Thursday, 13 October 2011

OOTD: Casual Thursday

Ok, so I don't really DO casual but this is my version of a more relaxed look.  I had a couple of business meetings today and then the rest of the day was spent pouring over the business books.  Riveting!  I got this oversized 'Tinkerbell' shirt from the Reiss sale (by far my favourite bargain scouting site) and I would say you have to buy it in a size down from what you would normally wear or else it will end up looking like a sack! It was reduced from £110 to £33!!! I like it because it can be worn tucked into a skirt, jeans or trousers or just left out for a more schleppy look.  I prefer the sleeves rolled up because they are quite loose.  Excuse my looks like I have a right sulk on!ha ha.

Shirt: Reiss (link)
Jeans: ASOS (link)
Shoe Boots: Next
Pashmina: Ebay (link)
Bag: Fiorelli@ASOS (link)
Necklace: Accessorize (link)
Wooden Bangle: Accessorize
Ring: Dorothy Perkins

HOW perfect would that Reiss Cherry Red Blazer be with this outfit! I think it would totally finish it off with a pop of colour (I need an excuse to treat myself to it!!!).

My fringe got well and truly ruined today in drizzle and wind so it's a bit rubbish today...I have now discovered the 'good fringe day' and 'bad fringe day' cycle that some of you may be well familiar with.  I like it but it does take that EXTRA bit of styling time every morning!

I adore my Fiorelli tassel bag...there's something about the way the tassel sways when you walk that is really satisfying...don't ask me why!?  Plus it goes with EVERYTHING! It is really sturdy and will last for ages.  It was such a bargain at just £24.


  1. I love this top -- sometimes you just need to slip into something slightly oversized. Also love your eyeshadow in the last pic!

  2. @Computergirl - Thanks :) xxx

    @AmyRoto - Oversized stuff is great on days when you feel a bit bloated too!My rule is if I'm wearing oversized on top then slim-fitting trousers/skinny jeans are a must! Otherwise I would look like a big lump!ha ha xxxx

  3. I really do like your hair. I didn't spot the bad fringe day in these pics. It looks lovely. What a bargain, your reiss shirt was!

  4. I love this outfit, it looks comfy but stylish at the same time! x

  5. Love this outfit! That top is gorgeous!

  6. i do reallly like that shirt actually! I never wear shirts/blouses! Also those jeans look great on you, i cant get away with skinnies! :( xx

  7. I always *love* all of your outfits...geez...we are gonna do some damage! lol

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