Tuesday, 27 September 2011

YSL Lippy Love, Rocktails & Update

It's no secret that I like a YSL lippy or two.  I mean...who doesn't? The decadent packaging of the Rouge Voluptes is enough to make any makeup junkie foam at the mouth with excitement.  I had persevered through months of countless blog posts on the Rouge Pur lipsticks and my mouth watered when I caught site of the lauch of the Rouge Volupte Perle and Sheer Candy variants.

I do like to flirt with cool toned lipsticks as they generally work pretty well with my skin tone.  I just have to make sure they aren't TOO pale.  I have made that mistake in the past and the result ain't good people.  But, you live you learn and that's what this make up game is all about! Finding out what suits you and what looks best can take time as well as trial and error.

So, what do we have here (L-R in pic below)?

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Rose Libertin (no.26)
YSL Rouge Volupte Perle in no.108
YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in no.3

The classic gold volupte packaging is definitely the favourite of all my lipsticks.  There's something about whipping this out of your bag and applying it that makes you feel luxe, pampered and special.  Yes, I just said that a lipstick makes me feel special...what of it!?

So here are my thoughts on each lippy:

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Rose Libertin (no.26) - This has the most moisturising and full coverage formula of all three lipsticks.  It glides on like a buttery dream and it's longevity far outlasts the other two.  I love the blue toned pink which has a brightening effect on my complexion.  It also makes the white of my eyes and my teeth look brighter...bonus!  I like that the packaging feels more expensive than some of the more plasticky lipstick cartridges in the YSL family.  As for how it looks once applied (I think it requires a warmer colour on the eyes though as a contrast) ...

YSL Rouge Volupte Perle in no.108 - So this variation on the well known Volupte range offers a more sheer coverage with a slightly pearlised finish.  I didn't notice much of a pearlised effect to this lipstick and I'm glad because I generally don't like anything pearly or frosted on my lips.  I think the soft cool-toned pink colour of this lipstick actually suits me more than the Rose Libertin shade but I just wish it came with the Rouge Pur Couture formula so it would last longer.  So a mixture of the two would be perfect for me! Nevertheless, it's a lovely lipstick and a very easy daytime shade to wear.  It goes without saying that I adore the packaging but I wish they hadn't done away with the handy little mirror on the top of the lipstick!

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in no.3 - This one was a disappointment if I'm being perfectly honest.  As you can see in the swatch, it hardly shows up and it's more like a very sheer, palest of pale, pink on the lips.  It has little to no coverage and works more like a light balm...a very expensive balm at that!  I would skip this and get a Rouge Pur Couture, a classical Rouge Volupte or a Rouge Volupte Perle if you were thinking of getting a YSL lippy.

A hair saviour for this week has been the much-talked-about Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Styling Spray. This stuff is genius!
If you have fine hair like me then you need it in your life because it has extra firm hold without any of the usual sticky residue or crispiness.  It contains Ojon oil, protein-rich Peruvian Amaranth, Jojoba oil, Wheat Protein and Babassu to fortify and volumise your hair to maximum potential.  You can imagine that this stuff smells really good as well.

It's a kind of hybrid of a styling spray and hair spray.  I like to throw my head upside down and spray the underneath of my hair.  I then spray under sections of my hair where I want more volume and it works a treat.  It left my hair really thick and luscious on Friday night and my hair didn't go limp, even after a plethora of funky dance moves.  It's a bit hefty at £20 for a 265ml can but totally worth the expense.  Love this stuff!

I tried out some lovely fruity vodka drinks on Friday night called Rocktails.  They can be sipped chilled or frozen to create a (very adult) slush-puppy!

These 10% ABV frozen vodka cocktails come in fun pouches (containing 2 x 125ml) and in three flavours:

Arctic Passion

My favourite was the Frostberry and I would definitely recommend drinking them frozen as they taste quite concentrated when just chilled.  Remember not to try and drink/eat them too fast or you will get 'brainfreeze' (I'm speaking from experience!).  I think they would be a great beverage to have at a party because they are fun and it means you don't have to fiddle around with mixing your own cocktails up (always dodgy).

They are £3.99 each or £10.99 for a pack of three (available to buy online here)

Onto a completely different tangent...I spontaneously felt the need to post these gorgeous pics of Rachel McAdams for the following reasons:

a) She looks amazing
b) Her hairstyle here makes me want a flirty 60's style fringe
c) she reminds me of my beautiful best friend Pamela
d) I love the soft blended eye make up and bright lip colour combo
e) I love the fact her skin is pale and porcelain-like

I think Rachel has a real natural beauty and this look really suits her!

Here I go on another tangent...

I have had this song on replay for the gym this week and it generally helps me go that extra distance on the treadmill.  It's Rihanna ft.Calvin Harris and although it doesn't have a music video, I found it on YouTube so you guys can have a listen.  The song is kind of reminiscent of the kind of dance music that was around in the 90's but I'm loving this song at the moment!

Finally, I will be heading down to London on Thursday for 4 days to attend the Earl's Court Wedding Show and also to meet up with some of the lovely bloggers I have had the pleasure to get to know over the last couple of years.  We have VIP access at the Earl's Court event for all the bridal fashion shows so I will be documenting everything with my SLR camera.  

There will be pictures galore when I get back so I will update you guys and split it into a couple of different posts.  I think the best way to do it will be a post about all the business related wedding show stuff and then another post to let you see what I get up to with the other bloggers and any shopping trips we may stumble into!

I am so excited about this trip and I feel like I'm going to get so much out of it, on a business level but also on a personal level too.

I have loads on with work in the days leading up to this trip so I won't be blogging until I get back.  Have a lovely week everyone!

Toodle-loo for now!


  1. I have never purchased a ysl lippie but this posts makes me want some. Rachel McAdams looks gorgeous - love that make up x

  2. That's too bad about the really sheer one! The other two are gorgeous on you! I was wondering what you were going to London for, how fun, I can't wait to see your pictures..especially now that you have the new one, they'll look straight out of a magazine!

  3. i ordered my first ysl lippie the other day! so excited for it to arrive :) shame about the sheer one :( but the other two look stunning on you! and ps. im a huge fan of rachel mcadems too, she has such an effortless beauty and shes such an incredible actress! <3 x

  4. One day, I will give in and give the YSL lippies a go. Rachel McAdams looks amazing. I was going to put some tan on later but having second thoughts now. Have a great time in London!

  5. I've been reading your blog for a while now but haven't managed to leave a comment I don't think because my internet browser was being a pain!

    Anyway, I love reading your blog and am following you.

    I think I like the first lipstick the best.

    Rachel McAdams is gorgeous. Those pictures are so pretty, you're right!

    Stop by my blog if you get chance.



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