Thursday, 15 September 2011

OOTD: Green ASOS T-Shirt Dress

I snapped up this dress from ASOS after seeing it on Buy Now, Blog Later.  I don't normally wear this shade of green and tend to stick to more blue toned turquoise colours.  BUT this colour is in fact surprisingly wearable.  Now because this is a t-shirt dress and virtually shapeless on it's own, I felt the need to add a belt just under my bust which is the most flattering point for me.  Being an apple shape, this is the smallest part of my body.

I have to say that this dress is very comfortable but does crease if you're sitting down for long periods of time.  BUT the creases seem to fall out after a while.  It's the perfect length as well (I'm 5'7).  I really hope they bring out more colours in this dress!

Blazer: Warehouse
Dress: ASOS (Link!)
Sandals: Dune (Link!)
Bag: Warehouse
Belt: Reiss
Bangles: Accessorize
Ring: Dorothy Perkins

I decided to team the vibrant green dress with silver/pewter accessories with a little sprinkling of pink with my nails and bangle.  These Dune gladiator style sandals are SO comfortable and perfect for when you are on your feet all day.  I'm wearing them as much as possible before they have to be retired to the cupboard with the onset of colder weather!

Cue my 'serious face' (ha ha). Posing for OOTD pics still makes me feel like and idiot...I wonder if I will ever get over that?!

Reiss make some pretty great accessories and since they almost always have a sale on their website, it's an ideal place to pick up classical but unique pieces that will never date.

I may just cry when this Warehouse blazer sees it's last day.  It's such a versatile piece and can really dress up the most basic of outfits.  Definitely a wardrobe staple that will have to be replaced pretty soon!

Bleurgh...hate my feet...saying that, I don't know anyone who LOVES their feet!


  1. You look luverly! Love the blazer so much :)

  2. I also get inspiration from Buy Now, Blog Later :) And as always you look great! xx

  3. Love that blazer!!! best buy ever! dress is gorge xxx

  4. You can't live life without a blazer: essential.

    And you look lovely :)

    I'm just as bad at posing for ootd posts! I look angry or lopsided most of the time


  5. Green is definitely your color...gorgeous!! And I love those sandals!

  6. Gorgeous colour on you honey x


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