkety poo for anyone who likes it.

Ok, I will hold my hands up...

I have copied Laura over at Buy Now, Blog Later AGAIN.  *Hangs head in shame*

Ever since she posted about the Grey Focco bag over at Ebay I have wanted one of my very own.  For one thing, it further feeds my obsession with anything studded ( can appreciate this problem I have because you too suffer from the same affliction!).  This bag is basically a faux version of the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag but is priced at a teeny £29.99 (I mean compares to designer price tags!). 

Although the colour seems to vary with every photo taken, the grey shade is almost beigey/almost lilac in real life.  I love the fact it's big enough to fit all my crap but not stupid-ass big.  I mean, you won't get arm strain from carrying this baby!  And it just so happens that it goes perfectly with my new Zara blazer.  I do this all the time.  I justify every purchase with the last and that seems to work for me.ha ha.

The main feature makes me smile.  Ah! Plentiful studs in all their glory...although it did cross my mind that they aren't immediately on show and I may feel the urge to randomly hold the bag on it's side to flash it's gold hardwear goodness to anyone who cares to look.

Oh also comes in black...


  1. I have this blazer in black and I posted an OOTD on my blog wearing it if you are interested:) I definitely agree with you that it feels very expensive and luxe, I love it so much, absolutely gorgeous classic piece to have.

  2. The bag is gorgeous! I also love Topshop blushers, I love how they dry to a powder, it looks better on my oily skin :) xxx

  3. I pretty much love everything you've bought!
    As a fellow Scottish girl, your style always seems so much more accessible to me :)

    Topshop blushes may just be my favourite. Head over heels particularly is gorgeous. The perfect peach blush and an absolute steal!


  4. I love everything you got! I especially love the blazer and the blushes because those are two of my biggest weaknesses when I shop! How are you loving the new cam? It is taking amazing look fantastic in that second picture!

  5. @Eve - OOoooh I will definitely have a look...I just know I will wear the blazer to death over the next few months!

  6. @Amy - These are both powder blushes so perfect for anyone with oilier skin.The bag is just so gorgeous...I can see myself picking up other colours!

  7. @Rachel - That's fantastic that you feel way about my blog.Sometimes it's hard being in Scotland and not having access to the same shops as London folk etc. Thanks so much for your comment :) xxx

  8. @Alpha Blonde - I adore blazers so I always find myself lusting after more than one at a time.I love the new cam!The pics I take are so much better!I still need some practice but so far, I'm doing ok I think.And thank you for the lovely comment :) xxxx

  9. Omg that blazer just looks amazing!!! You have such gorgeous skin :) I've been wanting to try topshop blushes but my local one doesn't stock make-up!

  10. Ah I contemplated the fake Rocco, I do still fancy one! :)

    And the TopShop blushes look gorgeous, I like them more than the other shades I've seen!

  11. oh that blush is stunning on tanned skin! xxx

  12. oh wow I would never have thought to use neon blushes but they look great on you, so I might I look into it now! I love your blog so much by the way :) xxx

  13. @Carla - Thanks so much :) awww that's a shame your topshop doesn't stock the makeup...there are some fantastic products!

    @Yu - Everyone needs a Focco!ha ha

    @TzeYien89 - Yeah those blushes do look great when you have a tan...they would be great holiday blushers! x

    @Meg's Budget Boutique - yeah it was a surprise that they look so natural once applied!Thank you so much for your kind words about my really means a lot to me when people say things like that. xx


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