Sunday, 16 October 2011

OOTD: That Focco Bag Again!

My little Focco friend has been pretty much surgically attached to my arm since I got it.  I have now convinced myself that I need (read WANT) another one in black.  This is just something I wore on Friday for lunch with the girls and a couple of casual meetings.

I love the vibrancy of this H&M dress but I must admit that it creases like a mutha when you have been sitting down for long periods of time!  I decided to pair it with black tights because it's getting decidedly nippy outside now.  It seems the weather has decided to skip out autumn and roll straight into winter!

Dress: H&M
Belt: Next
Shoe Boots: Next
Bag: Ebay (link)
Necklace: Accessorize
Ring: Accessorize 
Bracelet: New Look
Nail Polish: Nars Full Metal Jacket

It almost looks like I'm weight lifting with my Focco but I assure you it doesn't weigh a ton! I dug out this bracelet from New Look which I forgot I even had.  It's a braided leather bracelet covered in little sparkly crystal beads.

Oh and according to the hubster I need to crack a smile in my OOTD posts so I will endeavour in future to look a bit more cheery.  The funny thing is, I'm a very positive, happy person...this just doesn't seem to translate when I'm taking pics like this.ha ha.  I still haven't got over the whole taking-pictures-of-myself-and-trying-not-to-feel-like-a-complete-idiot phase.


  1. LOVE that dress!! H&M rocks xxx

  2. I love this bag! Just ordered from Ebay in black. Looks lovely on you.

    I'm new to blogging by the way:

    Amy xxx

  3. Lovin this outfit! I like how you paired your black tights with your black booties to make your legs look super long!

  4. Writing my comment and then it disappeared..arrghh! Anyway lol You look amazing in red! I am glad you are doing more fashion posts I really enjoy them. p.s. In Highschool I was told multiple times by new friends/lab partners "I thought you were going to be really mean before I talked to you!" I think it was because I didn't walk down the halls laughing and

  5. Love the bag - so pretty :) xxx

  6. @Holly - H&M can be really good for certain things...haven't been in there for a while though so a trip is in order!

    @Amy - Let me know what you think of the bag when you get it.I love my grey one! x

    @Dani - I tend to do that a lot, it's always nice to look like you have super long legs! :)

    @Alpha Blonde - That's so funny! Weird how you can come across a certain way to people before they meet you.However I've never thought you were anything short of lovely :) xxx

    @Roshas - Thanks :)

    @Yuliya - It's my favourite at the moment...need more colours!

  7. Hey Laura, I just got this Focco for Christmas. So divine isn't it? Now I want the black. EEEK.


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