Friday, 7 October 2011

Fringe Benefits

Remember I was harping on recently about possibly getting a fringe after seeing this pic of the gorgeous Rachel McAdams rocking a wispy Bardot-style one? Well even though it's not a big deal to get a kind of was for me because the last time I had one was about 12 years ago!

I felt like I wanted a slight change but I wasn't sure if a fringe was really ME.  I knew I didn't want a blunt one because that would be too harsh against my features but the 60's style wispy one seemed right up my alley so today I just went ahead and did it, using the Rachel McAdams pic as inspiration.

It actually makes me look:

a) much younger
b) (possibly paradoxically) more like my mum but in the best possible way

The thing I like about this fringe business is that I look totally different with my hair up.  It lends a more sophisticated look to messy up do's.  I have no idea how it will look when I wave my hair but we'll soon find out! 

I was never a big fan of wearing my hair up but my hubby is always on at me to do it because he really likes it.  I think the fringe softens my features and so I'm much more comfortable wearing my hair up now.

I do realise that a fringe means your hair instantly becomes more high maintenance and weekly trims are a must since mine is eye skimming level already.  BUT my lovely hairdresser Leigh does fringe trims for free so it just means I get to visit her even more which is always a pleasure in itself!

I just quickly styled my hair up today but I really want to spend a bit more time back-combing it, getting some height in the crown and doing the whole 60's messy up-do properly.  Add a smokier eye and we're ready to roll!

Fringes aren't so scary after all!


  1. I LOVE it! It really suits you :)
    You could always get your hairdresser to teach you how to trim it yourself, saves time going to her? (if that's any easier). My hairdresser taught me how to :) xxx

  2. Looks fabulous on you, really gorgeous! xx

  3. its looks goreous! i used to love my fringe but it was wayy too much maintenence for me, i'm very lazy with my hair!

  4. This looks lovely on you, really suits you! xx

  5. You look lovely! It really does suit you :)

  6. The fringe really suits you! You look beautiful!

  7. This looks lovely, you really suit it! x

  8. WOW! You look sooo good with it! To be honest I like your look a lot more with the fringe, just a small change with such a big and positiv effect! And by the way it suits you very much to wear your hair up!!
    Oh oh, you make me want my fringe back :)

    Greetings from Germany :)

  9. It really does make you look younger! Not that you look old or anything. I just mean that fringe makes you look more teenage-y;)

  10. Thanks for all the nice comments guys! Glad to hear you all like it :)

  11. I am loving that fringe on you, not only does it make you look younger it makes your eyes look massive. Love the look, glad you took the plunge.


  12. Wow!! love this on you, suits you so well, amazing Laura!! xx

  13. I've always said that you should try a fringe, I'm glad you've finally done it! When I wear my hair in a soft wave I still wear my fringe down, but if I'm going curlier I push it to the side or clip it back.

    Also, as mine is a heavy, full fringe I fond that lower eye make up is a must!

    p.s, it looks great! x

  14. You look very nice, suits you, very chic

  15. the fringe suits you! It looks gorgeous

  16. Wow, it really suits you. It looks really pretty!

    You've got me thinking about getting a fringe again!


  17. It's all about the fringe :-) I agree though, the upkeep is non stop, I'm too lazy with mine to get it trimmed weekly! And I get bad fringe days!!! x


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