Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Accessorize, Illamasqua Freak & Reiss

I knew having a browse in Heathrow Terminal 5 whilst we waited for our flight was bound to end in me offloading some more cash.  I seem to remember we uttered the words "we'll JUST have a look..."

Well, after a quick scout around Accessorize, I spotted this chunky stone necklace  for £15 that would be the perfect  decorative detail to jazz up a plain top.  I love the chain detailing and oversized neck chain.

I also got this purple coloured stone ring (I can't see it on the website so sorry about the lack of link).  I am going through a chunky ring phase at the moment and have been getting a lot of them.

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the new perfume by Illamasqua called Freak.  The cult brand created this scent based on exotic flowers and it's designed predominantly to be a night time perfume.

Here's a breakdown of the notes that have been combined in Freak:

Top Notes
Black Davana
Opium Flower

Heart Notes
Poison Hemlock
Queen Of The Night Blossom

Base Notes

It's a rich scent and has a burnt orange blossom base that gives it real depth.  It is slightly musky and that gives it a really sexy feel.  I love that all of the notes really fit in with Illamasqua's image and the creativity involved in the advertising campaign.

So what do I think of the scent? I absolutely LOVE it! To be honest, I didn't expect to because I am very picky about my perfumes.  Perfume is a very personal thing and it varies greatly from person to person.  Sometimes a scent that smells good on your friend can smell terrible on you...it all depends on how the perfume works with the natural oils in your skin.

I really like how Freak really endures though and lasts a whole day.  I only applied it lightly to my neck and wrists and it lingered all day.  I couldn't stop smelling my wrists because it kept getting better and better as time went on! Once it settles, it smells absolutely divine.

I really like the styling of the bottle and packaging too (pics above and below this text from the Illamasqua website).  The design is clean and stylish but with an edge.

The perfume is priced at £59 for a 75ml Eau De Parfum bottle.  This isn't cheap by any means but remember that Eau De Parfum is a lot more concentrated than Eau De Toilette so you would get your money's worth.  You could always hint to your other half that you want it for Christmas! 

Myself and my mum also made the mistake of checking out the Reiss store in Heathrow Terminal 5.  Their A/W collection is to DIE for! I found myself wandering around saying "I want that and that and that and that...".

The garment on the top of my list though is this cherry red relaxed blazer.  I tried it on and it's absolutely stunning!

These Gold Chain Sandals also caught my eye and I was impressed that most of the Reiss shoes in general had really wearable heels that weren't CRAZY high.

Tassels are one of my latest obsessions so this bag didn't go unnoticed! I love the combination in textures and neutral shades.  The gold hardwear adds that extra bit of style and luxe touch to the bag.

Have you checked out the new Reiss collection yet? Anything that catches your eye?
Or have you tried the Illamasqua Freak perfume? Let me know your thoughts!

Oh and loving this song at the moment! I heard it on that Halo computer game ad and after I searched for it on google, I was surprised to find out it was from the early 90's.  Anyhoo, I really like to chill out to this song and I feel like her voice really relaxes me.


  1. The accesorize necklace is gorgeous... Might pop in store tomorrow to try and look for it.

  2. Love the Freak bottle!!!! xx

  3. soooo pretty!! I love that necklace too!
    xo Jenn


  4. I saw that necklace in a store near me. I thought about buying it but then didn't and had been thinking about it ever since. So weird that you've posted it on your blog!

    We both clearly have great taste!

    Love the blazer too by the way!

    Amelia xxx


  5. hey great post. i love the blazer too. i've seen cheaper ones just like it in newlook. love the necklace aswell.

    i hope you don't mind me mentioning but i have a blogsale up inc: estee lauder and mac http://roxanneoak.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-sale-check-it-out.html

    much love natalie xxx


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