Thursday, 6 October 2011

How I Finally Got To Grips With False Lashes!

I wanted to do a post on this because I have met so many girls who say that they have tried to apply false lashes time and time again and they just can’t get the hang of it.  That was me last year.  Seriously, I was a disaster when it came to gluing those bad boys on.  I had a couple of embarrassing peel off incidents and a couple of tantrums when I wrecked all my make up before night’s out because I had made a complete hash of applying my lashes (the lashes in question ended up being aggressively flushed down the toilet!).  I felt like I would never get the hang of it and it was really frustrating because it seemed like the whole blogging world could do it except for me!

I know there has been a bajillion posts done before on this topic but it’s something that people always ask me about.  I love the glamorous look of false lashes but I’m much more into the more subtle ones so no drag-queen-esque-embellished ones for me thank you.  I like lashes that look full, (reasonably) natural and slightly wing out at the edges to get that cat eye effect.  They make such a big difference, especially in photos and they really finish off a makeup look and intensify the eyes.

So, after reading countless blog posts and watching some YouTube videos, I realised why I had been going so wrong.

I chose lashes that had a thick band at the base

Some of the first false lashes I tried to apply were the Eyelure Girl’s Aloud ones and they really didn’t work for me at all.  For one thing, they were just too obvious and long for me and they also just seemed really difficult to apply.  It takes time to find the right lashes but by trying ones that work for other people, you are more likely to find reliable ones.

I used the wrong kind of glue

A huge part of successful application of false lashes is to use a good lash glue.  I actually found that the best ones for me are the Revlon one that comes with all their lashes and DUO, which you will hear a lot of bloggers recommending.  When you’re applying the glue to the lash band, make sure you apply a reasonable amount and get the ends too to make sure they adhere to the eyelid.  That will stop them peeling off half way through the night.  Don’t apply massive globs of the stuff or you will end up with messy residue on your lid.

I didn’t wait for the lash glue to get ‘tacky’

An important thing to remember once you apply the glue to the lashes is that it needs about 30 seconds to get ‘tacky’.  This just means it gets a bit more congealed, less watery and is a lot more effective at sticking the lash to your lash line.  Your lashes will not stay in place if you skip this step! I like to use tweezers to apply the lash and then VERY gently push it into my lash line, using the other end of the tweezers to pat the lash band into place and secure it.  It’s easiest to start to apply the lash to the centre of the lid, then pat down the inner and outer corner after that.

I didn’t trim the lash band to fit my eye

The one thing that really got to me when I first started using (or failing to use) false lashes was that I would end up with the inner part of the lash band poking in my eye all night, generally making my eyes sore and uncomfortable.  It hadn’t dawned on me that I would have to trim the lash band to suit the shape and size of my eyes! It really was a hallelujah moment when I finally started trimming them because all of a sudden, they started to go on and STAY on! I only ever trim one little clump or collection of lashes on the outer edge of the lash band.  I always do it on the outer edge because you don’t want the inner corners to be too long.   

My favourite lashes that work EVERY time are Ardell 109’s:

 and Ardell 110’s:

 and Revlon Flirty:

They really compliment my eye shape, don’t look over the top and have very light, flexible lash bands that are easy to work with.

I found my own routine

Just because someone has a certain way of doing things, doesn’t mean that it’s the best way for YOU to do it.  I find that with most things beauty-related, it’s best to find your own little routine and techniques that you feel comfortable with.  Who cares if it’s not the normal way of doing it? I always apply my lashes just after I have applied my eye shadow base (normally a cream eye shadow product like a MAC Paint Pot).  I prefer to do it this way because it makes it easier for me to see my natural lash line and get the false lash band as close as possible.  I then go ahead and apply powder eye shadow and liner.  Doing it this way also gives you a better idea of how the lashes will affect the shape of your eye and you can apply the shadow accordingly.  So you can tell whether you need to wing it out more.

Every little helps…

I find that applying a good long-lasting eyeliner over the band of the false lashes really helps them to stay in place all day and all night.  I ALWAYS use Estee lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Liquid Eyeliner in Black.  It has a unique formula which is almost akin to the lash glue i.e. when you remove it, it can be peeled off in one go.  It actually acts as an adhesive to really make sure the lashes will stay put and also blends the false lash line seamlessly into your eyelid.  A bonus to this product is that it’s easy to remove from the false lashes and clean them afterwards.

Natalie over at Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary did a REALLY good thorough post on how she applies her false lashes so that is a must read.

Good luck with the lashes and let me know how you get on!


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  2. Great post, I can't apply these to save myself, but reading your points I can see that I'm going wrong everywhere! Cheap lashes with thick band, and cheap glue. I also don't like anything too drag queen, the ones you posted look lovely and natural. I'll give it another go :) x

  3. Such a helpful post Laura, I only wear falsies maybe once every 6 months, but you've inspired me to throw a pair on this weekend :oD x

  4. I love this post. I used to use Eyelure 107 lashes but they were sooo uncomfortable. I currently use Eyelure 101 lashes and they are glam and comfy (and easy to put on). I'm going to purchase the Duo glue - I hope it doesn't go 'off' quickly though! xx

  5. This is really helpful, i can apply lashes to other people, but i can't put them on my own at all! x

  6. Great post, not sure if you wear clusters but they are also really fab if you have trouble with the normal ones, plus you can slap loads on or just a few on the outer corners depending how you feel x


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